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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 429

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 429

Joey Is Missing 

Even Roger’s assistant felt irritated by Carson’s stern demeanor. “Mr. Jimenez has been busy since he returned vesterday. He didn’t see a man named Joey at all.” Without hesitation, he stood up for Roger.

Carson looked at Roger for a while and loosened the car door. “I see.” After he finished speaking, he turned around

and prepared to walk off.

Roger scowled as he looked at Carson’s back. His assistant was perplexed and mumbled, “I don’t get him. Joey? Who is he? The name does seem familiar, though.”

Joey… Roger somehow remembered Rachel. “It’s about time, Mr. Jimenez. We need to leave.” The assistant noticed that Roger was standing still next to the vehicle, so he called out to him.

Roger gave a nod before getting inside the car.

Once the rear door was shut, the assistant took a seat in the passenger seat. He appeared to recall something as soon as he sat down. “It just clicked in my mind,” he said, patting his head.

Roger squinted his eyes at his assistant. “Mr. Jimenez, Joey is Mr. Sullivan’s nephew,” the assistant said.

“He’s related to Victor?”

The assistant explained, “I’ve heard through a Salazar Group employee that Joey is around three years old and has his mother’s surname. He has a great disposition.” Roger contemplated something. Then, he suddenly remembered something when the assistant was about to ask the driver to start the car. He got out of the vehicle after opening the door.

Carson repeated his search, but he was unable to locate Joey. Suddenly, he felt a fierce pulsation in his temples. He was about to make a phone call when he saw Roger approaching

“Why did you assume I had Joey with me?” The sound of a quick braking and the black commercial car were both fresh in Roger’s mind. There was something wrong. “He came here to look for you.” “Me? Why me?” Roger was perplexed at this point. Joey was a complete stranger to him. Joey was Victor’s nephew if his assistant was right. How could he get to him? Carson asked his men to keep looking in the vicinity. When he heard Roger’s query, he said, “I wish I could be in a position to tell you that. He didn’t tell me why he wanted to meet you.”

Carson was in no mood to chat with Roger any longer. Their rapport had yet to reach the point where they could talk freely at any moment. In addition, Joey had vanished. Surely, he needed to find him.

Carson turned around and was about to get in the car after sending a few messages to his men. Joey was not very conversant with this place and it had only been less than ten minutes when he got lost, which meant that he was not very far away. Carson guessed that the child had most likely exited the vehicle because he saw Roger.

As for why Roger didn’t see Joey… Carson scowled, hoping the boy was just hiding somewhere.

Carson’s phone rang at some point later. A henchman of his made the call. In spite of searching nearby shops, they were unable to locate him. Joey had disappeared into thin air in the span of just ten minutes.. “Tell your people to stop looking for him,” Roger said. “He may have been abducted. It’s time to contact the


“Sorry, your call has gone unanswered. Please call again later.” A woman’s voice spoke after the call went unanswered. Andy had waited a long time for Rachel to return, but she had failed to appear. He exited the room and spotted her outside, still on the phone, making a series of calls. She squinted her eyes, her mouth pursed, and her face contorted into a grimace. “Is anything wrong, Miss Bennet?”

Hearing this, Rachel ceased her phone calls. “Joe doesn’t answer the phone,” she said to Andy after a moment of hesitation To top it all off, her eyelid twitched constantly and she felt uneasy. The last time she felt like this was four years ago when Abby had an accident. Rachel didn’t dare to think about it anymore. “Don’t worry. It’s possible he’s dozing off. I’ll send you back home.” Andy comforted Rachel. He had a solemn expression as if he was worried that she might lose her cool. Rachel was well aware that she should not be behind the wheel at this time. She agreed. Andy went back to the private room to collect his coat and departed with Rachel. Andy reassured Rachel as they drove back. She squeezed her lips together, attempting to bring herself back under control.

Sue Garden was a safe place. Joey would be okay as long as he didn’t leave the premises. She tried to console herself. They got to Sue Garden in around twenty minutes. Rachel and Andy exited the vehicle and entered the living room. But there was heaviness in the air before she even began looking for Joey. Her chest heaved a little, and her grip on the phone tightened unintentionally. “Miss Bennet.” In the living room, Lukas was pacing back and forth. The moment he turned around, he noticed Rachel and Andy entering the room. He briefly fell into a trance. “Lukas, where is Joe?” She opened her lips despite the tense environment. “The last time I tried to reach him, he didn’t answer the phone. Is he asleep?” “Miss Bennet, you just arrived. I’ll go grab some water for you.” Lukas avoided making eye contact with her and didn’t answer her inquiry. Lukas was always honest, and this was the first time he acted differently. Rachel became concerned when she saw Lukas’ avoidance of her. “I’m good, Lukas, thanks.” “And your friend? I’ll brew some tea for him…” “Lukas.” Rachel’s expression darkened. “Did something happen to Joe?” “He… Miss Bennet, please don’t be alarmed if I tell you,” Lukas said with a frozen grin, as his countenance shifted drastically

Even though she attempted to deny it, Rachel understood at this moment that Joey was undoubtedly in danger. Her hands clenched, her gaze fixed on Lukas. After a brief pause, Lukas responded, “He’s nowhere to be found!” In an instant, the color drained from Rachel’s face. Those words slammed into her like a hammer. They triggered a flashback in her mind.

When they were looking for Abby four years earlier, Quintin called her and said the same exact words.

And now, Joey was the one missing. “Miss Bennet…” “Miss Bennet!”

Andy and Lukas called, their eyes open wide in shock.

Rachel staggered backward and slammed against the storage rack next to the entrance. The jade plate rocked and

fell over. It was about to land on Rachel’s head.

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