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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 426

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 426

Joey Was Kidnapped

“Help… Help me?” Susan blankly stared at Odin. Odin hooked his index finger under Susan’s chin and lifted her face. “You’re a beautiful woman. My brother is a cruel man who is desperate to destroy your family. But I’m not cruel as him. I don’t want to see you getting bullied

this way!”

Susan knew that Odin wasn’t telling the truth. But the moment their eyes locked, she found herself falling for the man’s honey-coated words.

She pursed her lips and asked, “How are you going to help me?” Odin wiped away her tears with his thumb. “We should make victor have a taste of his own medicine. He has played with your feelings and disrespected your family. We should make him regret betraying you. If you want, I could help you. What do you say?” “Why?” “What do you mean?” “Why do you want to help me? You…” Odin smiled and leaned closer; their faces were inches apart. His hot breath blew against her mouth, tantalizing her. “I already answered that question, didn’t I? I can’t bear to see you cry.” Odin was an expert in seducing people. Susan looked at Odin; her heart skipped a beat.

Odin liked this feeling so much that he maintained a lukewarm relationship with Susan. “Please don’t cry. My brother will come to you soon. You better return to the ward, change your clothes, put on makeup, and wait for him. Wait for him to apologize to you.” 1

Odin let go of Susan, thrust his hands into his pockets, and stood erect.

“What did you do? Why will he come to me?” Susan asked, cocking her head to the side,

“I did something that will make him regret it. Well, it’s a surprise. Just wait and see.” Odin touched her head and smiled. “Okay, I’m leaving now. Be good.” He spoke to Susan like she were a child, which made her listen to him. “Where are you going?” “Well, I’m preparing a surprise for you.” with that, Odin turned around and walked toward the elevator.

Susan pursed her lips as she watched Odin walk away. As he walked forward, he stopped and turned around.

“By the way, no one should know that I’m back. It’s a secret.” Odin put on the glasses again, pressing his index finger on her lips, gesturing for her to remain silent. 1

At the gate of the Jimenez Group

As soon as Roger got out of the car, he received a call from Ameer. “Roger, are you free tonight? I’m depressed and heartbroken. Can you come out and drink with me?” Ameer couldn’t sleep all night. The man’s words over the phone continued to buzz in his head. Roger was leaning on his car. After a moment’s thought, he said, “Okay. Send me the address and time.” As soon as he finished speaking, he hung up the phone and opened Skype. Rachel’s name was on top of the list because he had pinned it on the screen. Roger opened the dialog box, but it was empty. He had just added her on Skype.

He logged out of the chat and opened another dialog box he had pinned on the top.

It was still Rachel’s Skype number.

This was Rachel’s old skype number. Roger looked at the screen teeming with the messages he had sent. Every day, he sent a text to her without fail, and each text contained the same three words: I miss you.

Roger closed his eyes and recalled what Rachel had said to him in the Crown Club

The woman bad addressed him as Mr. Jimenez. She also said that it had been a long time, and she didn’t remember

what had happened in high school. People had to stop dwelling in the past and start moving on with their lives.

Roger had told Rachel about how much he missed her, but she didn’t seem to care. Roger shook his head and smiled bitterly at the memory.

Just then, he heard a screeching noise. Roger spun around and saw a black commercial vehicle driving past him.

He frowned but didn’t think too much about it. He sighed and walked into his company. However, Joey was in the commercial vehicle that had sped across the road. The little boy groaned as a couple of burly men held his hands and legs. Two minutes ago, Joey had got out of the Ferrari. As soon as he crossed the road, the black commercial vehicle darted toward him. He subconsciously stepped backward to avoid the attack but didn’t realize someone was standing beside him. Before he could react, the person behind him quickly covered his mouth. Then, the commercial vehicle sped toward him. The car door opened, and the man clamping Joey’s mouth picked him up and jumped into the car. Joey was kidnapped!

The boy soon realized what was going on. His eyes widened as he looked at the man holding him tightly. He was wearing a mask, so Joey couldn’t see who he


His mind began to race. Joey struggled to free himself from the kidnapper’s grip. “Don’t move! Otherwise, I will beat you!” The man grabbing Joey grew impatient. Five men were cramped in the car, and Joey was struggling to escape. Joey stopped moving. He was young, not stupid. He knew that someone who had the audacity to kidnap him could do anything. Joey continued to stare at the man.

Seeing that Joey had stopped moving, the man withdrew his hand from the boy’s mouth, rubbed his sore wrist, and snorted. “That’s good!”

Joey looked around and wondered who had kidnapped him. The man sitting in the passenger seat turned around and saw Joey looking around. He squinted and threw a blindfold at the man behind him. “Put it on him,” he ordered. He thought Joey was memorizing the route. “Boss, do we really have to do that?” The man sitting behind took the blindfold and understood what his boss meant. “He is just a kid. How can he remember the route?” The boss looked at Joey. Seeing that the boy didn’t look flustered or scared, he remembered what his client had said. His client had asked him to be careful because the boy was smart. He didn’t believe it then. But seeing the surprising calmness on the boy’s face, he believed it.

A bunch of strangers had abducted a three-year-old child. But the boy didn’t seem to cry or shake with fear. Either the child was dumb or was too smart.

“Stop talking nonsense and put it on him!” Somehow, his heart began to race in his chest. He had been restless ever since he received the order. Hearing that, the man immediately blindfolded Joey.

Joey didn’t protest. He obediently let the man blindfold him. Although Joey seemed calm, he was frightened from within. He didn’t know who had kidnapped him and why.

The vehicle continued to speed across the road. After a long ride, it finally came to a halt. Then, the men carried Joey out of the car.

Once they came inside, the men removed the blindfold and took him into a room. Joey squinted and finally saw the kidnappers and their head who had been instructing them. “Aren’t you afraid of me?” the man asked. Years of smoking had turned his voice thick and hoarse. Joey pursed his lips and realized he was too calm now, so he stepped backward and pretended to be scared. The boss looked at Joey and narrowed his eyes. The scar at the corner of his eye looked ferocious. “You brat! My client was right. You are indeed a smart boy. But stop acting. It’s obvious that you aren’t scared: Joey’s fear was in sharp contrast to his previous calmness that seemed to garner people’s suspicion. “Come here and frisk him!” he ordered his men.

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