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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 424

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 424

The Test Result

The car belonged to Roger.

“You haven’t told me the reason why you’re asking this question all of a sudden…” Quintin hadn’t finished what

he was saying before he ended the call.

Joey didn’t pay much attention to Quintin’s words. When he saw the car slowly come to a stop, he hung up the phone and unconsciously reached out to open the door. But it was in vain.

The boy soon remembered that Carson had locked the doors just before he left. After a few seconds, his phone rang.

It was a message from Quintin. “What’s going on?” Joey pursed his lips as he looked at the driver who had just gotten out of the other car. The man was going to open the door for the person sitting in the back. Joey remembered what Quintin had just said and soon understood why Roger had secretly invested in the Bennet Group on behalf of a new company. Roger was interested in Joey’s mother. At first, Joey was a little concerned that Roger might do things out of his ill will towards his mother. But from the looks of things, her intentions didn’t seem to be ones that would hurt her.

This caused Joey to breathe a sigh of relief. His hands cupped her cheek. His elbows rested against the edge of the window. Then he inhaled and exhaled lightly. Her father actually had quite a few rivals in love!

Before long, the man sitting in the back seat of the Bentley got out of the vehicle. He was just Roger. However, due to the distance, as well as the people and vehicles passing by, Joey couldn’t see his face clearly. from the car he was locked in on the other side of the road. When he finally caught a glimpse of Roger’s back, Joey’s curiosity was piqued. The boy wondered what kind of person he was. He sat up, reached through the window opening, and tried to grab the doorknob. The only way to open the door was from the outside. He heard a click and it finally opened! Joey got out of the passenger seat quickly. He looked around for a moment and walked over to Roger.


There was a loud “ding” sound outside the hospital operating room.

The elevator doors slowly opened. Susan, in a patient’s gown, ran out. She saw Tammy sitting on the bench with both hands covering her face. “Breast!” Susan said as she looked up at the dazzling red light over the operating room. She moved her lips with difficulty. The moment Tammy raised her head, she jumped to her feet, as if she’d seen a lifeline straw. She held Susan’s hand tightly. “Susan, your father… What the hell are we going to do if something happens to your father? How do you think we will be able to live in the future? she looked at Susan. In the operating room, James had been lying on the operating table for over half an hour. In fact, Susan had rushed to the emergency room immediately after Tammy had called her. She wasn’t even putting on her shoes. Susan looked at Tammy’s panicked expression and tears. “Everything will be fine.” He hugged her and comforted her with a trembling voice. “Okay, Mom. Don’t worry.” “What exactly are we going to do?” Susan could only gently pat Tammy on the back in response to her question. But she had no particular answer for

give him. “Mom, what exactly happened? Dad has always been in good health, hasn’t he? Susan asked. Tammy kept sobbing until her eyes turned very red. Your father has not been feeling very well these days. Many of the Salazar Group’s projects have been suspended due to the termination of cooperation with the Sullivan Group. Therefore, there is a serious problem with the chain of capital. Your father has already been completely exhausted as a result of this. However, the board of directors is still forcing it. Your father hasn’t slept well in a week. He had been very busy looking everywhere for help. But no one in Aplíaria dared to oppose the Sullivan family. Whoever called either turned off the phone or didn’t even bother to answer. This morning, shortly after he woke up, your father fell down the stairs suddenly! ”When Tammy heard the noise, she ran, only to see James lying on the floor. He had passed out and his body was covered in blood! She was both shocked and scared!

As Tammy continued to narrate everything, Susan found it hard to believe the sudden turn of events. She was not oblivious to the fact that the situation would worsen once the Salazar Group lost the support of the Sullivan family. Still, it didn’t occur to her in the slightest that this would be the end result. She felt extremely isolated and helpless.

“Susan, your father…she lost consciousness of herself after hitting her head and losing so much blood! What if something really bad happens? “Nothing bad will happen, mom. Do not think too much! God will heal him in the end. He will recover. Despite Susan’s red eyes, Susan did her best to comfort her. Soon the light went out. The operation had finally come to an end.

Tammy quickly wiped away her tears and almost ran to see the doctor. But she felt weak in the knees and about to fall to the ground. Susan acted quickly and caught her immediately. And they both walked towards the doctor. “How is my father?” Susan asked. Her anxiety was evident in the way she spoke. The doctor took off his mask. There was a frown on her face. “Mister. Salazar’s head injury is quite serious. There’s a large blood clot that hasn’t been removed yet. His condition is not so good at the moment. Actually, he is still in danger.”

When Tammy heard those words, she couldn’t stand her ground anymore. In fact, she fell straight to the ground.

Susan was also affected. She couldn’t even bring herself to help Tammy up. Her face turned horribly pale. “What?”

“For now, we can only place the patient under close observation and see what happens after tonight. If the blood clot dissipates automatically, you’ll be fine. But if not, I’m afraid you’ll have to prepare yourself mentally for the worst. After she finished speaking, the doctor put her mask back on. Then he turned around and walked into the

operating room.

Susan froze as tears streamed down her face. Her eyes were bloodshot.

Tammy couldn’t take it anymore. There was a knock on the ground. Susan quickly checked to see what had caused it. Then she realized that Tammy had just passed out on the floor. “Breast!” About ten minutes later, a nurse came out of the emergency room and walked over to Susan, who was waiting outside.

“Don’t worry, Miss Salazar. Your mother passed out from hypoglycemia. She will fully recover after lying down and getting some rest.”

Hearing those words, Susan breathed a sigh of relief and said in a hoarse tone, “Thank you.”

Having noticed Susan’s pale face, and being aware of the news that had gone viral on the Internet for a couple of

days, the nurse felt sorry for her. “Miss Salazar, she should take good care of herself anyway.”

The nurse took the medical sheets and went to attend to other things.

There was a mirror next to the emergency room. Susan looked up and saw herself in it. Her face was bloodless and her hair had become so messy. She was definitely not the look of a rich lady.

When Susan touched her face, she felt sad. How could this be possible? How did everything change so fast? Susan staggered as tears continued to trickle down her cheeks. She resented it and refused to accept


He heard a sound out of nowhere. She had sent a message to her phone. Susan came to her senses and took the phone from her. Then she looked at the content. It was an image of a document. She clicked on the photo. There was a bold paragraph at the end that quickly caught her attention. “According to the test, the probability of the father-son relationship between Victor and Joey is 99.99 percent.” ;

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