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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 421

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 421

Why Are You Here 

lulas swallowed as he noticed the dark circles around Carson’s eyes. He took a deep breath and said, “Mr. Scott, what happened last night?” “I don’t want to talk about it. I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night.” After saying that, Carson let out a loud yawn. “Victor and my father want to invest in the Gordon family’s project, so I was forced to put out a plan.” He pulled an all-nighter in front of the computer. Despite being completely exhausted, he didn’t stop until the sun was almost up. When he was done, he sent the plan to his father via email.

“Since you’ve already finished, why don’t you go home and rest?” Lukas was clearly an amateur when it came to investing. He instructed the servant to bring him an ice pack after seeing Carson’s dark circles.

“It’s too noisy at home,” Carson said as he waved his hand and strode to the living room. Lukas followed behind him with a confused look. Carson lay down and made himself comfortable on the sofa, clutching a pillow in one hand. He then stared at him with half-opened eyes and complained, “Lukas, it’s peaceful here. Now I understand why Vic insisted on leaving. Having a woman at home is pretty bothersome.”

The servant came and handed the ice pack to Lukas. “Mr. Scott, maybe this could help with your dark circles. You’ll feel better,” Lukas said after checking the temperature. Carson nodded and closed his eyes, and soon, he felt the chill along his eyelids. He was already stressed, but he couldn’t get a good night’s sleep unless he finished grumbling. “There are two women at home!” he continued, raising two fingers. “Mr. Scott, what’s going on?” Lukas was surprised by his remark. If Carson’s mother heard that, she would definitely pinch and pull his ears upward. “I’ve never seen my mom and grandmother getting along so well!” Carson became increasingly excited as he spoke. “They are always at each other’s throats when talking about things. But this time on the wife stuff, they were on the same page. As soon as I walked out of the study, the two of them gave me a dozen of photos, saying that I can choose from them.” Carson specially made a gesture of how thick the photos were in order to make the description more precise. And for whatever reason, the two ladies were particularly keen about his blind dates recently.

Lukas could only smile at him.

Carson groaned and closed his eyes as he placed the ice pack back on his face. Now that he was done complaining, he felt drowsy. But before he could fall asleep, he heard Lukas say something. “Joey.” Lukas turned around when he heard some noise on the stairs and saw Joey coming out of his room. Not long after Rachel had left, the little boy went to his room to sleep. Perhaps he heard someone and thought it was Rachel, so he rushed downstairs to greet her, but it turned out that it wasn’t the person he was expecting. It was an uninvited visitor instead. Carson instantly sat up when he heard the name. The ice pack fell straight to the floor. “I thought you weren’t at home, Joe.” Carson smiled after seeing Joey’s tender face. He really wanted to rub his cheeks.

As soon as Joey saw Carson, he frowned and said, “Hey, why are you here?”

“Aren’t you happy to see me?” Joey pursed his lips and crossed his arms. “Yeah. I am happy.” “You don’t look happy at all.”

Carson raised a brow. Joey cleared his throat and smiled appropriately, but with a phony grin. “Why would you think so? Of course I’m happy to see you here. But what’s wrong with your eyes? Did you get punched? Have you seen a doctor yet?”

The corners of Carson’s mouth twitched as he touched his eyes. “How observant, but these dark circles are proof of my hard work.”

“Well…” Joey shrugged. “Sorry. I thought you got smacked.” Carson was rendered speechless. . “Good night and rest well then. I’m going back upstairs,” Joey uttered while blinking his eyes. He turned around and was about to leave, but Carson stopped him. “Wait a minute.” “Huh?” Joey came to a halt and turned to face him with a confused look. Carson took out his phone with a huge grin, opened the game interface, and said, “I’ve managed to advance my gaming experience in the past few days.”

Since he kept losing to Joey the last time, Carson had been practicing diligently. Now that he was here, he was even more eager to win.

How could he lose to a little kid? He had to settle the score with him this time no matter what!

Carson had entirely forgotten about his sleep now. The only thing that was running on his mind right now was to win.

“I won’t…” Joey opened his mouth to speak, but before he could finish, a thought crossed his mind. His eyes immediately lit up and he said, “You want to play with me, right? But you have to exchange something for it.”

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