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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 412

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 412

She Is Asleep 

“Hello… Miss Bennet?” Ameer paused realizing that there had been no response from the other end of the line after speaking a lot so quickly. “She is asleep,” Victor replied after a while. Ameer was quite shocked on hearing the guy’s voice.

He examined the caller ID on his phone as he unconsciously removed it from his ear. The number

was Rachel’s.

He couldn’t figure out who the man that just spoke was.

When he said that Rachel had fallen asleep, what did he mean by that? Could he have possibly been with Rachel?

Ameer’s grip on the phone tightened and he asked, “I’m lost. Who might you be? How is Miss Bennet’s phone in your possession? Where is she?”


Victor hung up before Ameer completed his words. Ameer was astonished and irritated when the beep came through. His gaze remained fixed on the screen, which indicated that the call was over. He could hear the man’s voice in his head. In the silence, the man’s speech reverberated in his ears, and he remained still.

The call record appeared on the phone screen as Victor was ready to put the phone down after hanging up, and his eyes became dim. He then erased Ameer’s call history and banned his phone number. After that, he returned the phone and acted like he had done nothing.

Using his best judgment, he guessed that Rachel would be coming up any moment. He knew that it was not the best moment to try to push her to accept him. Victor stepped out of the room and down the stairs whilst he contemplated that.

Downstairs, Rachel drank from a glass of water and sat calmly.

In anticipation of Victor’s departure, she waited. The servants were once again being ordered to clean the kitchen by Lukas. Then, he caught sight of Victor. “Mr. Sullivan…”

“Lukas, if you need anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me.” Following his conclusion, Victor locked his gaze on Rachel. Rachel, who was in the dining room, had picked up on what Victor had said and turned to face him. The two happened to be looking at each other at the time. Then, she quickly averted her gaze. In the midst of the weird environment that Rachel was in with Victor, Lukas’ lips moved in an attempt to speak, but he had to nod and say, “Then I’ll tell the driver to start the car.”

Victor nodded his head in approval.

At the same moment, his phone vibrated in his pocket. Carson had sent him a message. It read, “Ameer? What gives you the sudden want to inquire about him? He has recently returned from a trip abroad. Are you interested in him? Do you want him to join the Sullivan Group?”

Carson then sent another message. “Forget about trying to Swoop in and get him. It’s impossible for

you to do so. Are you familiar with the Gordon family? Roger is his cousin. Ameer is the lone kid of

the Gordon family. He is going to take over his family business.” Carson called Victor as soon as Victor finished reading the two messages.

Victor answered it.

On the other end of the telephone, Carson said curiously, “I’m having an odd feeling. Never before have you brought up Ameer. He did well overseas, but he isn’t a top talent by any stretch. The Sullivan Group isn’t a good fit for him.”

Employees of Sullivan Group might easily be considered among the best in their field. Ameer couldn’t stand out when compared to those individuals.

With the help of the Gordon and Jimenez families, as well as the resources Ameer’s parents had worked so hard to accumulate for him, Ameer was able to gain some notoriety among Apliaria’s top crust.

The highest echelons of the Apliaria had been engaged in open and covert brawls. As time passed, the esteem in which upper-class young men and women were held fluctuated. The exceptions to this rule were Victor, Carson, and Roger. There was no one who dared to insult them since they had great sway in the upper class. Victor was uninterested in the things of the upper class. When Carson read Victor’s message asking him who Ameer was only moments earlier, he felt a surge of curiosity.

“Are you that bored?” Victor inquired in a stern tone. “Not really, Victor. I’ve answered all the questions you’ve asked. Why don’t you at the very least gratify my enquiring mind? Tossing me out after having abused my services would be disrespectful to our bond. You’re much too cold blooded.” Carson covered his chest with his hand, as if he were hurt, despite the fact that Victor couldn’t see him.

“Is Ameer managing the Gordon Group?” Even with Carson’s antics, Victor pressed on. “I suppose, yes. He has taken over the Gordon Group for a month and a half at this point. I’ve heard that his mother has lately been pressuring him to get hitched.” Despite his lack of interest in other pursuits, Carson was a big fan of gossip and watching the fun. Those in the higher echelons of society were limited in number. Carson could tell within two hours whether someone had been asked to go on a blind date by his family. Even Victor had his doubts about Carson’s gender at times. How could Carson be so enthusiastic about getting involved? Victor didn’t realize that Carson’s father was pressuring him to get married, not because Carson wanted to participate in the fun. Carson had no option but to look out for others who were in the same shoes as him in order to feel better for a short period of time. Carson was having a good time

at the cost of others. “Did your father lately express an interest in developing an alternative source of energy?” asked Victor. “That’s what he said.” “The Gordon family has been working with new energy for a long time. They may work together with your father. Ameer, who just took over the organization, should be eager to complete the job,” Victor said softly. Nobody had any idea what was going through his mind. “Work with the Gordon family?” “As long as your father cooperates with the Gordon family, the Sullivan Group may help him financially.” This made Victor turn all Greek to Carson. Was Victor just handing out cash to the Gordon family, with no strings attached? “This is a complete mystery to me. Are you thinking of helping Ameer sour greater heights?” Carson lifted his eyebrows slightly. “What’s with you?” “Nothing. Just tell your father what I’ve said.”

Then, Victor ended the call.

Carson sent Victor a file not long after. It included Ameer’s confidential facts. There was a picture of Ameer at the top left of the paper. The snapshot revealed Victor’s age to be twenty-four, making him two years younger than Rachel. Some ladies had a preference for attractive young males. Carson sent Victor a message after Victor closed the file. “I told my father,” Carson said. “Is tomorrow free for you? He’ll meet with you at the Sullivan Group to talk about it.” Victor said, “Yes. Can I ask you a question?” Carson texted Victor a meme to signal him to ask. “Are there chances that I look older than Ameer?”

As soon as Carson received the message, his eyes widened and water spilled out of his lips.

A youngster descended from the second floor at this point. In a stupor, he rubbed his eyes. He unconsciously called Victor when he noticed him downstairs. From his voice, one could tell that he was still drowsy. “Daddy.”

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