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Bullied To Love by Amal A. Usman Chapter 25 by desirenovel

Bullied To Love by Amal A. Usman Chapter 25 by desirenovel

I wake up with someone’s arms around my body. I get more comfortable knowing its Enzo. Then I remember that I am in his house, not my father’s house. I can’t imagine how worried my family is going to be when they wake up and find out I am not there. I get up and look for my phone to call mama so she won’t be concerned, but my morning could not get any more difficult. I pick up my phone and see its dead. I must have forgotten to charge it last night. I will just get home before she wakes up. I have to wake Enzo so we can leave before anyone notices I am not home.

“Baby, baby, baby.”


“We have to leave before someone notices I am not at home,” I say, but it is like I am talking to a wall because Enzo only gets more comfortable on the bed.

“ENZO WAKE UP,” I say shouting into his ears.

“WHAT,” Enzo says, picking up his gun from his side table that he kept incase of an emergency.

“Oh, it’s you, mi amore,” he says putting the gun back down.

“What time is it?” he says rubbing his eyes like a little kid, making him look very adorable.

“It’s 6 a.m. and we need to go,” I say, picking up my coat and slip on my slippers, that I didn’t know I wore last night.

“It’s still early. Why do you need to go back now?” Enzo says laying back down.

“Because no one knows I left the house. I have to get back before anyone wakes up,” I say trying to pull him out of bed.

“Alright honey,” he says, finally getting up.

“Let me just shower then we can be on our way,” He says, walking to the bathroom.

“You can’t shower,” I say blocking his way.

“Please tell me why, my dear?”

“Because if you do, there is no way I will get home before everyone wakes up.”

“So, you want me to go to your parent’s house without even taking a shower,” He says raising one of his brows, looking at me like I am crazy this morning.

“Yes, Please. Mi amore,” I say trying to get him to the door.

“Alright anything you say, but at least let’s brush our teeth.”

“Fine,” I say, walking towards the bathroom.

After we finish brushing our teeth, we take the elevator to the parking lot. This is the first time I have come to the parking lot, because most times Enzo has his driver waiting at the front of the building. We walk out of the elevator, and I notice there are only exotic cars down here. I am wondering why, because Enzo’s apartment building is for his hotel employees too. Do they park their cars somewhere else? Because I don’t think their pay is so high that everyone can afford an exotic car. Without thinking, I ask Enzo why there are only exotic cars parked down here.

“Enzo, why are they only exotic cars down here?”

“They are all mine.”

“Oh, I was asking because I found it weird that only exotic cars are parked here.”

“This is a private parking lot; it’s only for me.”

“Oh, that explains it!”

We get into Enzo’s Bugatti Chiron. Because he wasted time getting ready I ask him to drive very fast. So, in no time we are at my doorstep. I open the door gently, careful not to make a sound, but my plan goes out the window. Mama and papa walk downstairs, and I hear Enzo greeting my parents.

“Good morning uncle. Good morning Christine,” Enzo says to my parents.

“Good morning, dear,” mama says.

“How are you doing, Lorenzo,” papa says.

“I am fine, how was your night,” Enzo says.

“It was fine,” papa says.

Before anyone speaks again, I speak up to let them know of my presence.

“Good morning,” I say, walking towards them to give them kisses on the cheeks. Praying they won’t notice I am just coming back home.

“Good morning, dear,” mama says.

“How was your night, my soldier?” papa says.

“It was fine, Papa.”

“That’s good, honey.”

“Breakfast is served,” Vanessa says, walking into the foyer.

We walk to the dining area to have breakfast. I am so happy they think Enzo is the only one just walking in now, because I can’t have my whole family feeling sorry for me and my mistakes, if I have to start explaining why I left the house.

We are seated for breakfast when papa finally asks the one question I have been waiting for him to ask.

“So, Lorenzo, what brings you here so early?” papa says.

“Kat and I have some business to attend to early this morning,” Enzo says.

“Oh, I see. I am guessing you will be leaving after breakfast.”

“Yes, we will.”

“Alright, that’s fine. But please, I need her back home in the afternoon. We need to go to the shooting range to check if she still has her vibe.”

“No problem, I will have her back on time.”

We finish breakfast and I go upstairs to change without taking a shower, because Enzo said if I dare take a shower he will kill me for not allowing him to have enough sleep this morning. I walk downstairs wearing a white t-shirt with black jeans and my golden sandals. I walk towards the living room to see my brother and Enzo talking. They are speaking in a low tone so I can’t make out what they are saying.

“Hey, I’m ready,” I say, walking into the living room.

“Alright, see you later Antonio,” he says shaking Antonio’s hands before walking out the door with me.

We arrived at his penthouse a few minutes ago. Enzo went back to sleep. He asked me to wake him up in the next hour and answer his calls. I am sitting in Enzo’s living room, helping Enzo with some of his paperwork when the doorbell rings. I walk to the door to open it without checking, knowing it’s Joan because I called her to bring me some files from the office. She walks in and I ask her to put the files on the living room table while I get her something to drink. I walk back to the living room with a gla** of orange juice. I give it to Joan before sitting down to talk to her about something I feel she needs to know, if she wants to have a relationship with my best friend.

“Joan, I would like to speak to you about something?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“I don’t know how things are going with you and William, but I just felt I needed to tell you this because I love my best friend and I want to see him happy.”

“I know William might not have said it to me directly when he told me he is serious about you, but I know my best friend enough to know something is wrong. What happens in your relationship is none of my business, but I have never seen my best friend talk about someone the way he spoke about you. That’s why I felt I needed to let you know that even though William might not have had the best reputation in the past he is a good guy. All I am asking is for you to make him happy. I know even though he has not known you for long, you are special to him.” I say, because I noticed that day while he was talking about Joan that things were not going too well because of his reputation with women. I felt if I told her what a great guy he is, maybe things could finally start going well for both of them.

“I don’t know what to say,” she says looking a bit speechless.

“You don’t have to say anything now, but please think about it.”

“Alright I will, and I think I should take my leave back to the office,” she says, getting up from the couch.

I walk her to the door and say bye before walking back to finish up some paperwork. After I am done with the paperwork, I walk upstairs to take a shower before waking Enzo up. After I have finished showering, I walk out of the bathroom to the walk-in closet to get dressed. I wake Enzo up to take a shower so we can be on our way. Enzo had someone buy some clothes for me, but in my own opinion it’s a whole closet full. It has everything from working outfits, casual outfits, pj’s, and even an entire line of Victoria’s Secret pants and bras. I decide to wear a casual outfit since I would only be spending a little time in the office. I wear high waist trousers with an off-shoulder crop top. I pick white chunky heeled boots with a quilted purse to finish my look. I am putting on my shoes when Enzo walks into the walk-in closet in all his beautiful glory, making me stare at his fantastic body. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get used to admiring him, not that I am complaining. I finish putting on my shoes and walk out of the closet to spray on some perfume. I spray Enzo’s perfume instead of the one bought for me. You can’t blame me; I can never get tired of Enzo’s scent.

“I can see you prefer mine to yours,” Enzo says, walking up behind me while wrapping his hands around my waist. He is fully dressed.

“Yes, I do,” I say turning around to face him.

“It smells better on you,” he says, kissing my forehead before picking up his Armani wrist watch from the dressing table.

“I am pretty sure it smells better on you,” I say kissing his cheeks before turning back around to put on some stud earrings.

“I don’t think so love,” he says, walking back into the closet to get something.

“Alright whatever you say, I will be waiting downstairs,” I say, picking up my bag and going downstairs to wait for Enzo.

“Let’s go,” Enzo says coming down the stairs and picks up his keys from the coffee table.

I have been attending to so much work, that I did not know how much time had gone by, until I receive a call from an unknown number which turned out to be papa. He called to remind me about the shooting practice we have today.

I am walking towards Enzo’s office to tell him ‘bye’, when I hear a few giggles coming from Joan’s office. I step back to check why, letting my curiosity get the better of me. I realise she is talking on the phone; I wonder to who? I hear her say, ‘You are so funny, William ’. Oh, so it’s William. It makes me happy knowing she took my advice. I continue making my way to Enzo’s office. I knock on his door before entering after hearing come in. I walk in to see him on the phone; I sit on the chair in front of his desk and wait for him to finish. He puts the phone down to give me his full attention.

“Hey, mi amore, missing me already?” he says with a boyish grin on his face.

“You know I will always miss you, but I wanted to tell you that I have to leave,” I say smiling.

“Why?” he says forgetting what papa had told him.

“I have shooting practice with my dad.”

“Oh, I forgot. Do you need me to drop you off?”

“No, that’s fine; I will just take a cab or order Uber.”

“Alright honey,” Enzo says, lifting his hands in a gesture to walk over to him. I stand up and walk up to him.

“Bye, baby,” I say kissing his lips.

I am about to walk towards the door when I am pulled into his lap.

“ENZO!” I say his name loud in shock.

“Yes,” he says, hugging me close to him while smiling, like what he is doing is normal.

“This is so unprofessional, what if someone walks in,” I say trying to stand up, but Enzo’s grip around my waist is firm.

“No one is going to walk in and what if they do? You are my girlfriend, so I don’t see anything wrong with what I am doing. If anyone does walk in, I will tell them you are my girlfriend.” Enzo says with so much pride in his eyes.

“Even so, I have to be on my way or I will be late,” I say acting like he did not just call me his girlfriend. I am practically screaming inside me right now. I can’t believe he just called me his ‘GIRLFRIEND’ and said he does not care who knows. I feel so happy right now, finally knowing where our relationship is at.

“Alright, if you say so. But I want you to take my car,” he says finally releasing his grip on my waist, but not before leaving a kiss on my lips.

“I can’t take your car; what if you need it?”

“I will have someone bring me another one,” he says with a smirk on his face.

“There is no need for that; I will take an Uber if you are worried about my safety.”

“No, at least take the company’s driver.”

“Is that necessary?”

“Yes, as far as your safety is concerned.”

“Alright, whatever you say, mister,” I say with a little mockery in my voice.

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