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Bullied To Love by Amal A. Usman Chapter 20 by desirenovel

Bullied To Love by Amal A. Usman Chapter 20 by desirenovel

The next morning Enzo drops me off at home before going to work. He promised to pick me up in the afternoon so we could go and check out the site for the restaurant. I walk into the house straight to the kitchen, because Enzo was in a hurry so we did not have breakfast. I sit on the stool to try and think of what to eat when another thought occupies my mind.

Sometimes I feel like the things happening in my life right now are not real. Like I am imagining all these beautiful things happening to me right now. The one man in my life I would have never expected to make me so happy is the same man making my life’s dream come true. This side of Enzo I am seeing is making it very hard for me not to fall in love with him. I know that I have stronger feelings for him, and I can’t even explain what I feel anymore. But the main question here is, do I love Enzo? Funnily enough, I do not know the answer to that question. But I have a feeling I will be able to answer that soon. I am brought back to earth when I hear mama calling me.

“Honey, Honey!” Mama says, waving her hands in my face to bring me back to earth.

“Sorry, mama, what were you saying?” I say coming back to earth.

“I was asking you how your trip was with Enzo,” she says preparing breakfast for both of us.

“Oh mama, it was amazing. It was the best week of my life. He took me to beautiful places on his island. He even made me buy a whole new wardrobe. He made me do a lot of fun things I would have never done in my life. I saw a side of Enzo that I could never have imagined. He did a lot of wonderful things, and it’s making it hard for me not to fall for him.” I say hiding my face in my hair after saying the last words.

“Hmmm, that’s nice. I am more than happy he is making you happy, but my question is, do you love him?” Mama says.

“MAMA! I did not say I love him. I just said I am falling for him.” I say still trying to hide the blush on my face.

“Whatever you say, love,” She says not believing me but not going to push me to talk about it. She places my breakfast in front of me.

“Mama, I wanted to ask…” I don’t get to finish my sentence when I am interrupted by my phone ringing in the living room.

“Mama, I want to talk to you about something, but let me get this,” I say walking into the living room to pick up my phone.

I walk into the living room and take my phone out of my bag. I check the caller ID and see it’s Enzo that is calling so I quickly pick up.

“Hey, missing me already?” I say once I answer the call.

“Bella, I will always miss you whenever you are not by my side,” he says in that s**y voice of his.

“I miss you too. How is your day at the office going?”

“Mi amore, that’s why I am calling. I know I said you should not be working at the company anymore. But I have not been able to get a replacement this morning, and I need your help. Do you mind working until I can find a replacement?” he says.

“Enzo that won’t be a problem; I will be in the office in an hour.”

“Thank you, Bella, see you in an hour.” he says and hangs up before I reply.

I walk upstairs to get ready after having breakfast. While changing my clothes I order an Uber. I pick a blue casual jumpsuit with n*** heels and a brown jacket. When I’m finished dressing I walk downstairs to tell mama I will be going to the office, and luckily for me my Uber is already waiting outside.

“Mama, I am going to the office. I won’t be back till the evening.” I shout from the living room. I pick up my handbag to be on my way.

“Alright, honey. Bye, see you when you get back.” mama shouts back from the kitchen.

I walk out and hop into the Uber to be on my way to the office. When I arrive at the office I pay the Uber driver and go straight up to Enzo’s office.

I reach Enzo’s office and knock on his door. After hearing come in, I step in to see Enzo with a lot of papers on his desk.

“Hey,” I say as soon as I step in.

“Bella, is that you?” he says still not lifting his eyes from the papers in front of him.

“Yes, it’s me,” I say sitting on one of the chairs in front of his desk.

“Thank God! You don’t know how happy I am to see you,” he says, getting up to hug me and kiss my forehead.

“I am happy to see you too,” I say while sitting back down.

“Mi amore, please, I need you to help me plan a dance ball which will be held in my hotel on Saturday in honour of my father’s friend.”

“Okay, just give me the list of all the things you want present, and I will make it happen.”

“Here are all the things you will need, and the driver is waiting for you downstairs,” he says, handing me a paper with a list of things he wants for the ball.

“Then I better start,” I say standing up.

“Thank you, Mi Amore.”

“You don’t have to thank me. It’s still my job even though you have given me my dream job.” I say smiling at him.

“I am happy I made your dream come true,” he says, smiling back at me.

“And I am more than grateful for it,” I say making my way to the door.

“Since you will be busy this afternoon, we will move the day you will see the restaurant. I hope that’s fine with you.”

“Sure, why not. Bye, I better be on my way.”

“You are just going to leave like that?” he says, walking up to me at the door.

“Am I forgetting something?” I say giving him a confused look.

“Yes, you are.”

“What might that be?”

“You did not kiss me goodbye,” he says with a boyish smirk on his face.

“Seriously,” I say, smiling at him while I give him a peck on the cheeks.

“Is that all? Don’t I deserve more than that?” he says looking like he is trying so hard to be angry right now.

I am about to turn back to give him another kiss on the cheeks to annoy him, knowing that is not what he wants. But he kisses me on the lips, which brings a smile to my face.

“Are you happy now?” I say still smiling like a love-struck teenager.

“Yes, I am. Bye, mi amore.”

“Bye,” I say, finally walking out of his office. I take the elevator straight downstairs and step outside where I meet his driver waiting for me.

I arrive at Enzo’s hotel and quickly walk to the event hall to start with all the preparations. On my way there Enzo calls me and tells me that I will be meeting a few event planners, who will be helping plan the event. He also said if they need his opinion on anything, I should choose for him. That he will go with anything I choose and decide.

I reach the hall and start working with all the planners making sure I pick things I know Enzo will like.

I spend five hours selecting different things. Like food, the type of wine that should be served, the colours that should be used to decorate the hall, and so much more. But even after five hours of selecting different things we are still not done with all the preparations. I still have to ask Enzo how he wants the sitting arrangement to be made. I called him to ask, but he texted me that he was in a meeting so I decided to leave it until tomorrow. I don’t want to stress him too much.

I am waiting for Enzo in his hotel office to pick me up. I am feeling a bit sleepy. I hope I don’t fall asleep before he gets here, but I do. The next time I open my eyes, I don’t see myself in the office. I find myself changed into one of Enzo’s t-shirt and his arms wrapped around me.

“Enzo how did I get here,” I say, turning around to ask him while I try to wake him up.

“I brought you,” he says with his eyes closed and his hands tightly around my waist.

“How? The last thing I remember I was waiting for you in the hotel office.”

“You fell asleep waiting in the office. I carried you to my car and brought you to my house since it was closer than yours. If you are wondering why I did not wake you up, it’s because you were tired and I did not want to disturb your sleep. Also, I already called your mom and told her you are with me so just go back to sleep, Bella” he says still not opening his eyes.

“Alright, Good night, and thank you,” I say, lying down comfortably to go back to sleep.

“You are welcome. Goodnight, love.”

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