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Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 370

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 370

Feeling Insecure

News about the collaboration between Nathan and Alexander resembled a bomb that suddenly exploded in Tissote’s business world, creating huge ripples. The companies that previously had been taking a wait-and-see approach instantly acquired a large number of the Griffith Group’s shares. While the outside world was in turmoil, the presidential suite in the penthouse was completely unaffected. When Elise and Alexander entered the room, Nathan was seen sipping wine on the couch with his legs crossed. “Have a seat.” Holding a tall wine glass with his slender hand, he pointed at the couch beside with his other hand. Currently, his whole demeanor seemed somewhat unfathomable.

A hint of impatience flashed across Elise’s eyes. The older he is, the more pretentious he becomes, she thought to herself. If it weren’t for Alexander’s presence at the moment, she would have walked up to Nathan and given him a good smack on his head to help him to clear his head. Alexander had long heard about Nathan’s reputation. As they both were capable people, they exchanged a simple glance and treated each other politely. “Where’s A now?” Nathan got straight to the point and asked. “You meant the long-lost Stocks Master?”

Alexander had heard about the classic collaboration between Nathan and A years ago and was aware that the two of them were close. However, he gently shook his head. “I’m sorry to tell you that we don’t interact with A much.” Only then did Alexander understand why Nathan had specially requested to meet them—the latter seemed to have mistaken their relationship with A. Upon hearing that, Nathan nodded without replying, but his gaze was inadvertently attracted to Elise. He found the girl rather special. When facing a tycoon of the business world, not only did she not show any admiration or respect, but what piqued his curiosity was the fact that she seemed to treat him as though he was invisible.

At the moment, she was completely unfazed by him. Upon noticing his gaze, Alexander subconsciously wrapped Elise’s hand in his. “This is my fiancée, Elise Sinclair.” He introduced her to Nathan in such a way that it was rather obvious what he meant. Nathan was stunned to hear that, but he then let out a soft chuckle. “I didn’t expect the renowned President Griffith to feel so insecure in front of your girlfriend.” Alexander cocked his head to one side, responding with a sense of humor as he murmured, “Well, I can’t help it when my girlfriend is so popular.” Upon hearing that, Nathan nodded.

“The two of you have such a close relationship. Keep it up.” Seeing that the two of them hadn’t been able to get to the point after so long, Elise decided to do so herself. “Hey.” She suddenly peered at Nathan and muttered impolitely, “If you have the time, do hang around more with the bunch of fools from the Olson Family Clan. Don’t shut yourself in the room all the time. You are making yourself seem like a damsel who doesn’t leave the house!” Nathan was taken aback by what she said. It had been so long since anyone had dared to speak to him in such a manner. A damsel?

Standing at six feet two, I can be categorized as a sensual man even when compared with the foreigners. Yet, I’m akin to a shy damsel to her? Such poor eyesight she has! Alexander was equally shocked by Elise’s rude attitude, so he quickly explained, “I’m sorry. My fiancée is quite the maverick and often has surprising ideas. She doesn’t bear you any ill will.” Nathan glanced at Alexander then at Elise, feeling totally stupefied. A had contacted him online and had asked him to try his best to cooperate with the two of them. And so, he had thought that it wasn’t a stretch for Alexander to know A with his capabilities.

However, now that Nathan thought about it, a person like Elise seemed to be more to A’s liking. “I’m not that petty.” Nathan waved his hand. “A friend of A is also a friend of mine. Rest assured, I’ll announce my investment in the Griffith Group’s stocks. Olson Pharmaceuticals will be the least of your worries by then.” Just as Alexander opened his mouth in an attempt to thank Nathan, Elise, who was beside him, abruptly stood up. “I asked you to get in touch with the Olson Family Clan. How hard is it for you to understand that?” At that instant, both Nathan and Alexander were puzzled. “Girl, do you know what will happen if I get in touch with them?” Nathan patiently asked with a frown.

Alexander’s fiancée has quite the temper. I reckon that soon, there will be another hen-pecked man in this world. “The good news will spread. Everyone will think that they have gained the support of international investors, and the defeat of the Griffith Family has been destined. The Olson Family Clan will be making tons of money and their net worth will increase exponentially.” The words came out of her mouth so rapidly, as though she didn’t even need to think about it. Nathan laughed. “Since you know about it, why are you requesting me to get close to your fiancée’s opponent?

Perhaps you are not getting along well with President Griffith and you want to teach him a lesson? Forgive my bluntness, but I have to say that this lesson you’re about to give him is a little too harsh. If you were to do so, the Griffiths may not be able to make a comeback.” As Nathan spoke, he furtively cast a glance at Alexander, gesturing to the latter to get his fiancée under control. Elise might be clever, but she was still unclear about the rules of the business world. Nathan could have stood by, but he patiently reminded her for the sake of A’s request.

On the contrary, Alexander, who knew Elise really well, was aware that she wouldn’t joke around at this point of time. The only reason she would make such an unusual decision would be that she had other plans. After some contemplation, Alexander gently patted the back of her hand to comfort her, which instantly calmed her irritation. After collecting herself, Elise said, “If memory serves, A’s original words were for you to assist us from the sidelines but not take over the decision making. Mr. York, did you misinterpret A’s true intention?” Nathan peered at Elise.

Her eyes were stunning. Although she was still young, he was able to tell from how she looked now that she would become a beauty when she reached adulthood. For some reason, he was able to feel a powerful yet shockingly unprecedented intimidating presence at that moment—it somewhat resembled what A made him feel when he or she was behind the screen. I must be seeing things, he mused to himself. How could a teenage girl be A, a miracle who had saved thousands of people from the disaster back then? He averted his gaze and asked, “Are you saying that A has other plans?”

“Mr. York, your head works slower than I imagined.” Elise then insinuated, “Perhaps it’s the long years you have stayed abroad that caused you to forget about a classic saying in Cittadel. ‘In order to completely destroy your enemy, you have to allow them to grow’. The Olson Family Clan has made my grandmother ill, so I’ll make sure that they fall from their peak and shatter into a million pieces.” That’s harsh. This was the only thought that Nathan had after listening to her plans.

The business elites from the whole world could be found on Wall Street and among those who revolved around Nathan were some of the most outstanding women. Yet, he had never seen such a horrifyingly devastating aura on a young face like hers. Elise gave him a sense that she certainly would be able to do anything that she promised. In all honesty, she completely resembled A. “Okay.” A fighting spirit ignited inside Nathan somehow, so he quickly agreed to her request.

After exchanging their contact details, the two of them left. The next day, news about Nathan York playing golf at the golf course together with the Olson Family Clan instantly made the headlines of the major media. While lounging on the sun lounger, Johan triumphantly guffawed when he saw how exuberant he seemed in the newspaper. He glanced at Nathan, who was standing yards away swinging his golf club, and suddenly had the courage to dial a number. “Let’s go and practice with President Griffith!”

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