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Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 367

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 367

Elise did not give any response. Instead, two hot tears escaped her eyes and fell on Alexander’s hand. It felt so hot that his heart skipped a beat.

The person before him seemed to have lost her soul. I have to find her! he thought.

Panicked, Alexander had no choice but to stimulate her using another method. “If you don’t pull yourself together, who will help you to search for the person who harmed Grandma? Elise, both Grandma and Grandpa need you. You can’t afford to collapse at this moment!”

The next instant, Elise’s soulless eyes regained focus and she released both her hands. He’s right.

I haven’t taken revenge on the person who harmed Grandma, so I can’t afford to lose my sense now. Since it’s poison, there must be an antidote or a cure. I will save Grandma’s life even if I have to turn the world upside down.
Returning to her senses, Elise took a deep breath. Her eyes were not as tender and watery as before; right now, they were sharp and full of determination, and most would not dare to meet her gaze.
Meanwhile, Alexander felt relieved that Elise was back to her usual self and he asked, “Dr. Davis, is there any cure?”
“I can’t be sure right now.

We have to conduct further tests and do some checkups, but we can try some powerful drugs. The effect will depend on its clinical manifestation.”
Thomas Davis had encountered plenty of complicated conditions having been a doctor all these years, but he had never seen any symptoms like what Laura was showing at the moment. Hence, even he himself was not confident that he could treat the patient.
“I understand.” Elise nodded. “I’ll leave the treatment to you, but I would like my grandmother to receive supplementary traditional medical treatment as well simple acupuncture treatment, to be exact.

I suppose that won’t affect your treatment, will it?”
“Not at all.” Thomas shook his head. “I happen to know a professor from the Institute of Traditional Medicine. I’ll invite him over and we will have a joint consultation. I believe that we will receive some good news soon.”

However, Elise rejected his kind offer and she murmured, “No, thank you. I don’t feel comfortable leaving this to others. I’ll handle the traditional medicinal treatment myself.”
Thomas was stunned to hear that. Although he knew Elise was not insulting him, he was still astonished by the confidence that this young lady radiated.

“It’s great to hear that you can perform acupuncture, Miss Sinclair.” Thomas nodded, but after a brief hesitation, he tactfully reminded, “However, traditional medicine is a vast and profound subject. You have to be skillful in it in order to use it in clinical treatment. Old Mrs. Sinclair’s condition doesn’t allow any flaws.”
To him, Elise was a young lady who, at the very most, was able to maintain her composure during critical times. Perhaps she was passionate about acupuncture, but she still lacked reverence toward diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.

A patient’s life was not something one should joke about, so utilizing half-baked skills in treatment was akin to murder.
“Dr. Davis, I respect your opinion and I have faith in your expertise, but you missed the fact that no one knows my grandma’s condition better than I.”
With that, she rose up and left the office.
Looking at her walking away in confidence, Thomas felt inexplicably frustrated.
He was the youngest attending physician in Tisotte. Countless patients and their family members scrambled to have him treat them and their loved ones; even the rich treated him with respect and did not dare to raise their voices before him.

However, this lady named Elise Sinclair made him feel as if he was a quack doctor who cheated people out of their money, a nobody who no one could recognize when he was out and about, or someone who didn’t deserve any attention or respect.
“Is she the fiancée that you chose?” Thomas raised his left brow, a depressed look on his face. “I must say, she has quite the personality.”
Alexander patted him on his shoulder. “Her grandmother is one of the two family members that she has left. Please try to understand that.”

“There’s no use even if I understand that. Didn’t you hear what she said? She said that she wants to treat the old lady herself. That’s complete nonsense!”

It wasn’t a false accusation. Truth was, none of the professors from the Institute of Traditional Medicine dared to announce to the public that they were proficient in Traditional Medicine before their hair turned white.
A girl at Elise’s age would only be a beginner in the field, yet she was going to practice her skills on a patient whose life was at stake. Although they were a family, as a doctor, Thomas couldn’t allow such an unprofessional thing to happen under his watch.
Alexander calmly cast him a glance before looking toward the door.

With narrowed eyes, he explained, “Before Old Mrs. Sinclair was sent to the hospital, she passed out once and it was Elise’s acupuncture that saved her life.”
“She passed out once?” As Thomas wasn’t informed about that, he had a complex look in his gaze when he heard Alexander’s explanation.
Just as he had mentioned, Laura’s first episode was the most critical one. She would have lost her life if something had gone wrong.
If the truth was indeed like what Alexander had said, whereby Elise had saved her life, it meant that Thomas had definitely underestimated her.

However, Alexander didn’t respond. After a moment of silence, he left and went after Elise.

At the entrance of the ward, Elise sat on her own on the bench in the hallway. She looked to the front with empty eyes and nobody could tell what she was thinking.
The next second, her phone beeped. It was a notification about a deposit into her bank account.
“10,000,000 has been deposited into your account ending with the number 2138. Your current balance is…”

She lowered her head and glanced at it, a strong murderous intent flashing across her eyes.
10,000,000. In Tisotte, where every square meter counted, the amount of money couldn’t even afford a decent office building,
The Olson Family Clan is treating me like a beggar, huh? Great! I’ve given them an opportunity, so it’s not my fault that they refused to take it.
Alexander, who saw her from afar, felt distressed.
A girl, who had been as gentle as water, had become like this; she was now so cold hearted that she had a hard time warming herself to others.

If he had been able to make a firm choice when it came to choosing between his mother and Elise sooner, things might not have come to this point.
Alexander resented himself for the countless times when he had hesitated. This was why at that moment, he made up his mind.
Anyone who dared hurt Elise, no matter who it was, would only face one consequence, which was to disappear from their sight and from the face of the Earth.

Alexander sat down beside Elise. He then wrapped his long arms around her and took her into his embrace, hoping that he was able to transmit some of his warmth to her.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t handle my mother’s matters properly.”
“Don’t be silly. Mrs. Griffith was used.” Elise clearly knew what had taken place. “I’m not stupid. I’m aware who the real culprit behind this is.”

“Alexander.” She suddenly called out his name before she asked, “You have one last chance-do you want to break up with me? I won’t be as kind as I used to be after this.”
Upon hearing that, Alexander pursed his lips, thereafter wrapping his arms around her. Pressing his face against hers, he whispered in her ear, “Coincidentally, I don’t want you to be kind anymore. I just hope that my Elise won’t be upset from now on.”

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