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Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 365

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 365

The moment Alexander rushed to the Sinclair Residence, he could feel that there was something wrong, especially with Robin. In the past, the elderly man was always polite toward him but today, his eyes were clearly giving out a signal that he couldn’t wait to kick Alexander out of the house.

Meanwhile, Madeline didn’t know what was going on behind her. However, her expression instantly darkened when she saw that Robin was disrespecting the Griffith Family. In a cynical tone, she sneered, “Everyone can make fake promises, but can they really fulfill that promise? Why don’t you ask your granddaughter if she can stay away from my son? Since we are going to be a family, what’s wrong with getting used to it in advance?”

Madeline paused for a moment and squinted her eyes to look at Robin’s reaction. Seeing that he was speechless, she sinirked and continued with her ridiculous speech. “Besides, I’m not asking Elise to commit any murderous acts, l’un just asking her to be merciful and forgive those two boys in the Olson Family Clan, This is something that’ll make everyone happy, not to mention that Elise has nothing to lose by doing so, so I don’t understand why it can’t be done. Elise, are you saying, that you are not satisfied with me as your future mother-in-law, so you’re deliberately confronting me? Is that what you want?”
Throughout her comments, Madeline glanced at Elise from time to time to apply more pressure onto her.

After listening to what she had to say, Robin could no longer suppress the anger inside of him. “That is enough, Mrs. Griffith!” His voice was so loud that even Alexander, who was standing at the door, could hear his every rage. “My granddaughter doesn’t need the Griffith Family to gain a higher status.

Instead, you should be grateful that she chose to marry into your family. She isn’t an item for you to sacrifice for your own personal gain. The Griffith Family isn’t that worthy for our Elise to put aside her principles and submit to all of you!” There seemed to be a raging flame burning in Robin’s eyes as his chest began to puff out angrily.

However, Madeline seemed to think that his words were a big joke, so she chuckled. “Are you saying that my son isn’t worthy of your daughter? That is the funniest joke I’ve ever heard! You—”
Before she could finish her sentence, Alexander interrupted her as he couldn’t stand listening to her.
Hearing his voice, Madeline felt a shiver down her spine.
As she slowly turned her head, she could see his gloomy face approaching her.

“Alexander, why are you—” she mumbled while standing up.
“Are you about to ask why I am suddenly here?” He stood still in front of her with a chilling expression that would terrify anyone. “Not only did you ask someone to follow me, you even found someone to look into me. Are you really that desperate to control my life? Am I your son or a puppet for you to control?”

“How could you speak to your mother like this?” Alexander’s glare was so frightening that Madeline didn’t dare to look him straight in the eye, so she kept on avoiding his gaze.

“You know that I love you the most. I asked someone to follow you because I was worried about your safety. You should know that Matthew—”
Alexander didn’t give her a chance to finish her words as he thundered, “Enough! I don’t want to hear about it anymore.” With eyes as cold as ice, he uttered coldly, “Mom, this is my last warning to you. Elise is my limit, and no one can change it. From now on, I don’t want you to meet her again without my presence. Even if you two meet each other, I will still stand by her side if there’s any conflict. I don’t want to make you sad, but if you intend to hurt the person I love, then I have no other choice.”

“W-What are you saying?” Madeline was so startled by her son’s words that she couldn’t react to it in time. “Are you really going to cut ties with your own mother just for her?”
He straightened his back and uttered every word firmly. “If it’s necessary, then yes.”
At this point, Madeline couldn’t believe the words that just came out of his mouth. I was only asking a favor from Elise, but he is now willing to cut ties with me? Doesn’t he know that he is my son?! Why is he so sure that he’ll stand by that woman’s side forever?

She felt an ache inside her heart while the rage and shame drove her completely insane.
“Fine! If you want to cut ties with me, I’ll allow it! From today onward, you are no longer my son! You—”She paused for a moment while pointing at Alexander before turning toward Elise. “And you! Since you don’t have any respect for the Girffith Family and are not willing to make any sacrifices, let me see how determined you are. Tomorrow, I want you to publish a statement in the newspapers and disassociate yourselves from the Griffith Family!”

Alexander narrowed his eyes and asked, “Are you sure you want to go down this road?”
Everyone knew that the Griffiths had a glamorous reputation, but they themselves knew clearly that after what happened with Matthew, the family was now riddled with problems. If Alexander actually decided to leave the family, it would certainly cause a huge mess.

However, Madeline was now filled with anger, so she didn’t think about it carefully as she played along. “Show me to what extent you are willing to sacrifice for her!”

And so, Alexander took a deep breath and uttered, “As you wish.” Then, he gave Cameron a call in front of Madeline. “Go and contact all the reporters we are familiar with. I want them to send out a statement tomorrow that I’m disassociating myself from the Griffith Family.”
“What?” Cameron was stunned. “Come again, President Griffith? Do you really want to disassociate yourself from the Griffith Family?”
“I don’t want to repeat myself.”
With that, Alexander hung up.
Listening to the call, Madeline was so frustrated that her face turned red. “Fine! I’m glad that I’ve raised such a wonderful son!”

However, Alexander stared at her emotionlessly, as if none of this had anything to do with him.

Truth was, Madeline knew her son well enough to know that she would never receive any reaction from him so in the heat of the moment, she simply directed her anger toward Robin and Laura.
“I see now, Old Master Sinclair. This is the granddaughter that you two have raised. Look at how well she has manipulated my son to turn against me. He used to respect me, but look at what he has become now! Are you finally satisfied?” she roared before turning toward Laura.

“Old Mrs. Sinclair, we are both women, so I understand that taking care of our husband and children is our responsibility. We don’t have a say in our husbands’ nature, but we are deeply responsible for what our children become in the future. I know that I shouldn’t say this, but seeing how unreasonable Elise has become, don’t you think that outsiders will look at you differently from now on since you are the one who raised her?”
Laura had been friendly to everyone all her life, so she had never been mocked in this way. At that moment, she couldn’t catch her breath and she held her chest as she fell backward.

Fortunately, Robin was quick enough to hold her,
Elise also instantly got up from her chair to support her from behind. “Grandma? Grandma!”
“I’ll call an ambulance right away.” Alexander quickly reacted to the situation.
However, Madeline was still gloating on the sidelines, “Look at the lot of you! If you can’t handle this kind of pressure, I can’t imagine what will happen when you actually become the in-laws of the Griffith Family.

You are just a house of old and fragile people. How dare you say that you are not using us to elevate your status!”
Suddenly, Jeanie, who had been quiet the whole time, slammed her hand on the table and shouted, “You cruel woman! Can’t you see that Old Mrs. Sinclair is in trouble? How dare you keep spouting nonsense? You’re right. Elise is indeed not suitable for the Griffiths because I’m afraid that she’ll be influenced by people like you and become a scum in the future!”

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