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Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 362

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 362

After stepping out of the office with Danny and Alexander, Elise did not return to class.
Being a discerning man who had no wish for becoming a third wheel, Danny found an excuse to leave. “Well, since everything has been resolved, I should go. I need to prepare for the SK Group’s assessment.”
“The SK Group?” Elise asked with a rare look of interest on her face.
“Yup.” Danny nodded before elaborating with considerable pride, “You know the FBI?

The SK Group is something like that, but with a broader scope of business. Basically, as long as you have a request, they should be able to get it done for you. Previously, they were active on the dark web, but this is the first year that they’re openly recruiting members. All of the powerful families in Tissote have their eye on it.”
“Is that so?” Elise’s reaction was rather indifferent.
All of a sudden, Danny got the impression that he was speaking to a brick wall. At first, he thought she was familiar with the SK Group because she had an identity as a hacker, but it seemed even she had domains that she was unfamiliar with.

Still, she doesn’t have to react so indifferently, does she? For a moment, he was at a loss.
After spending so long with Alexander, Elise seemed to have become much more taciturn, giving Danny the impression that she was no longer as approachable as she used to be.

Thankfully, his phone chimed at that moment, rescuing him from the awkwardness.
After pulling out the phone and reading the notification on it, he said, “I’ll elaborate some other time. They’re hounding me now. I’ll see you later.”

“Go on, then,” Alexander said mildly.
On the way back to Elise’s dormitory, the couple ran into Miller and Addison, who looked like they were in a hurry.

“Are you okay, Elise?” Addison panted, breathing somewhat unevenly as she bent over and clutched at her waist. Immediately after Elise was taken away, she rushed off to find Miller. Ever since their first meeting, she had considered Miller to be virtually undefeatable. As far as she was concerned, Elise wouldn’t suffer any losses even with the presence of two additional bodyguards as long as Miller was there.

On the other hand, Miller didn’t show any drastic reactions, since she could tell from the way Alexander was shielding Elise that she had arrived too late. Shrugging her shoulders, she explained, “I couldn’t make it here earlier. The academic buildings for the Humanities Faculty and the Mathematics Faculty are too far apart. Perhaps I should sneak into the Mathematics classes from now on?”
At the end of the day, Miller was someone Alexander was forced to use his connections to get into Tissote University.

Even though he managed to get her transferred to the same dormitory as Elise, the Mathematics Faculty was Tissote University’s top-performing college. Apart from having flashes of brilliance while collecting money from others, Miller’s foundation in mathematics was so atrocious that she not only failed to meet the minimum requirements for admission, she didn’t even perform well enough for her results to be faked.

And so, she could only be assigned to the Humanities Faculty, which had the lowest requirements for admission.
Although Miller’s question was directed at Alexander, Elise didn’t seem to mind as she commented, “It’s okay. I didn’t suffer any losses, anyway.”

“I think you should,” Alexander said at the same time before realizing that his opinion differed from Elise’s. After sharing a glance with her, they came to a tacit agreement.
Glancing from Elise to Alexander, Miller remarked carelessly, “That’s settled, then.

I’ll attend the Mathematics Faculty classes from now on. It’s not like I’m here to study, anyway.”
With great incredulity, Addison stared at the trio.

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