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Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 298

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 298

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“You’re just pushing me to a corner, then,” Alexander spat out angrily, sounding determined. Stunned at his words, Madeline couldn’t believe that he had said those things himself. Just because of Elise, our relationship has turned so sour now? “If you don’t wish to see me do that, then you should break up with her while it’s still not too late! Or else, you’re just wishing for my death!” There was no way that she would back down so easily. After saying that, she spun around and left without looking back. After she left, Alexander immediately called Cameron into the room.

“Send more men to protect her. Nothing should happen to her!” “Sure thing.” As the person who had been working by Alexander’s side the longest, Cameron knew just how much he cared about Elise. At Tissote University, Madeline sashayed into Elise’s dorm, chasing the dorm students out of her way as she went. “Mrs. Griffith, you don’t have to drag other people in just because you’re unhappy with me. I’ll come out with you.” Usually, Madeline was a gentle and presentable woman, and Elise knew exactly what she was trying to do. “Birds of a feather flock together!

Aren’t you clear enough about my opinion of you? Last night, you dragged Alex with you and placed yourself in the limelight! If it wasn’t because of you, he wouldn’t have been the subject of everyone’s criticism!” Clutching her branded purse, Madeline sauntered arrogantly and stopped in front of Elise. At such a close distance, Elise could clearly see the indifference in her eyes as well as her dislike for herself. In addition, from the looks of it, Elise reckoned that she had probably gone to look for Alexander first before coming to look for her because she couldn’t reach an agreement with him.

Pursing her lips, Elise then slowly spoke to express her stand. “No matter how much you make things difficult for me or no matter what you offer me, I won’t leave Alex!” Both of them had promised each other that they would be honest with each other. Not only had they had been through so much together, they even promised to be together forever. What would all those promises be if she gave up? However, Madeline merely sniggered. “You’re not giving up no matter what because you have your eyes on the fact that he’s the inheritor of the Griffith Family!

Wake up, Elise Sinclair. The old master has already passed away, and no one is going to acknowledge this marriage!” Even though Madeline had seen Elise standing next to the famous real estate tycoon, Quentin Fassbender, and knew about the relationship between them, she was still not the least impressed.

“This is between Alex and I. Moreover, he didn’t know what I really looked like when we first started dating,” Elise said and sighed helplessly. Actually, she didn’t mean anything else; she was just letting Madeline know that the relationship between her and Alexander had nothing to do with possessions or appearance.

In contrast, it was a result of sincere attraction after spending a lot of time together. In the end, her explanation was fiercely rebuked by Madeline. “The cheeks of you to bring that up! Before this, you deliberately hid your appearance to seduce my son, and that goes to show just how scheming you are!”

Speechless, Elise recalled that she first came to their place because of the marriage agreement between their grandfathers and to nurture some feelings, but her most initial objective was to destroy the agreement. Who would have thought that things would develop to this? “Mrs. Griffith, I’m not after your son’s wealth nor your family’s influence,” she said earnestly after pursing her lips together.

Otherwise, why would she confess to Alexander? “What are you after, then? Are you trying to show off your wealth? Elise, since you’re not after anything, why do you have to pester my son instead of anyone else?” Madeline asked instead, emphasizing on every word she said. It hit Elise that she could no longer communicate with Madeline, and she was worried that she would get into an argument with her once her emotions got the better of her. So, she decided to compromise. “Mrs Griffith, why don’t you give us some time? If we’re really not meant to be, we’ll naturally break up even without your interference.”

“I won’t—” Suddenly, Elise’s phone started to ring, and she felt that this call was her savior because it came at the perfect timing. “I’m going to pick up a call, Mrs. Griffith,” she said to Madeline and strode out of her dorm. “What is it?”

The person who called her was Jamie, and he asked in an aggrieved tone, “Boss, Alex and you became the targets of netizens after attending the ceremony together last night. But why didn’t you ask for my help? Are you abandoning me?” Elise knitted her brows. “I’ve never said anything like that. Is this issue still brewing on the Internet?”

If it is, then I have to do something about it. “Not anymore. I was browsing the Internet, and when I clicked on the link, it led to an error page,” he explained, still in his aggrieved voice. I got it now, Elise realized. That’s why he thought I abandoned him. “Get a certification of my assets. I—” Just as she started to instruct him, she stopped herself all of a sudden. Since Madeline disliked her, a certification of her assets wouldn’t change this fact either. So what was there to prove? “Boss?

Why did you stop halfway? What certification would you like?” Jamie asked after waiting a while and realizing that she didn’t continue speaking. “It’s nothing. Just get someone to continue keeping an eye on the Andersons,” Elise said. The things Bertha and Jeanie said, in addition to various events, had been on her mind the whole time, and she even had a feeling that she had to do this—she had to figure out what was going on with the Andersons, or she wouldn’t be at ease!

“Keep an eye on the Andersons? Boss, did they offend you?” “No. Just do as I said,” Elise said, not explaining more. In the end, all Jamie could say was, “Okay.” After Elise hung up, Matthew called her. “Are you free? There’s something I would like to ask you. May I ask you out for a chat?”

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