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Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 295

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 295

Don’t Waste Such a Huge Effort

Hearing that, Elise couldn’t help but recall Alexander’s lonely back when he walked away just not long ago, and she grabbed his hand. “Don’t you already know all that you should? Were you willing to marry a woman you’d never met before?” She hadn’t forgotten how disgusted the Griffith brothers were of her when they first met her back then in her ugly appearance, and how they treated her like an outcast. “Then, why didn’t you come clean to me afterward?”

Holding her hand, he placed another hand of his softly on her shoulder and gently pulled her in front of himself. Their eyes met, and his fiery dark eyes were fixed so keenly on her that she couldn’t look away. “About that… Think about it, Alex. If I had blurted everything to you afterward, wouldn’t it look like I was blowing my own trumpet and seem very arrogant?” “No matter what, you shouldn’t hide anything else from me anymore after this. I’m your fiancé, and I should help you with anything.” Then, he pulled her into his arms and hugged her tight.

Tight and heavy, his embrace also held a warmth and scent which belonged specially to him. After holding her for a while, he released her and asked, “Should I drop you off at your dorm or your place?” Elise gave it a thought and answered, “At my dorm. I still have some things left to finish.” With that, she subconsciously felt for her cell phone, but her pockets were empty! Is my phone… stolen? Seeing the stunned look on her face, Alexander asked in concern, “What happened?”

“My phone has been stolen.” “How did it happen? I’ll get Cameron to check the surveillance.” Something came into his mind all of a sudden, and the air around him turned cold. He didn’t mind the cell phone itself because he could buy a new one for Elise if it was lost. What bothered him was the fact that someone actually had the nerves to steal right under his nose! “Yeah.” Elise nodded and didn’t say anything else.

Although Elise was aware of the problem, she would like to find out what the culprit was planning in their minds since Alexander was already determined to find out who it was! Meanwhile, in a Bentley outside the event hall, Janice looked at the cell phone Johan was toying with and frowned. “You’ve been staring at this phone since you got into the car. Does it belong to Elise?” Earlier, she had seen someone pass this cell phone to him.

“Yeah,” Johan admitted. At the end of the day, Elise was just a woman, and he was confident that he could win her over. Despite that, Janice was puzzled. “Does Elise have such a huge charm that it’s worth your effort to pickpocket her cell phone?” Especially when it’s a phone locked with a password, she finished in her head. Instead of replying, Johan merely smirked wickedly. “My advice to you is to return the cell phone or throw it away.

Do you think that a person like Elise wouldn’t be able to find her lost cell phone? Also, don’t forget how protective Alexander was toward her earlier!” Disgruntled, Janice thought, He can stare at a cell phone for such a long time and is so interested in Elise. If everything goes as he wants, then…

Previously, when he told me that it was a marriage of convenience, I couldn’t fight it or snatch him away, but now comes another Elise Sinclair. What does that make me, then? “Alexander Griffith is nothing to me,” Johan snorted coldly, and a vicious smile appeared on his lips. I wonder—when will Elise come looking for me?

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