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Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 290

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 290

Supporting the Event, or Smashing It?

The applause continued long after the curtain fell, proving that the performance was a great success. At the back stage, the actors removed their makeup, changed their clothes, then moved on to taking group photos and posting them on social media. Elise was about to change clothes when she was grabbed by Janice, who came over out of the blue. “What the hell was that on stage just now?” Elise stared at her hand blankly, and her intimidating aura exuded so naturally that Janice was frightened and let go of her hand subconsciously.

“The scene just now can be defined as a performance accident. Do you know how serious it is?” Janice said with only little confidence while she gulped to keep up her appearance. Someone next to them couldn’t bear hearing what Janice was accusing Elise of and interjected, “Enough, Janice. Didn’t the drama end well just now? If Elise hadn’t stepped in and helped, there wouldn’t even be a performance for us to do in the first place. Don’t be ridiculous.” “I know, right! I think Elise’s acting was pretty good. She did this well even though she never rehearsed.

It’s already very good!” “Yes, it’s already good that she was willing to help. Some people only think about getting their personal revenge here…” “Who are you talking about!” Janice’s eyes were red from the embarrassment. “Who is thinking about their personal revenge? I am here for art, understand? The whole script was about great love, not individualistic maternal love. Elise just changed the entire idea behind the play!” Someone’s voice rang from the corner. “Come on. You just think she stole the spotlight, right? Do you have to be so bitter over it?” “Who said that? Show yourself!”

Janice thought that her reasons were high-sounding, but little did she expect that she would become the target of public criticism and was a little furious for a while. Elise patted the place that Janice touched just now and said slowly when everyone was silent, “Why don’t you explain first? In the last scene, why did you try to pierce my left eye with that knight’s sword? ” Janice was stunned for a moment, and her brows were slightly wrinkled. She actually noticed it. Panic flashed in her eyes, then she quickly gathered her thoughts and retorted almost immediately, “I see it now. It’s because you thought I was going to blind you, so you changed the scene on stage; is that it?

Elise Sinclair, just because vicious thoughts dwell in your mind, you treat the whole world to be as unscrupulous as you? The whole school’s freshmen were sitting in the audience seats, and there were so many leaders present. If I stabbed you, it would be seen as assault, and I’d be sentenced. How would I do that? You ruined the whole drama just because of your villainous heart. Don’t you think you’ve gone too far?” No one responded. They were supposed to celebrate the success of the performance, but they had to listen to Janice’s endless nagging instead, so the good atmosphere was practically half gone.

In contrast, they were more willing to stand on Elise’s side. After all, this was the highest-ranking institution in the country, and the students were not a bunch of senseless idiots. They were still able to distinguish the right from wrong, and the good from evil; they naturally knew how to weigh them accordingly. Although they didn’t say anything, it didn’t mean that they didn’t know what was going on. Elise was too lazy to entertain such a capricious villain, so she gave her a cold look and left through the side door.

As the final guest, the preparation time given would not be too long, so she had to hurry to Mikayla’s lounge to find the mask. On the other hand, Alexander and Jack recognized Elise’s witch appearance in the drama, so they got up from the judge’s seat and prepared to go backstage to congratulate her. Nevertheless, the two looked around but did not find Elise in the dressing room. Knowing that she didn’t particularly enjoy lively atmospheres, the two went to the back door to look for her. When they were about to reach the door, they heard someone talking, so they subconsciously slowed down their steps.

At the door, Janice vigilantly took a look at the surrounding environment; after making sure no one was around, she handed a black garbage bag that seemed to be wrapped around a long object to a man. The man took the thing and asked respectfully, “Miss, were you able to use it?” Janice said angrily, “No! She noticed it and dodged. She’s wasted my effort! Elise Sinclair, that little b*tch! I will ruin her face some day. Let’s see what else she has to be proud of then!” “You can rest assured, miss. Whatever it is, as long as you want to do it, I will help you achieve it—no matter the cost.” The man was sincere, and his gaze on Janice was almost too gentle. Janice obviously dismissed this and uttered, “I want Elise Sinclair to die and disappear from this world forever. Can you do it?”

“Uh…” The man hesitated. “Look—you only talk big! You men are either mean to girls or just dumb pieces of rocks. Why is nothing going my way?” Janice looked the man up and down, then turned and walked back in. As soon as she stepped into the door, she bumped into Alexander and Jack and was so startled that she even hiccupped. “W-When did you guys get here?” Janice asked tremblingly. Jack put his hands in his pockets while narrowing his eyes slightly and raised his eyebrows before saying, “You seem to have a problem with my sister-in-law, huh?”

… In the hall, the judges were scoring the drama while Mikayla took the stage again as the host. This was something she had experienced countless times since she was a child, but this time, she was particularly excited. “Dear freshmen and honorable teachers, the drama is over, and today’s event is about to come to an end. Let us have today’s special guest sing Miss H’s hit song, All Zeroes, to wrap it all up properly.” The lights in the audience dimmed instantly, and the spotlight hit the center of the stage as the song played. Under the gaze of countless audiences, Elise, who wore a white off-shoulder dress, stepped on her high heels and slowly walked toward the light with a fox mask.

With a perfect model’s figure and her long hair down, she looked like the embodiment of a goddess. “Take me to your heart…” The moment the mysterious beauty sang out the lyrics to the song, it was as if everyone had been captivated and ensnared—their ears were filled with the blissful melody. “This voice… Could it be H?” “It’s so familiar. It’s so touching that I want to cry the moment I hear it. Only my idol can sing like this—it must be her!” “My God! H actually showed herself in the auditorium of Tissote University!” The entire auditorium was in an uproar.

All the students held hands and raised their light sticks; following Elise’s voice, they were submerged in her captivating singing. Some people cried with joy, while some people couldn’t help but immerse themselves in the song. This song seemed to have a magical power. In the end, aside from the judges, everyone was singing along. Those who thought they could outsmart the committee had already boldly left the stands and rushed to the backstage, but they were all intercepted by the security guards. When the dean’s assistant saw this, he wiped his imaginary sweat and pulled Mikayla aside.

“Mikayla, who is the mysterious singer that you invited? Could it really be H, like they said?” Mikayla giggled sloppily. “Of course not! It’s just an ordinary friend of mine who came to show support because her voice sounded like H…” The assistant broke out in a cold sweat just after wiping off the sweat. When he saw the security guard who was barely holding on, he pulled a long face. “Are you sure she is supporting the event, and not crashing it?”

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