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Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 285

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 285

Alexander Can’t Get Rid of Janice?

Looking at him with an aloof face, Faye said, “It’s okay if you play around with other women, but you actually had the nerves to target a female student from Tissote University. Do you know how much public criticism you’d cause if anything happens? Where’s the girl?” Jonah gritted his teeth and spat. “She’s gone, and I’m not so dumb as to create trouble for myself.” “That’d better be true.” Still, she doubted his words and warned, “I don’t want to hear anymore negative news before the wedding. Don’t drag me along even if you want to ruin yourself!” Then, she left the spot in a huff with her heels clicking on the floor.

From far, Jonah stared at her back and was reminded of his emotionless discipline teacher from highschool, whereupon an icy stare flashed in his eyes. If he hadn’t had his eyes set on the wealth of the Andersons, he would have kicked this woman away. Just you wait and see how I’ll torture you after we get married. Meanwhile, the car drove out of the nightclub street, and Alexander’s eyes swept past the rearview mirror. “What do you plan to do with her?” Helplessly, Elise looked at Janice, who had passed out next to her, and said, “Let’s put her up in a hotel for the night.” She might as well go through with this good deed that she started. In this unfamiliar city, she couldn’t just simply drop Janice off anywhere.

Returning his eyes to the road, Alexander drove around the city center. In the end, he chose a hotel which looked rather safe. After getting a room, he walked in front and opened the door so that Elise could help Janice to the bed. Then, she went to the bathroom while he leaned on the TV console, picked up his cell phone, and started replying to work emails. It had been a rough night for Janice, and she gradually regained consciousness. In her daze, the light from the crystal lamp above her head blinded her eyes, and she couldn’t open them. Using her hand as a shield, she slowly sat up in the bed.

Alexander merely peered at her coldly and returned to his phone, pretending he hadn’t seen anything. However, Janice thought that she was dreaming when she saw him. After blinking a couple of times, she pinched herself hard on her arm to be sure that she was not dreaming. So, I’m really in the same room with Elise’s super cute boyfriend! “Are you the one who saved me from Johan Olsen?” she asked meekly. “Yeah,” he replied curtly without even looking up at her. Embarrassed, she bit her lower lip, regretting the fact that she had too much to drink and had completely missed out on his heroic act when he saved her.

Nevertheless, she figured that since this man was willing to go against Johan and his friends for her sake, then he must be attracted by her beauty. In addition, judging from his dressing and demeanor, he must be from a well-to-do family as well. If I can snag him away from Elise’s side, then I can have all my revenge against her! At the thought of this, her eyes gleamed cunningly before she pretended to be in a daze, mumbling about how terrible and hot she was feeling as she started undressing. Annoyed, Alexander knitted his brows and straightened himself suddenly.

“What are you doing?” Sprawled out limply on the bed, she mumbled, “I’m really thirsty. Could you please bring me a glass of water?” Lowering his eyes, he had no patience for her at all. Of all the women he knew, he found it a waste of time if any of them asked for a favor, except Elise. Seeing that he was unmoved, Janice pretended to be unwell and coughed a couple of times. In an even more pathetic tone, she said, “Please, it’s just a glass of water. I’m feeling really uncomfortable. Besides, you already brought me all the way here, so can’t you do me another small favor?”

Even though he was aware that she was trying to make him do stuff for her, Alexander felt that she was very noisy and wanted her to shut her mouth as quickly as possible. Hence, he picked up a bottle of water on the TV console, opened it, and poured out a glass before bringing it to the bed. “Hold it.” Pretentiously, she reached out her hand and made it look as though she couldn’t reach it. “Can you please… come a little closer?” Annoyed and frustrated, he bent over and pushed the glass to her forcefully, stopping inches away from her chest and turning in disgust to look the other way.

Out of the blue, Janice grabbed his wrist and used it to pull herself up before putting her arms around his neck, clinging her entire body on him. “I feel really terrible. Stay with me and don’t leave tonight, okay?” She deliberately made her voice a little lower so that she sounded even more sexy and alluring. Men are creatures who think with the lower half of their bodies, she thought. In front of the woman they’re interested in, not many of them could hold back their desires and act like a true gentleman. Also, she had absolute confidence in her body, and the more Alexander pushed her aside, the more she would raise her chest and stick it toward his body. Instantly, an unhappy look washed over him, and he grabbed her arms.

Before pulling her away, he warned her icily, “Let go!” His principles taught him to respect women, but it didn’t prevent him from keeping his bottom line. If the other party was persistent, then he wouldn’t hesitate to act roughly on a woman. On the other hand, Janice interpreted his short moment of hesitation as his attempt at playing hard-to-get. If he was really unwilling, a big man like him could have easily pushed her aside. The thought of this made the adrenaline pump through her veins. “I already fell for you since the first time I saw you, and I swear you’re the first man in my life. Don’t say no to me, okay?” As she spoke, she went on tiptoes and rubbed her face against his neck, kissing him while he tried to dodge it left and right.

When he was close to blowing his top, Elise opened the bathroom door, and the sight of them tangled together greeted her. Twitching her lips awkwardly, she felt that her buttons had been pushed once more. It was Alexander who reacted first. Without any regard for Janice’s pride, he peeled her away from himself directly and threw her on the bed. “Are you done with your madness?” Falling hard on the bed, Janice felt herself slipping into unconsciousness again as her head turned woozy. As though she was watching a show, Elise crossed her arms and leaned on the doorframe of the bathroom. “Looks like I came out at the wrong time and ruined your moment,” she said sarcastically.

Still furious from Janice clinging on to him, Alexander became even more frustrated when he saw Elise looking neither jealous nor angry. Gritting his teeth in anger, he then stormed out of the room. Hearing Elise’s voice, Janice was stunned for a couple of seconds before opening her eyes in realization. The moment their eyes met, she was so shocked that she was jerked awake and straightened herself. “What are you doing here?!” Ignoring her question, Elise asked in sarcasm, “Are you so very interested in my boyfriend?” Exposed, Janice was momentarily speechless. “W-Who said so? No, I’m not.” After a short pause, something came into her mind and she argued, “Even if I am, so what?

You guys are just dating and are not even married yet. He has the right to choose who he wants to be with!” Elise snorted, wondering how her university had such an immoral student. Forgetting the fact that Janice didn’t even thank her for getting her out of a fix, she still had the nerves to act so righteously after trying to seduce her boyfriend! Alas, my kindness didn’t beget kindness. I shouldn’t have been so soft-hearted in the club earlier. Uncrossing her arms, Elise dropped them by her sides naturally and enunciated, “Maybe you don’t know that I’m a little mysophobic and also a little possessive.

I hate it the most when someone covets after my belongings, be it an item or a person. In contrast, I don’t mind if we talk about everything that happened tonight at school.” As if feeling that she didn’t appear assertive enough, she repeated, “You didn’t hear me wrong. I mean everything.” From what happened in the club until the hotel, every single thing was enough to destroy Janice’s impression in her suitors’ hearts completely.

“Don’t you dare!” Furious, Janice slammed the bed. “Do you think anyone will believe you? That’s slandering!” “I see,” Elise uttered nonchalantly, shrugging and turning to leave. While walking away, she added, “I’ll be waiting for you to sue me, then. I would like to see if you’re going to send me to jail first or I’ll ruin you first!” After saying that, she disappeared completely from the door. Hysterical, Janice shrieked, “You’re a b*tch, Elise Sinclair!”

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