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Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 283

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 283

No Avoiding the Enemy

In front of the girls’ dorms at Tissote University, the aesthetic design of the red Porsche complemented the straight, creaseless suit on the man. On the balconies, the girls gathered in groups of three to five as they rubber-necked to look downward. The sun had set in the West, and the skewed afterglow made it very uncomfortable for Johan. Taking off his sunnies impatiently, he checked the time on his wristwatch and gritted his teeth in frustration. He had been waiting here for more than an hour, but he didn’t even see Elise’s shadow. Did this woman receive news ahead that I was coming and she’s hiding from me on purpose?

Initially, he wanted to wait here to ambush her—he would pop up in front of Elise, who had already taken off her mask, and watch her crumble in shame with his own eyes. The scene in his mind was enough to make the adrenaline rush through his veins. However, he could only whisk out his cell phone in annoyance and call the number given by his subordinates. The call merely connected for a second before it was hung up immediately. Infuriated, he raised his hand and wanted to smash his phone to pieces on the ground, but he had only raised his arm halfway when it hit a soft surface.

A coquettish voice of a woman echoed together with the impact. “What are you doing?” Feigning injury and putting up a pathetic look, Janice hugged herself, looking as though she had been taken advantage of. Spinning around suddenly, Jonah shot her a steely look, and she couldn’t help but shudder when their eyes met. After staring at her for a couple of seconds, he asked, “Do you know Elise Sinclair?” “Elise?” Upon hearing the name, she looked even more annoyed and asked indifferently, “Why are you looking for her?”

From far away, this man had already caught her eyes, and she wanted to chat him up without seeming too obvious, but it turned out that he was here for Elise. Why are all the handsome men in this world seduced by that woman? Narrowing his eyes, Jonah was kind of sure that he had asked the right person. Without waiting for a reply from him, Janice volunteered to give him a piece of ‘kind advice’. “I see that you’re a fine man, so don’t be taken in. Elise already has a boyfriend, and different men come to pick her up and drop her off every day. You’d just add to the pile.

As an outstanding youth of the society, don’t lower yourself to that level!” The smile on Jonah’s face deepened, and his eyes crinkled. There are too many women throwing themselves at me. Does she think that she’s very smart? Staring at her, an interesting idea suddenly popped up in his mind. Changing his expression, he kept away his aggressiveness and turned himself into a bright, young man in a split second by smiling kindly. “Thanks for your advice, pretty lady. How should I repay you for doing me such a big favor?” Rejoicing silently, Janice thought, Finally, there’s a person with taste.

Smacking her lips secretly, she quickly collected herself and put up an arrogant stance. “It’s not a big deal,” she said casually. “I just can’t stand watching a person’s sincerity being trampled by others. I’m not asking for anything from you, so you don’t have to worry about it.” Johan breathed lightly. Not bad. She’s quite calm and even knows how to play hard-to-get. But too bad that she has no idea what kind of man she’s up against. Immediately, he acted very interested. “That won’t do. How about this—I have a friend in Athesea, and his club is opening tonight with a warm-up party.

I wonder if I have the honor to bring you along with me.” “Athesea?” Knitting her brows, she pretended to be considering it. A few seconds later, she agreed readily. “Okay, since I have no plans for the weekend, I’ll go on a trip with you and visit my ex-classmates in Athesea as well.” After that, Jonah took a step back gentlemanly, opened the passenger seat door, and gestured for her to get in. “You can ask your classmates along. It’s always merrier in a club with more people.” His considerate acts greatly satisfied her vanity, and she pursed her lips haughtily.

Bending down, she slipped into the car. “I’ll think about it.” At the same time when she spun her head around, the smile on Jonah’s face froze. It’s not bad that I got a small compensation even though I didn’t catch my prey. As for Elise Sinclair… Hmph, she won’t get away from me! … Elise felt that she had fallen for a trap. They agreed that it would be a getaway in Athesea, but she ended up accompanying Alexander in meetings the whole day. By the time they came out of the office building, the sky had already turned dark. Leaning into the seat, Elise let out a bored sigh.

It’s so boring to be a businessman. I should have brought my sketch book along to help me pass time. Secretly, Alexander stole a look at her and saw how tired she seemed. Hence, at the next junction, he turned the wheel and drove in the opposite direction of the hotel. Almost immediately, she noticed that it was the wrong way, so she turned to ask, “Shouldn’t we have turned left?” Driving with his full attention, he answered without looking away from the road, “Don’t you want to go out and relax after a boring day?” Elise pouted her lips. “Of course I would like that, but don’t you have another video conference in the evening?” After spending an entire day with him, she realized that career-minded men were akin to spinning tops.

They kept spinning and spinning, as though they would never stop to rest. Throughout the entire day, there were countless times when she was glad she was born a girl. If she were to live a life like his, she would probably be bored to death. “It’s okay.” With a faint smile on his lips, he added, “My friend arranged a meetup tonight, and I can’t turn him down. If I have to meet them sooner or later, it wouldn’t be too unbearable with you by my side.”

Elise’s lips turned upward into a grin as she laughed at him for being so dramatic. “Don’t put such a high hat on me. You make it sound as though you wouldn’t show up without me. In the world of business, connections are the biggest resources, and it’s not something you can give up easily.” “Nothing escapes your eyes.” After he was exposed, he chuckled and shook his head, saying jokingly, “Looks like there will be nowhere to hide a secret from you in the future.” “Exactly. So don’t even think about lying to me. There will be severe consequences!”

she said playfully. There wasn’t a second when the edges of his lips were pointing downward. “I’ll definitely remember it well!” The car drove into the busiest street filled with clubs and bars, and they found the place effortlessly because it was a new club with a bunch of neon lights at the entrance. After handing the car key to the valet parking, Alexander held Elise’s hand and went in. Upon entering, Elise was blinded by the brilliant lights and the sound of the DJ blasting in her ears. Raising her hand to block out the lights, she opened her eyes to see a tipsy crowd and confetti flying everywhere.

Looking at the place where the upper class spent their money, Elise could only link it to the word ‘extravagant’. Holding Alexander’s hand, she slowly walked toward the VIP area, which was on the second floor. From there, it was easy to see the entire dancefloor clearly, and it could greatly satisfy the condescending mentality of the rich. As she got up the stairs, Elise turned toward the commotion in the VIP room on the right. “Chug! Chug! Chug!” A group of men and women gathered around a woman and chanted, but it was obvious that the woman couldn’t drink anymore. A few gulps later, the bottle of liquor remained the same, and that made someone in the crowd unhappy. “Johan, your partner is too weak!”

“Yeah, she shouldn’t come out clubbing if she can’t drink. What a party-pooper!” While they were speaking, the woman who was drinking earlier barfed and sprawled on the table, panting weakly. “I can’t drink anymore. Send me home now, Johan…” She could barely open her eyes, but the onlookers were merely watching it as a show without any intentions of helping her out. This scene didn’t surprise Elise. In order to get ahead, hostesses in nightclubs were played like monkeys, and there were countless examples of them who drank until they were unconscious.

It was nothing more than a mutual agreement between both sides, where one was getting the hits willingly. Elise didn’t want to interfere and leaned in closer to Alexander, preparing to walk through the corridor as though she hadn’t seen anything. However, when she was passing by their door, the woman who was played by the group fell in front of her directly, blocking her path. Lowering her head, she caught a good look at Janice’s flushed cheeks and frowned unwittingly. Today, I finally learned that I can’t avoid my enemy.

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