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Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 281

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 281

It’s Right Not to Have Deep Friendships

By placing an elder under house arrest and blatantly handling a helpless, weak elderly person without even bothering to put up a pretense, Faye had turned this big, gloomy mansion into her territory where she did as she pleased. “Looks like you don’t interact with elderly very often, Miss Sinclair,” Faye pointed out calmly. “So what if it’s true?” Elise argued, frowning slightly. Very subtly, she raised her brows while the corners of her lips drooped. With her alluring eyes brimming with confidence, she said, “Since that’s the case, you definitely don’t know how the elderly in their seventies act like a child.

At her age, Grandma is most likely to get careless. If there’s no one to take care of her and she loses her way or some accident happens to her, who could bear this responsibility?” Her explanation got Elise speechless. It was said that not even a fair judge could settle family affairs, and family disputes were the trickiest cases which couldn’t be simply lorded by people on the sidelines. If Elise stood on moral grounds and started criticizing Faye, it was highly possible that she would end up with a bunch of accusations. On the other hand, she couldn’t stand by and watch as an elderly person was pushed around.

“Of course I believe that your intentions are kind, Miss Anderson. However, there are many examples in this world where bad actions turned out of good intentions, and I wonder how much you know about the penalty for abuse.” With the same look in her eyes, Elise looked Faye in the eyes so that the latter would know how it felt to have a taste of her own medicine. Without waiting for Faye to open her mouth, Elise added, “Going against an elderly person’s will, putting her in confinement, restricting her freedom, inflicting mental abuse, etc…

Taking all these into consideration, it can easily end up being a two-year sentence. Miss Anderson, do be careful.” With the most innocent tone, Elise had uttered the most threatening words. The look on Faye’s face kept changing, and she didn’t look pleased at all. Narrowing her almond-shaped eyes, she surveyed Elise undisguisedly. Rowena hit the nail in the head, she thought. This is a university student without any ideas of the world. It’s a small matter to be slapped with a lawsuit, but if word got out that I’m confining two old women, it’ll definitely affect the plan I’ve painstakingly carried out for years.

After some deliberation, Faye’s lips curled upward instantly. Her entire face gleamed as she flashed a standard smile. “Thanks for the reminder, Miss Sinclair. But I think such a day won’t arrive.” After saying that, she spun to Rowena and the others, keeping away her smile as she said in faked dissatisfaction, “Ms. Johnson, how many times have I told you that you should get someone who could watch their strength to take care of Grandma? Look at how burly they are. When others see this, they might think that we can’t afford to support the elders with the wealth that we have and couldn’t wait to watch them die. That’ll ruin the good reputation our family has built for generations!”

With a chuckle, Elise sighed. As expected of the woman who turned this family upside-down. With a few words, she dismissed the accusation of elderly abuse and even ridiculed me. Everything she said, hidden or not, simply meant that the Anderson Family is a strict and wealthy family. Nobody would believe that the abuse of an elderly person is happening here. After saying that, Faye secretly gave Rowena and the rest a look. Understanding what she meant, Rowena instructed the servants to keep away from Bertha. Free from restriction, Bertha regained her freedom, but upon closer inspection, she could easily notice that the servants had merely expanded the circle around her.

The tangible net had turned invisible, and it was just a double-faced act. Then, Rowena’s expression changed, and she wrinkled her face pleadingly as she gazed at Bertha. “Old Madam, setting aside the fact that you hurt yourself physically the last time you sneaked out and fell into the river, the people who saved you almost lost their lives as well. Please be considerate and stop acting stubborn!” Grappling her walking stick, Bertha struck it on the ground hard a couple of times and glared at her. “Nonsense! I didn’t fall into the river! You ungrateful creature might as well just act in a movie!”

she exclaimed before she turned to Elise with a soft face. When she wanted to explain something, she saw Elise shaking her head at her before she could even open her mouth again, signally for her to not act rashly. Startled, Bertha then understood her intentions and nodded curtly. She’s right. It’s a worthless struggle even if I explain myself in this situation, and it may even get that kind-hearted lass into trouble. It’s better if I just succumb and lay low for now.

At the thought of this, she glanced at Faye from the corners of her eyes and straightened herself by gripping her walking stick. With a cold stance, she gave way, saying, “I’m tired and want to rest in my room.” Hearing that, Faye’s lips twisted into a conceited smirk. That’s more like it, you old fart. “Quick, help Old Madam back to her room,” she ordered. “Okay!” Wiping away the aggrieved and pleading expression from her face, Rowena put on a pleasing and accommodating face instead.

“This way, Old Madam!” After giving her an icy stare, Bertha then stole a peek at Elise before lifting her foot, turning around, and walking back into the house. With one step at a time, her pace was steady, and even though it was just from the back, Elise saw the figure of a strong woman in her youth. Finally, Faye urged Elise on purpose after catching her staring at Bertha for a while, “Miss Sinclair, please leave if there’s nothing else. I have other matters to attend to and I’m afraid I don’t have the time for small talks.” She didn’t say anything more, and Elise didn’t plan to hang around much longer either.

After exchanging looks with their eyes, she then marched out of the place. A few minutes after she left the Andersons’, she heard the blaring of a honk from opposite the street. Following the source, Elise saw Brendan’s car and walked over. The driver with a keen judgment got out and opened the door for her. As thanks, she gave him a polite nod and got into the car. After she was seated, Brendan instructed, “Let’s go.”

Then, he turned to her. “Why did the Anderson Family look for you?” She cast a look at the Andersons’ front gates and answered casually, “Nothing. Just small issues to go over about the wedding dress.” Countless of malices lay hidden in this house worth hundreds of millions, and if it was possible, she didn’t want to have anything to do with it after this.

There was enough trouble on her plate now, and even if she didn’t find them a hassle, she didn’t want to add more troubles for herself as that was the thing she hated the most. “That’s good,” Brenden said, nodding thoughtfully. “The Andersons are more than meets the eye. It’s the right move not to have a deep friendship with them.”

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