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Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 370

Chapter 370

Bella’s POV:

The next moment, Emma took a deep breath and said to me with a sneer, “Humph, let me tell you, my mother and I are having a good life now. My mother left your father. Now she is the wife of the chairman, and I am also the daughter of the chairman. Our lives now are many times better than before.”

“The most pitiful thing is your incompetent father and your mother who had lived for half of her life. By the way, I heard that your sister was also abandoned by a man. Your sister threatened to jump into the river with her child and begged the man to take her in. Is that true?” Emma was making fun of me. I didn’t have any feelings at all.

But she laughed at my mom. Then I stood up, picked up a glass of lemonade on the table, and splashed it on Emma’s face! In an instant, her face and body were full of water. She raised her hand angrily to hit me. I reached out to hold her hand. Her eyes were wide open, and her momentum was very weak.

“Bella, don’t go too far!” Emma shouted at me.

“Who on earth is going too far? Emma, if you dare to mention my mother again, I will teach you a lesson.” After that, I let go of her hand and pushed her.

Emma was pushed back two steps. At this time, some guests began to be dissatisfied.

“Is your restaurant really a high-end restaurant? How can you allow such a crazy woman to come in?”

“That’s right. It affects our interest in eating.”

At this time, the waiter had come over with two security guards.

“Miss, you have seriously disturbed the management of our restaurant. If you still don’t leavewe will let the security guard ask you to leave.” Although the waiter spoke politely, his tone was very tough.

Looking at me, who was not easy to mess with, and then at the two burly security guards, Emma knew that she would suffer a loss today, but she still raised her chin and said, “Bella, just you wait and see!”

After that, Emma put on the high-heeled shoe with one foot bare and limped to her other shoe. Then she put it on awkwardly and left the restaurant. After Emma left, I sat back in my seat. Looking at me, Herbert twitched the corner of his mouth and showed a smile. “What are you laughing at?” I frowned. “You were so powerful just now.” Herbert said. I couldn’t help rolling my eyesAre you praising me or mocking me?” Herbert laughed and said, “Of course, I’m praising you.” Immediately, both of us laughed.

I felt that the whole world was beautiful now. Even if Ryan, Connie, Emma, and others appeared in my life, they had long been covered by the beauty in front of me.

If I could stay happy at this moment, then my life would be wonderful.

I held Herbert’s hand tightly. Because this happiness was too difficult to come by, I cherished it very much.

“By the way, at that time… why did you suddenly fall into my arms when you were drunk in the bar alone?” Herbert asked curiously.

“Because I was fascinated by your handsome appearance, I pretended to be drunk and fell into your arms. At that time, I really couldn’t think of any better way to hit on you.” I laughed and teased. His eyes were fixed on me. He shook his head and said, “I don’t accept your insincere words.”

I revealed the truth with a smile. “I was abandoned by my boyfriend. He went abroad with a rich girl. I couldn’t stand the blow for a while, so I came out to get drunk.”

And then?” At this time, Herbert continued to ask with interest.

“Then I met you. You look good, so I bumped into your arms.” After that, I picked up the cup and took a big gulp of water.

Hearing this, Herbert smiled, revealing two rows of white teeth. “I guess you didn’t even see how looked like, did you?”

I had to admit that he was right.

I really didn’t see what he looked like at that time, because I was completely drunk at that time.

I didn’t say anything, but Herbert smiled again. “Your luck is not bad. You bumped into a handsome guy’s arms.” “I’m really lucky,” I said with a smile.

“Actually, in my heart, I’m very grateful to that ex-boyfriend who cheated on me. If he hadn’t cheated on me, I wouldn’t have had the chance to find such a good treasure.”

Herbert’s words made me in a good mood, so I teased him, “Do you want me to ask someone to find his contact information and ask you to thank him in person, or send him an honorary letter?”

“That’s not necessary. I’m afraid he’ll regret it and continue to pursue you. I’ll be sad.”

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