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Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 345

Chapter 345

Bella’s POV:

“Miss Stepanek, Mr. Wharton instructed to keep all of these things, Miranda said.

All of them? Will he use them?” I was a little angry.

I wondered why Herbert was always so overbearing!

It was obvious that I was the one who was wearing the clothes. Why should he decide whether they should stay or not?

Why didn’t he discuss it with me?

“Do I have to be controlled by him no matter what clothes I wear?”

“This…” Miranda lowered her head and did not speak.

I was a little regretful. Did this have anything to do with Miranda?

She just did things according to Herbert’s orders.

I heaved a sign of relief and said, “I’m sorryMiranda. I’m not targeting you.” “I know, Miss Stepanek, but Mr. Wharton is doing this out of goodwill. He likes you and cares about you. That’s why he did this. Don’t blame him.” Miranda advised.

Hearing this, I thought, “It’s very common for rich people to attract women using branded bags, jewelry, mansion, car, diamond rings, and so on. But I don’t want these.” Then I said to Miranda, “Miranda, I’m going out to buy something.” Miranda stopped me. “Miss Stepanek, what do you need? I’ll buy it for you. Don’t go out!” “It doesn’t matter. I’m just going out to buy something I need,” I said,

But Miranda stopped me again. Timmediately noticed that something was wrong, so I asked, “Did Herbert ask you to watch me and stop me from going out?”

Lucas’s kindergarten was in the community, so it was not considered as going out. Now Herbert didn’t even let me go out. I knew that he did it for the sake of my safety, but I felt that I was being imprisoned.

“It’s not that Mr. Wharton is stopping you from going out, but he doesn’t want you to go out alone. If you want to go out, I’ll ask the driver to send you there!” Miranda said with a frown.

“There’s no need for that,” I said before I walked out angrily.

I went straight to the nearest shopping mall. Maybe because I was angry, I bought a lot of things in the mall.

I bought underwear, clothes, Shoes, bags, pajamas, and cosmetics. Although they were not famous brands, they were definitely excellent goods. Women loved to spend money when they were angryI was not angry anymore. But when I saw the debit information from my bank card that popped out on my phone screen, my heart ached again. The pile of things in my hand cost me several thousand dollars!

There were seven or eight bags in my hands. As soon as I stepped out of the shopping mall, I felt that something was wrong. It seemed that someone had been following me all the time. Could it be that someone from the QT Company had found me?

The next moment, I reached out and stopped a taxi and left straight.

Sitting in the taxi, I looked back and saw a silver car turning several corners and following the taxi was in.

At this time, I couldn’t help but feel a little scared. “Those people probably haven’t had the chance to do anything yet. If they had found me earlier, I wouldn’t know what would have happened.” Just now, I had thought that Herbert was exaggerating, but now it seemed that his worry was reasonable, so I was not so disgusted with him anymore.

When I was about to reach the villa, the car behind me was still following the taxi. To be safe, I called in advance and asked Miranda to help me open the gate of the villa. After getting out of the taxi,! ran in quickly

I panicked and ran upstairs. I quickly put down the things in my hand and ran to the windowsill. Looking outside, I saw that the car that had been following me was still parked opposite the villa, with no intention of leaving.

I could not help frowning and thought, “Aren’t these people in the underworld too arrogant? Are they going to keep an eye on me here all the time?”

In the evening, I didn’t dare to go out to pick Lucas up, so I could only ask Gary to pick him up. I took care of Lucky myself. Because I knew that those people’s target was me, and I didn’t want to get the children into trouble.

However, from the windowsill, I saw Gary greeting the two people in the car after he went out.

At this moment, I couldn’t figure it out. “Why do those people know Gary? There seems to be something wrong.” With questions in my mind, I carried Lucky downstairs.

At this time, Miranda was cooking in the kitchen.

I walked over to her and asked with a smile, “Miranda, I saw that there was a car opposite our house that had been parked there for a long time. Do you know them?” “Of course. Aren’t they all working in Mr. Wharton’s company…” Miranda had just finished speaking, They were from the Wharton Group? In other words, those two weren’t from the QT Company, but were sent by Herbert to keep an eye on me? What was he doing? Putting me under house arrest? Keeping an eye on me? I had been panicking for a whole day!

“Miss Stepanek, the reason why Mr. Wharton did this was because he’s afraid that something unexpected might happen to you. Those two people were trying to protect you…” Gary said. “Is he trying to protect me or restrict my freedom?” I tried my best to restrain my emotions and carried Lucky upstairs. That night, it wasn’t until both Lucky and Lucas had fallen asleep that Herbert stumbled back. As soon as he entered the corridor, I smelled a strong smell of alcohol. I was particularly disgusted. Why did he become a drunkard? He went out to drink every day, and he

went out to drink with a woman. In the dim light in the corridor, Herbert looked at me, and then reached out to hold the wall next to him.

I stepped forward and questioned him. “Herbert, tell your subordinates not to follow me tomorrow!” Hearing this, Herbert reached out and touched his face. It seemed that he was very uncomfortable. “Did you hear that?” Seeing that he did not respond, I raised my voice a little. There was exhaustion and helplessness in Herbert’s voice. “I’ve been busy outside for a whole day. Can you be gentle with me?” I pursed my lips. Although I knew that my attitude was not very good, I still rubbed my neck and said stubbornly, “You’re busy? Did you spend a whole night with those beautiful women?”

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