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Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 325

Chapter 325

Bella’s POV: The woman’s voice wavery familiar.

It was Linda. I didn’t expect that she would come to the hospital!

Linda continued, “Your son is very cute, but I didn’t expect that you already have a son.” “Nice to meet you, little boy. My name is Linda.” Linda reached out to touch Lucas’s face. However, before her fingers could touch Lucas’s face, Lucas had already dodged in disgust. He even said, “It’s impolite to touch someone else’s body!”

Lucas was too direct, which made Linda a little embarrassed. Then Lucas waved to me and said, “Sister, hurry up and come to see Daddy.” Lucky was also anxious. She broke free from my arms and staggered to the hospital bed while shouting. “Daddy, daddy!” “Good girl, you miss daddy, don’t you?” Herbert’s face was full of happiness, and he was not as serious as before.

“L… I miss Dad.” Lucky’s words were still very vague, and then she nodded desperately. She stared at Herbert’s leg, which was wrapped in thick gauze, with her big round eyes. Although she was confused and ignorant, she seemed to understand that her father was injured.

At this time, Linda put the bouquet in her hand into the crystal vase on the table in front of the – hospital bed.

“Mr. Wharton, I wish you a speedy recovery!” Then, Linda stood in front of the bouquet and said gently to Herbert “Thank you.” Herbert said coldly.

“Sneeze, sneeze.” At this time, Lucky sneezed several times in a row, and her little hands were rubbing her nose.

Although I didn’t want to disturb the conversation between Herbert and the beauty, I was still worried about the situation, so I could only walk over quickly. I picked Lucky up and covered her nose with my handkerchief. “What’s wrong?” Herbert asked nervously. “She’s allergic to pollen,” I said. Hearing this, Herbert frowned and said unhappily, “Take out the flowers!” Hearing this, Linda was probably very embarrassed, and I was also a little embarrassed.

At this time, Lucas climbed onto the stool, took out the flowers from the vase, jumped down from the stool, and then ran outside with the bouquet in his arms. Then, the sound of flowers being thrown away came from outside Linda’s face was already very ugly at this moment. I had to say with an apologetic smile, I’m sorryLinda, the child is rude. It’s me who didn’t educate him well!” I really didn’t expect Linda to come to see Herbert in person today. If I knew, I wouldn’t have brought the children here at this time .ll we?” At this time, Lucas ran in and looked up

“Mommy, let’s open the window and let the air in at me.

“Okay.” I touched Lucas’s head.

Lucas carried a stool and opened the window. Except for being short in height, he was like a little adult who knew everything.

When I looked back, I saw Linda’s surprised expression. “Bella, these two children are…” “She’s the mother of two of my children!” said Herbert. Herbert’s words made the already awkward atmosphere even more awkward. I tried to say something to ease the atmosphere. Linda suddenly let out a cold laugh. “Actually, I should’ve guessed this a long time ago. For the sake of you, Mr. Wharton found me, a nobody, several times, and personally asked about a small case in our company. It turns out that you are a family!” Linda’s eyes were filled with anger. “Linda, you misunderstood me. In fact.” I wanted to say that Herbert and I had divorced. However, Linda didn’t give me the chance. Instead, she said in a cold voice, “Enough. There’s no need to explain anymore. Although I didn’t know why you joined my company despite being the wife of the president of Wharton Group, I know everything now. I still have something to do. I’m leaving!”

After that, Linda turned around and left without looking back.

I took two steps forward. I wanted to continue to chase after her, but seeing Linda’s angry look and knowing that she probably wouldn’t listen to me, I gave up this idea.

At this time, I turned my head and saw Lucas standing in front of the hospital bed and talking happily with Herbert.

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