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Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 242

Chapter 242

Herbert’s POV:

After coming out of the cafe, I got in the car. “Mr. Wharton, shall we go to the hospital to fetch Lucas?” Connor asked. “Yes.” I replied. Following that, Connor drove the Mercedes-Benz into the road. This afternoon was the day of Lucas was discharged from the hospital. The medical examination index were all normal. The doctor said that Lucas had recovered, but he had to come back for a comprehensive check up once in three months.

This was really a very pleasant thing.

So I came to the cafe downstairs of Bella’s company to wait for her. I wanted to tell her this good news, so I came here early to wait for her to pass by after work. I have watched her walk past this cafe countless times. This time, I didn’t want to just look at her again. This time, I wanted to tell her about the situation of Lucas, and then we would go to pick up Lucas from the hospital together. But I didn’t expect Joey to be the first to come to the coffee shop, followed by Bella. I heard their conversation. So she was already with Klein!! In the past, I was very confident. I was so confident that I thought Bella would not accept any other man except me. But today, my confidence had been completely shattered. She really was with Klein. When I heard Bella’s words, my heart beat abnormally fast. My proud self-esteem couldn’t accept this, and I didn’t know how to face Bella. Thus, I canceled my previous plan and didn’t meet Bella. Instead, I watched her being taken away by Klein.

At that moment, my heart seemed to be torn apart…

Bella’s POV:

I got in Klein’s car and said, “Are you off work so early today?” “I don’t have much work to do today.” Klein said. “You’re right. Christmas is coming soon, after all,” I said with a smile. Then, Klein asked, “What did you and Joey talk about?” Hearing his question, I immediately said, “Just some daily life.” “Did you talk about me?” Klein reached out to hold my hand. “How can I not talk about you?” Knowing that he wanted to ask this question, he pursed his lips and smiled.

“What did you two talk about me?” Klein asked me,

I smiled and said, “Joey envied me for finding a very good boyfriend and asked me to teach her some experience.” “What sort of experience did you impart?” Klein asked with a laugh. “You know.” i frowned.

“I really don’t know, which was why I asked.” Klein explained.

I lowered my head and smiled. “Ask me how I fascinated you!” “What did you say?” Klein clutched my hand tightly. “I said that because I have a lovely daughter, every day, Klein wants to see my precious daughter!” | raised my chin proudly. Klein laughed. “You‘re right. I suggest that Joey give birth to a child as well.” “She will definitely reject this proposal,” I said. At this time, I suddenly realized that the direction of the car was not the way home. Then, I looked at Klein in surprise. “Aren’t we going home?” “Let’s go to your mother’s house.” Klein laughed as he replied. “Go to my mother’s house? Why?” I asked, staring at him in confusion. “Of course I’m going to give her some gifts to please her. I want her to help me persuade her daughter to marry me as soon as possible.” Klein laughed. Klein’s words made me nervous, because I had never thought about marrying him at all. I changed the subject. “But I didn’t prepare a gift for my mother.” “Just now, I’ve already gone to the mall to buy everything.” Klein said. “What did you buy?” I asked in surprise. “There are clothes, jewelry, tonic, and ingredients. Just take a look at the rear seat and you’ll know.” Klein’s eyes were fixed on the road in front of him. The next moment, I looked back. Sure enough, there were several gift boxes and bags in the back seat of the car. I reached for a bag and opened it. It was a dark red fur coat. It was of high quality and looked simple and elegant. It was very suitable for women in their 50s. There was also a small bag with a gold jewelry brand of a famous brand printed on it. I took out a small red velvet box with suspicion. As soon as I opened it, I saw a simple and generous golden necklace lying inside, which was luxurious and elegant. When I saw these expensive items, I couldn’t help but frown. “Klein, how much does these cost?” “Don’t worry. I didn’t spend much money.” Klein’s voice was calm. Although he said so, I felt very uneasy, because these gifts were too valuable. I couldn’t help frowning. Klein hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong? Isn’t it a happy thing to go back and see your mother? You look a bit unhappy.” These gifts were specially prepared by Klein. If I were to refuse, it would only make things even more awkward for Klein.

I said, ‘I’m not unhappy. My mother raised my sister and I alone, and it was very hard. I didn’t repay her anything. I also let my life be a mess. Fortunately, everything passed.” “It doesn’t matter. Your mother is my mother. In the future, let’s treat her well together.”Klein patted my hand. “Yes.” I didn’t refute and smiled. At this moment, Klein suddenly said, “Does this mean that youve already agreed to my proposal?”

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