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Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 239

Chapter 239

Bella’s POV:

Klein turned to look at me. I stared at Klein, clenching my right hand into a fist! At this moment, I gathered my courage, but my legs were trembling a little, because after I made this decision, I would say goodbye to the past. I had to start a new life, and Lucky also had to start a new life. Klein stared at me for a moment, then said, “Let’s go inside and talk.” “Yes.” I nodded. Klein then turned and took out his key, opening the door. After Klein entered, I followed him in, then tunned and shut the door.

slowly walked to the front of Klein, raised my head to meet his gaze, and said, “Klein, I accept your suggestion.” Hearing this, Klein stared at me with a frown, unable to react. “What do you mean?” I bit my lower lip and said, “You changed your mind? If you changed your mind, just pretend that I didn’t say anything.” At this moment, Kleim reached out and grabbed my wrist. I felt my wrist tighten. Raising my head, I saw that Klein was staring at me with a pair of scorching eyes. “Are you saying that you agreed to be with me?” “Yes.” I nodded heavily. This was the decision I had made in the hospital after a few days. In the past few days, although I was also very hesitant, I thought about it. if Lucky could grow up happily under the care of Klein. “Are you serious?” Klein’s voice began to tremble. Seeing the delighted look on Klein’s face, I pursed my lips, nodded, and then said solemnly, “Klein, I don’t want to lie to you. The reason why I agreed to be with you is all for Lucky’s sake, but I promise you that in the future, I will work hard to fall in love with you! And when I am with you, I will be loyal to you.”

Klein listened carefully to my words, and then asked, “Are you done?” “Yes.” I nodded.

Then, Klein looked at me and laughed. “Bella, you are still as honest as ever. I admire your honesty the most.”

I frowned. I knew it was actually a kind of injury.

The next moment, Klein suddenly took a step forward, reached out, grabbed my waist, and lifted me up. In an instant, I, who was half a head shorter than Klein, instantly became taller than him. I looked at him in panic. “Klein, what are you doing?”

My body was hanging in the air. I was still a little scared and worried. But then, Klein laughed as he said to me, “Bella, listen carefully. I am very confident that in the next few days, you will fall in love with me.” I was stunned. Klein grabbed my waist and spun me around the room at high speed. Fearing, he placed his hands on his shoulders and frantically shouted, “Klein, what are you doing? Put me down!” Klein, on the other hand, was addicted to it. His footsteps became even faster, and he even let out a loud, clear laugh. “Haha!” In the end, I also felt very excited, and our laughter floated through the whole room. In the end, he hugged me and put me on the sofa, gasping for breath. At this moment, I felt that the whole room was still spinning. I leaned my head on the back of the sofa with a smile on my face. I had never been so crazy before. This feeling was light and very exciting. Klein held the sofa and panted for a few seconds, then supported his head with one hand, staring at me with his beautiful blue eyes. “What are you thinking about?” I noticed his eyes and asked softly. He suddenly reached out to pinch my chin and asked with a smile, “You are so beautiful.” Hearing such praise, I couldn’t help but smile. “It’s okay if you praise me, but all the beautiful women around you are more beautiful than me. For example, Vivian, for example…” Before I could finish my words, Klein kissed me. Woo.” I swallowed the words that I didn’t finish. His kiss was so gentle that I was stunned all of a sudden!

When I was with Herbert, I never thought that I would kiss a second man.

And this man who had kissed me was his younger cousin, Klein. But at this moment, everything really happened, and he got my permission. He should be my boyfriend now. To be honest, I was still very resistant to this kiss. After all, I was really not mentally prepared. Being touched by another man made me very nervous and uncomfortable. However, at this moment, I couldn’t push him away, because he had the right nowand I had the responsibility. We had begun to fall in love, haven’t we? Therefore, I tried my best to get used to his kiss and even wanted to cater to him, but I couldn’t do it now. I could only put one hand on his shoulder to tell him my attitude. It was possible that this hand om his shoulder had instantly aroused Klein’s emotions. Not only did he kiss me, he also wanted to explore more. His exploration made me even more stiff. At the moment, I was in a panic, and naturally, I knew what he wanted. But could I give it to him now? I was not ready. I was really not ready. Everything happened so suddenly. I regretted being alone with him. However, since I had made up my mind, I didn’t need to regret it. I had to be with him firmly.

I hated pretentious women the most, so I didn’t want to be a woman like that. At this moment, in my heart, I thought, “This is good. If everything that should happen happens, then I have no way out. In the future, I will be willing to be with Klein. Wwill build a happy family.” Thus, after making up my mind, not only did I not reject Klein’s repeated exploration, I simply leaned my body against the back of the sofa, spread out my hands and feet, and did not stop him frokissing and caressing.

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