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Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 233

Chapter 233

Klein’s POV: Bella fell down. There were bruises on her feet and some parts of her skin had been scratched, which made me very worried. I took the initiative to check her feet. Bella’s feet were small and her skin was very white. It was very cute. When her feet were in my palm, I was reluctant to let them go. I also offered to help her apply the medicine. She was very well-behaved and sat aside, letting me help her apply the medicine. When she stood up and was about to fall, I instinctively hugged her. At this moment, I clearly realized that my heart was beating very fast, as if it was going to jump out of my mouth. I remembered the last time I had this feeling, I was still a young high school student. The first time! fell in love with someone but I didn’t understand. Later, when I met more women, I no longer had this feeling.

Because of Bella, this feeling appeared again. Bella’s waist was very thin, her body was very soft, and there was a faint fragrance on her body. After Bella stood firm, I was still reluctant to let go of my hand. At this moment, Bella pursed her lips into a smile and said, “Thank you.” Then, she raised her arm and made a gesture of pushing me away. But I still couldn’t control myself. Looking at her pale cheeks and slightly curled eyelashes, my heart beat even faster.

I lowered my head uncontrollably and touched her lips with my lips.

Bella’s POV:

When I saw Klein’s actions, I was completely stunned. What was he doing? I raised my hand in the air and wanted to push him away immediately, but I was a little hesitant. This man had really given me too much help. Without him, I didn’t know what would happen to Lucky and I now. Was it too much for me to refuse him directly?” But I couldn’t use myself to repay his kindness? As soon as I thought of the last sentence, I instinctively pushed Klein away with all my might. Klein was forced to take a step back, and he mearly lost his balance. I quickly turned my back and touched my cheeks. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t know what to do next. Behind me, Klein’s regretful voice rang out. “I’m sorry. L…” At this moment, Jane put a plate of food on the table and shouted, “Sir, madam, dinner is ready.”  around and slipped into the bathroom. This meal was naturally a bit awkward. I had been eating with my head lowerethe entire time, not daring to raise my head to look at Klein. Klein lowered his head and began to eat. After eating two bowls of rice in a row, he didn’t even pick up any vegetable. Jane on the side asked in surprise, “Mr. Wharton, why aren’t you eating vegetable today? Is it that the dishes I made today don’t suit your taste?” “No, no. I suddenly have some work to deal with. You can eat first.” After speaking, Klein rose to his feet, grabbed his briefcase, and began to walk out When the door was closed, Jane turned her head and asked, “Why do I feel that Mr. Wharton is strange today?” “Really? I don’t know,” I replied casually. Ever since then, I haven’t seen Klein for a few days,

I thought the incident that day had passed just like that, but the next day, I pretended as though nothing had happened. In the future, I had to be careful not to spend time alone with Klein. However, things weren’t going as I had expected. Klein had intentionally avoided me, and hadn’t been seeing me for a few days in a row. This made me feel even more awkward. That night, after I had dinner with Jane, I cleaned up the dining table. I was preparing a package on the floor in the living room. Jane asked, “Do you think I did something wrong and offended him? Why didn’t he come home for dinner today? Or do you think my cooking doesn’t suit his appetite?” Hearing these words, I raised my head and asked, “Did you say that Klein got off work and went home tonight?”

“Yes, I saw him when I went out to dump garbage. I also asked him if he would come over for dinner. He said he was not coming,” Jane replied. Hearing this, I knew that he was deliberately avoiding me, so I said, “Maybe he will have a date later.” The next moment, Jane suddenly said, “Right. I remember now. It seems like he caught a severe cold. I saw him sneezing the entire time, and he wasn’t in good spirits either.” “What? You said he was sick?” Hearing this, I frowned. “Yes, he’s probably ill. He probably doesn’t have the appetite,” replied Jane.

“Then did he take any medicine?” I was a bit worried about Klein. “I don’t know about that.” Jane shook her head and said. Klein was normally in good health, and he didn’t get sick at all. Thus, he never stored any medicine in his house.

Thinking of this, I quickly went back to my room and found some medicine for colds and fevers. Then I said to Jane, “Lucky is going to sleep soon. Please take care of her for me. I’ll go and see Klein and send him some medicine.”

“Okay.” Jane nodded.

I went out of the door, went straight to the door of Klein’s house, and then rang the doorbell. The doorbell rang for a long time, but Klein still didn’t come to open the door. The more I waited, the more panicked I became. After hesitating for a moment, I hurriedly turned and went back to retrieve the key. In an emergencKlein left a key in my home. I didn’t expect that it would come in handy todayI opened the door and saw that it was dark inside. I frowned and reached out to turn on the light in the living room. Seeing that there was no light in every room, I turned around and gently pushed open the door of the master bedroom. Through the faint light coming from the living room, I saw Klein curled up under the quilt on the bed. Seeing him like this, I hurriedly walked to the side of the bed, stretched out my hand, and nudged Klein, who was dressed in his home clothes. I called out, “Klein? Klein?” “Water…water…” Klein shut his eyes, as though he was speaking in his dreams. í hurriedly turned and poured him a cup of warm water. Patting his shoulder, I said, “Klein, the water’s here. Hurry up and drink.”

However, after nudging him for a long time, Klein didn’t react at all. I reached out and touched his head. I couldn’t help but worry. It was really hot. He had a fever! I looked around and saw a plastic bag next to Klein, in which there were some medical prescription given by the doctor. It seemed that he had gone to the hospital. But he needed to take medicine now. I used all of my strength to help Klein sit up. “Klein, take your medicine.” After shouting, I placed the medicine into his mouth, then placed the cup of water into his mouth.

As soon as he took the medicine, before I could put down the cup of water in my hand, Klein hugged me and shouted, “Cold…”

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