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Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 223

Chapter 223

Bella’s POV:

Timmediately retorted, “Impossible. I bought this bracelet in the mall for more than a thousand dollars. How could it be fake?”

I felt very angry. How could she insult me with such words? Although I was not rich now. I was not so mean as to buy a fake bracelet to give it to others!

“If you don’t believe me, you can take a look at what you bought and see if I have wronged you!” Betty continued to stare at me angrily.

Hearing that, I opened the red velvet box in my hand and took out the small golden bracelet.

I looked at it carefully. Although the bracelet looked very similar to the one I bought it was obviously very light. I looked at it carefully, the color was not right

I knew that the bracelet in my hand was indeed fake. I clearly remembered that when I bought it in the mall, it was definitely not this one.

But where did this fake bracelet come from?

I looked up at Betty. She raised her chin and stared at me. Was she smiling?

It was obvious that she had done it!

Betty stared at me smugly and asked, “How is it? Is it a fake?”

“Bella, what’s going on?” Mother frowned and asked. I walked to Betty angrily, raised the bracelet in my hand in front of her face, and asked coldly, “Betty. I didn’t buy this bracelet at all. I bought it in the mall. It’s a real golden bracelet. When I gave it to you today, there was a receipt in the box. Now the receipt is gone. Where did you put it?”

I knew she must be trying to humiliate me, so she framed me.

I didn’t expect Betty to use such a shameless method. I was both sad and angry.

Betty hit my hand, and the bracelet fell to the ground!

“You’re my biological sister. If you don’t have money, you can tell me. I won’t blame you even if you buy a cheap gift for Anne. You can also tell me privately so that I can give you money to buy a gift in the mall. Why did you get a fake bracelet to give it to me? Do you know that Hank’s mother knew that the bracelet you gave me was fake with just a glance? Everyone was all there at that time, and I really wanted to find a hole to hide in! Why did you do this?” Betty pushed me.

Talmost fell. I stared at Betty. I really didn’t expect Betty to use this method to deal with me.

Today, all the relatives and friends of Hank’s family were present, including Hank’s parents. I instantly understood why Betty humiliated me in this way. She wanted everyone around Hank to know that I was a bad woman. Betty must be afraid that I would really compete with her for Hank? In this way, I would have some relationship with Hank in the future.

Hank’s family would be biased against me. Thinking of this, I really felt Betty was a cunning, cruel, and vicious person.

I was scared because this person was my biological sister. The closest and most trusted person | used to have!

The next moment, Betty took mother’s hand and began to cry sadly. “Mom, my marriage to Hank was a social climb. My father-in-law and mother-in-law were open-minded and didn’t look down upon my family background, but what my sister did today made me very embarrassed. They looked down on me.” “Fortunately, I’m Anne’s mother. They didn’t say anything unpleasant, but I’m really upset. How could she do such a thing?”

At this time, even mother believed Betty’s words. She turned to me and shouted, “Bella, how could you do such a thing? I know you are short of money now. You can tell me. Although I don’t have money, I didn’t bear to spend the living expenses you gave me every month. I still have money to buy a small gold bracelet!

Hearing this, I took a step back and looked at my mother with a painful look. “Mom, do you also believe Betty’s words? Do you also think that I bought a fake bracelet for Anne?” Mother got angry. “Will Betty accuse you of such a thing?”

At this moment, I found Betty crying in my mother’s arms very funny.

At this moment, I was really helpless.

Betty wronged me. Mother chose to believe her. “Mom, now all the relatives and friends of the Hank’s family know about this. Everyone is laughing at me. Hank’s parents are very famous people. If this matter becomes a joke, they will be angry. I am afraid that they will implicate me and eventually affect my relationship with Hank’ Betty cried, holding mother’s hand. Mother said anxiously, “What should we do? It’s not good if it affects your relationship.” After hesitating for a moment, Betty looked at me and said, “Now, there is another way to remedy it. It depends on whether Bella is willing or not.” Hearing this, mother asked, “What’s the idea? Tell me quickly? Your sister has always been very kind to you. As long as she can make up for it, she will definitely do it.” Although I didn’t know what Betty wanted to do, I knew that her purpose was to humiliate me. Betty held mother’s hand and raised her head to answer, “Mom, Hank’s parents don’t know that my sister lives here alone with a child. If my sister can apologize to them with gifts, I will put in a good word for my sister! Hank’s parents will definitely forgive my sister. In this way, they won’t be very angry.”

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