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Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 215

Chapter 215

Bella’s POV

After hearing what I said, Klein was first shocked speechless, and then angrily rose.

“Herbert actually did such a terrible thing! Why did he do this?” After speaking, Klein turned and left.

“Klein!” I wanted to stop him, but he left too quickly. He was already at the door. I knew that Herbert had lost his mind. I couln’t communicate with him anymore.

And he might do something crazy.

I didn’t want to implicate Klein. If he were to go find Herbert, Herbert would only be able to vent all of his emotions on him.

I didn’t want to cause any more trouble for Klein.

Therefore, I wanted to get out of bed in a hurry, but ignored the wound on my belly.

The intense pain made me roll down from the bed!


Klein turned his head and walked in front of me. He stooped down and picked me up.

Gently placing me back on the hospital bed, I endured the pain and grabbed Klein’s arm. I begged, “Klein, don’t go find him. He’s already a demon. Don’t let him hurt you. Right now, I only want my daughter to leave the incubator. I’ll take her with me when I’m discharged from the hospital. If we can find at a place where there’s no Herbert. I won’t ever see him again. I won’t ever see him again. Boo…”

In the end, my body trembled, and my tears flowed out uncontrollably, like a tap that was turned on.

I was afraid of Herbert. He could push me into the dark hell.

He could even be so cruel to his own child. What else did he want to do next time? I didn’t dare to think about it.”

I was not a timid woman. My father beat me before and hurt me, but I was never afraid of him.

But now, I was afraid of Herbert. I was really scared! He was a devil, a devil who could do anything!

“Bella…” Klein gently hugged me. My body was extremely weak, and so I didn’t resist. My head leaned against Klein’s body. Klein hugged me tightly, allowing me to cry in his arms.

A long time later, Klein told me. In his impression, I was very strong and independent.

Just like the tough grass, even if it was born in the crack of a stone, it would stubbornly grow green leaves.

He said that I was naturally cheerful, serious, and righteous, which was why he was attracted to me.

He saw my strong side, but he had never seen me so fragile.

He wanted to protect me. Of course, this was what he had told me after a long time. At this moment, he just hugged me

15 48 quietly and did not say a word. Herbert’s POV:

At this moment, I was sitting in a white ward.

In the hospital bed laid a little boy who was only two years old. His skin was as white as a piece of white paper. The hair on his head had become bald because of chemotherapy. He was no longer the lovely and lively baby. He was now a thin and haggard little boy.

He was my child, Lucas.

My poor child has gone through too much torture.

At this time, the door of the ward was gently pushed open. It was Connor.

I knew he wanted to talk to me again.

I immediately got up and walked towards the door. “Is the result out?”

Connor nodded. “It’s out. The blood type matches the Lucas’s blood type. The doctor said that as long as the Lucas’s vital signs are normal, the surgery can be arranged immediately in the next few days.”

“Great!” Hearing the good news, l excitedly reached out and punched the wall.

Connor tried to persuade me. “Mr. Wharton, you haven’t slept for two nights. Now that you’ve finally gotten good news, why don’t you go back and have a good rest? After all, your body can’t collapse, and you still need to take care of Lucas. The doctor said that it’ll depend on whether or not Lucas will be cured after the surgery.”

“I know. I’ll leave it to you. I’ll go back and have a rest. By the way, you can communicate with the doctor. I want to carry out the operation as soon as possible.” Herbert ordered. “Yes.” Connor nodded.

With that, I turned and walked in the other direction of the corridor.

Just then, Connor’s voice rang out from behind me. “Mr. Wharton, the exit is over there!”

I smiled and said, “I’m going to see Lucas’s sister.”

“Oh.” Connor nodded.

I came to the baby care unit. There were dozens of babies who had just arrived. They were put in an incubator for various reasons, guarded by professional nurses.

The walls of the baby care unit were all transparent glass, which made it convenient for parents to look at them at any time.

I looked at my daughter, who was covered with a pink quilt, and my heart became very soft.

I reached out and touched the glass in front of me. She was sleeping soundly.

I came to see her every day quietly. I was full of guilt for this little fellow. In order to save Lucas, I sacrificed her health. I couldn’t fall asleep every night, and I even smoked a lot at night. “My child, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault.” “I can’t lose you, nor can I lose your brother!” I said to my daughter in my heart. I swore in my heart, “In the future, I must compensate you and make you the happiest little princess in the world!”

Of course, I still owe more to one person-the mother of the little princess and the little prince. I must compensate Bella in the future and make her the happiest woman in world. While I was secretly swearing in my heart, a man’s voice suddenly came from behind me “She’s right here. Don’t worry!* This was klein’s voice. I was able to tell when I heard it.

Then I turned around and hid in a corner.

With the help of Klein, Bella slowly walked to the huge glass.

I looked at Bella from a distance Her hair was disheveled behind her head, and she was wearing a hospital gown. She held her lower abdomen with one hand and frowned faintly. Maybe it was painful?

Bella’s face was pale and her face was haggard and weak.

I wanted to take care of her and comfort her.

But there was a voice in my heart telling me, “There are still too many unknown things and Lucas has not yet recovered.

It was not the time for us to reunite. She was very weak now.

If I appeared in front of her, I was afraid she would only be agitated.

I guessed that she must want to kill me now. I didn’t want to see her…

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