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Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 203

Chapter 203

Bella’s POV:

I didn’t continue listening to Jane and went back to my room.

I didn’t want to cause any trouble for Klein, but I had been causing him trouble. I hadn’t expected that Klein would get up so early every day to buy me fresh meat and vegetables. He was always busy with work that he could hardly get enough sleep.

But I knew that even if I were to protest, Klein wouldn’t change at all.

He would still comfort me with a smile and continue to take care of me.

I had to eat and sleep on time every day, and take good care of my body. By then, he would probably let me go

Why was it that the person I loved wasn’t Klein?

If I had just happened to like him, everything might have been perfect.

But love was uncontrollable.

What a pity. The person I loved wasn’t Klein.

In order not to make Klein worry, in the next few days, I ate and slept more. My condition was much better.

On the afternoon of the weekend, Klein came back in a casual outfit.

“Why are you back so early today?” I looked at the sweaty Klein, asking in surprise. Klein was very busy with his work, and he often couldn’t rest on weekends. It was common for him to work overtime.

Laughing, Klein sat down on the couch. In a rather tired voice, he said, “I went to play golf with William. Alas, I haven’t exercised for a long time. I’m really tired!”

William? Emma’s current boyfriend?

I could still remember William’s looks now. He was indeed handsome and rich. No wonder Emma cared about him a lot.

I turned and walked into the kitchen. I poured a cup of black tea, then carried it in front of Klein. I said with a smile, “Do you need some tea?”

Klein hurriedly took the cup of tea, then raised his head and gulped down all of the black tea in his cup. “So tasty!” Klein nodded. He seemed to be in a very good mood today.

And then, Klein reached out and patted the seat next to him.

I frowned and didn’t know what he was going to do. I turned around and sat down on the sofa. Klein then said, “Today, William asked me to go play golf and chat with him. Guess what? Emma was there too.”

Hearing that, I said, “That’s not surprising. William is a rich and handsome man. Of course, Emma has to capture his heart. No matter where he goes, she would surely follow him.”

“I planned to tell William about Emma’s personality, as well as what she had done in the past. After all, he is a good friend of mine. I don’t want him to end up with an extremely terrible woman. But there was no chance at all. Emma wouldn’t even leave William for half a minute. Not to mention about women, even I, as a man, didn’t have the chance to act!” Klein grumbled.

Hearing the last sentence, I couldn’t help laughing.

Then I continued to ask, “What did you intend to say to William? Tell him everything about Emma’s past?”

Klein rubbed his nose, then replied, “That was what I thought. But when I saw how intimate he was with Emma, I suddenly changed my mind.”

“Are you afraid that William won’t believe you? Are you worried that William and you won’t be able to continue being friends?” I frowned and guessed.

Klein shook his head. “No. I know William very well. Even if he doesn’t believe me, he won’t sever ties with me. And what I wanted to say is the truth. As long as he’s still conscious and gets someone to investigate, he’ll find out everything.”

“Then what’s the reason you didn’t say it?” I asked in confusion.

Klein rose to his feet. As he paced back and forth in the living room, he said, “Ah, William is a proud person. I’m afraid that if he were to learn of some terrible things Emma did from me, he would lose his pride.”

“So I really couldn’t tell him about this. And William is in love. Let him enjoy love first. William has spent a lot of money on Emma, so I can’t let William suffer too much. Also, I should teach Emma a lesson. I’ll let her fall hard and make sure that she will be in great pain!”

“I didn’t expect you to have such a dark side. It seems that I really can’t offend you in the future. Otherwise, I will die miserably!” | said.

“Don’t you think that Emma should be punished?” Klein said. I nodded. “No matter what the outcome is, she asked for it.” “I will make those who hurt you suffer as well!” Klein’s eyes were sharp. His words at the moment made me feel touched. I was lucky to have such a man to protect me. However, fate was funny. I couldn’t control my heart. I treated Klein as a good friend and never regarded him as my beloved one. “What is it?” Klein asked nervously.

“Oh, nothing. Look at you, you’re sweating a lot. Go and take a shower.” I looked up and smiled.

“All right.” Klein laughed, then took off his sweaty T-shirt and tossed it on the sofa. He then turned and entered the bathroom.

I watched TV on the sofa for a while, and suddenly the doorbell rang.

Ring… Ring…

I put down the remote control in my hand and got up to open the door.

Jane must have come here to cook. She usually had keys, so she must have forgotten to bring them today.

I reached out and opened the door. When I saw the person standing outside the door, I was stunned…

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