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Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 196

Chapter 196

Bella’s POV

Under my persuasion, my mom finally agreed. The next morning, I left home with my mother. I called a tourist group. We were going for a two-day trip nearbyI accompanied my mother wholeheartedly. Seeing that she was having a good time, I also felt happier.

After the trip, I felt exhausted and sick. I knew I couldn’t delay any longer.

This morning, I said to my mother while having breakfast, “Mom, there’s something I want to discuss with you.”

“What’s the matter?” Mother asked as she ate.

Yesterday, my boss called me and said that they needed a manager in Wharton, so she asked me to work there…” I hadn’t finished my words yet. Mom frowned and interrupted me. “Didn’t you say that your boss has already transferred you back to City?”

“Mom, my boss said that I should stay there for another year and she will increase my salary by 20%. She will also give me a promotion after a year. Don’t you think that I worked so hard just to earn more money? Moreover, male employees can endure more than female employees, and the chances of female employees getting a promotion are low. I want to go for another year.” I had already lowered my head when I said this, and I really didn’t want to face my mom’s eyes. After all, i was lying. I planned to be away for a year. After I gave birth to my child, I would find a way to beg for my mother’s forgiveness. After a moment of silence, my mother said, “Bella, go ahead. Don’t worrymy hand has recovered.” “And I’m only 50 years old. I don’t need anyone to take care of me. You have to take good care of yourself.” “Okay.” I nodded. Two days later, I dragged my suitcase and left home again. I didn’t leave the city immediately. Instead, I went to Joey’s house.

Joey was very happy to see me. She pulled me into the room. “Bella, when did you come back? Why did you suddenly show up without keeping me informed in advance?”

Sitting in the house I once rented, I picked up the glass of water that Joey poured for me and said with a smile, “I just wanted to give you a surprise!”

Joey smiled and said, “Anyway, I’m very happy to see you come back.” “By the way, how have you been recently?” I asked. I chose to come to JoeyOn one hand, I hadn’t decided where to go. On the other hand, I hadn’t seen Joefomore than half a year. I missed her a little.

“Just like before, I’m working in a small company, and the salary is not bad.” “My mother’s body is also recovering very well, so I plan to take her to A City. Although this house is not big, it is enough for two people to live in. I can take care of her so as to reduce some expenses,” Joey said. “That’s a good idea.” I nodded. “How are you? Are you all right?” Joey asked. I pursed my lips into a smile and said, “I’m still the same.” “Will you return to Wharton again this time?” Joey asked.

I shook my head and said, “I haven’t thought about it yet. Let’s not talk about these troubles. How about I treat you to some Mexican food?”

“Well, we must finish a whole bottle of wine tonight.” Joey was excited.

I couldn’t drink when I was pregnant as it would not be good for my baby, so I found an excuse. “I have an upset stomach, so I can’t drink with you.”

Hearing this, Joey said unhappily, “I’ll drink it myself. I can only comfort my melancholy with alcohol alone.”

“What’s there to worry about?” In fact, I was very envious of Joey now. She worked normally and lived normally. Except for the pressure of life, there would not be any accidents or changes. “I’m worried that… I can’t find a good man and become a rich woman. I want to have a sweet relationship…” Joey pulled me out of the door while talking to me. Hearing Joey’s words, I pursed my lips and smiled bitterly. Some people were distressed by love, and some were troubled because they had not found their love yet. I had experienced too much. I knew that sometimes love was just like a sharp sword that would make people very painful.

If everything could be restored, I would rather be single all the time and not encounter the so-called love.

That night, Joey was really drunk. I knew that Joey’s life had been very difficult over the years. She single-handedly supported her mother. She still needed to rent a house and sent her mother to treatments.

Joey was under a lot of pressure, especially when she lost her job because of me. I thought about it all night. Finally, I decided to go back to Wharton. After all, I was familiar with the environment there. It would be easy to rent another house. I was going to find two part-time accounting jobs.

It wouldn’t be too hard for me to earn some living expenses. After all, my pregnancy reaction was very obvious. With the lesson from last time, I must take care of my body. In the morning, when I left with my suitcase, Joey, who was drunk, had not woken up yet.

I didn’t disturb her. I put 500 dollars and a note on her pillow and went out.

I walked toward the train station. I had to wait for three hours for the next train. I was waiting in the waiting hall. Ring… Ring… While I was waiting idly, I received a call. “Bella, I’m Amy.” After the phone was connected, a familiar female voice came from the other end of the line.

“Hello, Amy. Why are you calling me all of a sudden?” “I know you’ve come back recently. Today is the weekend, so I thought of treating you to lunch,” Amy said with a smile. “I’m sorryAmy. I bought a train ticket to Wharton at 12 o’clock. Let’s have lunch together next time when we’re free.”

“You’re leaving again?” Amy asked in surprise. “Yes,” I replied.

Amy was silent for a moment and said, “There are still three hours left before the train arrives. There is Liang’an Coffee Bar near the station. I’ll go there now. Shall we have a cup of coffee together?” I looked down at the watch on my wrist. It was nine o’clock. After all, I hadn’t seen Amy for a long time and I did miss her. So I agreed. “Okay, I’ll wait for you.” “See you at Liang’an Coffee Bar in half an hour,” Amy said and hung up the phone.

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