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Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 175

Chapter 175

Bella’s POV: Due to the boss’s special treatment, my colleagues began to isolate me. Everyone said that I was favored by the boss. This made me very uncomfortable. After struggling for a few days, I made the decision to resign. When I put the resignation letter on the boss’ desk, he was very nervous. He quickly stood up and asked, “Oh, dear Bella, tell me, what happened? Your salary is high enough, isn’t it? Emilia needs to work every day but her salary is lower than yours.” I explained, “Boss, it’s not about the salary. It’s because of my personal reason.” “What’s the reason? We can’t live without you. Since your friend showed up last time, the people in the tourism bureau started treating us differently. Do you know how envious other travel agencies are now? What should I do if you leave?” My boss begged me not to leave. I was a little annoyed, but my boss was really nice to me, so I chose to be patient and said, “Boss, I really need to resign. I’m sorry! Please find someone else quickly. I must leave next week.” After a moment of silence, my boss said, “If you insist on leaving, I can’t stop you. But can you communicate with your friend and let him declare that we are his relatives?” My boss’ request made me frown. He needed the fame of Klein to develop the company, but based on my current relationship with Klein, it was not something appropriate for me to do. “Bella, we’ve been working very well together for the past two months. My wife and I are very kind to you. Please help us, please!” My boss continued to ask me for help. “I’ll think about it.” I didn’t say yes, nor did I refuse it. “Okay, okay,” my boss replied. Coming out of his office, I couldn’t help but frown. Looking down at the brand new phone in my hand, I didn’t know what to do. few days ago, I suddenly received an express deliveryI opened the box and saw a watch and a fashionable new mobile phone inside. The sender’s address was not written on the package. I wanted to ask the courier to send it back, but the courier didn’t accept it. He said that there was no record, so he couldn’t return it. Looking at the package, I had been worried for two days. I suspected that it was sent by Klein. Only he knew that my mobile phone and watch were damaged during the fight. I wanted to make a phone call and ask, but the number of Klein on my phone had been deleted. I couldn’t get in touch with him at all. Of course, I could ask Amy for Klein’s number, but I didn’t do that. Amy would definitely misunderstand the relationship between me and Klein. The watch in the package cost more than 3,000 dollars.

il rift Mou in the future I’d give it back to Klein

As for my boss’ request, I had also thought it through. My Boss and his wife had been very kind to me. I could help them in other ways, but I couldn’t make use of the feelings that Klein had for me in order to gain some help. A week later, I successfully resigned from the travel agency. Then, I began to look for a job again. This time, I had the CPA certificate, so I could look for a job in an accounting firm or a large company. I finally found a job in a proper accounting firm. My boss was a thirty-year-old beauty, who had great working ability and social skills. After a month of work, I regarded my boss as my idol. In fact, I once had a dream to set up a company that belonged to me. But it was hard for me to start a business if I didn’t have enough qualifications, connections, and funds.

The weather was getting warmer. I no longer wore my winter clothes and I finally started wearing dresses.

After a few months, my condition had become better and better. Especially in this company, I learned a lot, and my career and interpersonal relationship were enhanced. I threw all my enthusiasm into work. Herbert’s harm to me gradually subsided, and I became more energetic. There were rewards for effort. Although I hadn’t worked for a long time, my boss, Ella, liked me very much and would hand over some important work to me. At noon, I sat in front of my computer, sneezing a lot of times. I had a runny nose. The pile of tissue below my desk was almost piled up into a hill, all of which was what I used to wipe my nose.

Coincidentally, Ella caught sight of it. She said, “Bella, you look terrible. Have you taken any medicine?”

“Yes. Maybe the flu virus is so strong this time that the medicine seems to not work at all.” I took another tissue and sneezed. Ella frowned and said, “Bella, you need to rest. Give all your work to your colleagues. You need to rest, take medicine, or go to the hospital.” I was feeling very unwell, so I agreed. I picked up my bag and said, “Thank you, Boss. I’m going to the hospital for an examination now.” “Health is the most important thing.” A charming smile appeared on Ella’s face. I went to the hospital after leaving the accounting firm. There were a lot of patients in the hospital, most of whom were patients with flu.

I felt weak all over and exhausted, so I turned around and went to a small clinic. I took some

medicine and went home to rest.

After taking the medicine, I fell asleep. In the avanina I felt cold all over At this moment. I could pour myself a cup of hot water.

14:16D I took some cookies before taking the medicine again. I didn’t even have the strength to get uuntil dawn. Now, I felt very uncomfortable…

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