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Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 166

Chapter 166

Bella’s POV: Connie and Emma didn’t say anything. They just looked at me. I smiled and said, “Please pack up your luggage. I’ll move my luggage to this room right away.” Then, I turned to the other tourists and said, “Everyone, if you need anything, just tell me. I will do everything I can to satisfy you!” In an instant, the direction of public opinion changed again. The tourists all smiled at me and discussed, “This tour guide is so good!”

“That’s right. We will still look for this travel agency next time. Even the unprofessional tour guide is this good, I’m sure that a professional tour guide will even be better!”

Finally, we exchanged rooms. Closing the door, I looked at the two wet beds angrily! These two women were really nasty. They actually used this method to cause trouble. I had no choice. I could only lay the blanket on the carpet. It seemed that I could only sleep on the ground tonight

At about 10 p.m., my phone rang.


“Bella, my mother has a stomachache. Please buy her some medicine!” It was Emma’s voice. I frowned. “Connie was in good condition just now. Why does she suddenly have a stomachache? It seems that they have come up with another way to make things difficult for me.” “It’s very late now. The pharmacy is closed. Why don’t I take you to the hospital?” I replied. If Connie pretended to be ill, she would definitely be exposed. If she really got sick, the doctor would treat her. Emma said, “Wdon’t need to go to the hospital. Please go to the hospital or the pharmacy that opens for 24 hours to get the medicine. We’ll give you the money after you buy it!” After that, the phone was hung up. I knew that if I didn’t buy it, they would definitely find fault with me. They might even provoke a conflict between the tourists and me, which would affect my work. So what I could do now was to buy the medicine and shut their mouths so that they couldn’t find fault with me. I didn’t want to affect the whole team and the travel agency. Fortunately, tomorrow was the last day of the journeyI put on my down jacket and left. It was almost 11 o’clock and the hotel was verquiet. My room was on the second floor, so I didn’t take the elevator and went downstairs directly.

As soon as I reached the corner, two people suddenly rushed out and hit my head with sticks.

I immediately clasped my hands over my head. I didn’t see who they were and only felt very frightened! Who hit me?

In the next moment, there were curses. “Oh, you damn b*tch, I’m going to blow your head.” The voice belonged to Connie. It turned out to be them! I wanted to resist, or run away immediately. But now I was dizzy and had no ability to fight back. My hair was pulled by Emma. Connie slapped my face, which made me feel very painful. “Help! Someone is hitting me. Help…” I shouted for help. “B*tch, b*tch.” Connie continued to slap me in the mouth. I felt that my lips were about to burst.

At this time, everyone was asleep.

The sound insulation in the hotel was very good. No one would come to save me… I could only rely on myself now. I had to resist. I forced myself to calm down. At this time, I saw that Emma was wearing a half skirt, so I went straight to take off Emma’s skirt! “Ah!” Emma screamed in a low voice, and her hand let go of my hair. The skirt had slipped to the ground. She quickly bent down to pick it up. I took the opportunity to grab her hair hard! Connie immediately grabbed her slippers and tried to hit me. She shouted, “Little bitch, how dare you fight back? I’m going to smash your head!” One of my hands was tugging at Emma’s curly hair, while the other was blocking Connie from hitting me with her slippers.

I was no match for her at all. My hand became swollen soon! But I didn’t let go of Emma’s hair, because once I let go of her, the two of them would attack me together, and I would be beaten even harder. The next moment, I stretched out my leg and kicked fiercely at Connie’s belly! Ah…” Connie fell down in the corridor, covering her little belly with one hand and groaning. Emma immediately stood up and tangled with me At this time, someone came with a flashlight, and the person shouted, “Hey, what are you doing?” The man was a security guard in the hotel. Just as I was about to speak, Connie immediately said, “This woman cheated with my husband. She’s the third party who ruined my family. I’m teaching her a lesson!”

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