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Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 165

Chapter 165

Bella’s POV: “Postpone? That won’t do! We don’t want to postpone!” “Yes, we have other arrangements after this!”

“I’ve always wanted to come here. If I couldn’t see the scenery on the mountain, I would be upset…” The tourists started discussing.

Almost no one was willing to delay the trip, nor were they willing to get a refund. “I’m not a professional tour guide, but I’m very familiar with this route. Besides, we have a driver to help us. The hotel, restaurant, and scenic spots have already been arranged. I’ll try my best to lead you on your journey these two days! If our tour guide recovers, she’ll be on duty as soon as possible.” My attitude was very sincere, and the protest of the tourists had completely subsided. I said, “Thank you for your support. Let’s go now!” The driver immediately started the engine, and the bus was gradually driven into the road.

At this time, Connie said, “No. We won’t leave until we get a professional tour guide.”

“That’s right. Just postpone it. We have plenty of time.”

However, none of the tourists in the car agreed with them. I found a seat in front and sat down.

“Ladies, if you are not satisfied, you can get off and wait for the next bus.” However, both of them were unwilling to do so. Then, the bus began to move.’

Along the way, tourists were sleeping, but I couldn’t rest. I took out the script with the descriptions of the scenic spots and memorized it for two hours. Then, 20 minutes before the arrival at the scenic spot, I stood up and explained the origin, the culture, and the myths of the scenic spot to the tourists. The tourists were very happy and the atmosphere became relaxed. Soon, we arrived at the scenic spot. I got out of the bus first and helped the tourists who needed help.

By the time we finished sightseeing, it was already six o’clock in the evening.

When we arrived at the restaurant, I first arranged the dinner and rooms for the tourists. After dinner, it was eight o’clock in the evening. I arranged for all the guests to stay in the hotel. After all the tourists confirmed that there were no problems, I checked them in.

I had finally completed my tour trip.

I got along very well with the tourists, and none of them protested, which made me very happy.

At nine oclock in the evening, Connie and Emma came to me. “What’s the matter?” I didn’t forget that I was the tour guide now, so I asked. “We want to change room!” said Emma.

I frowned. “Why do you want to change room? Youve already confirmed that there’s nothing wrong with the rooms.” “The sheets are all wet. It’s terrible!” Connie’s tone was mean. I said, “I’ll go and have a look.” “Help yourself.” Connie spread out her hands. I went to Connie and Emma’s room and found that the sheets on both beds were wet. I couldn’t help frowning. I checked this room before I checked them in just now. At that time, the beds were dry“Did you see that? Are they wetWe want to change room.” I controlled my emotions and turned to ask, “Did you wet it yourself?” “Do you have any evidence? If you don’t have any, you‘re slandering us!” Connie’s tone was agitated. “The sheets were dry when I checked them just now.” My hand clenched into a fist. Anyway, nowyou must change a clean room for us, or I’ll complain about it!” Emma threatened. “We also want to complain about you touring us without a certificate so that your travel agent will close down!” Connie echoed. Perhaps their voices were so loud that tourists from other rooms came to the door. Connie immediately walked to the door and said loudly, “The sheets in our rooare all wet, so we can’t sleep! After a few words, this tour guide lost her temper against us.” “This tour guide promised in the morning that she would do her best to arrange our schedule. Now we can’t even get a good sleep!” “That’s right. Let’s complain about them and make them close down!” Emma said loudlyMore and more people were watching outside the room, and they were all talking about it. The good reputation I had gained after the whole day was going to be ruined by Connie and Emma. And if a lot of people complained together, it would bring a bad impact on the travel agency. The worst case scenario was to temporarily stop the business. Although I only worked in this travel agency for a month, the boss and my colleagues were very kind to me. I couldn’t let the boss suffer losses because of me, and I couldn’t let my colleagues lose their jobs because of me, so I must endure it. The next moment, I took a deep breath and turned to go out. “What… do you want to do?” Connie asked. I chose to compromise and said with a smile, “I’m sorry. I might have been negligent just now. I’ll sleep in this room. Can you sleep in my room?”

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