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Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 156

Chapter 156

Herbert’s POV

I stood by the window and watched Bella leave. The extreme sadness made me feel suffocated.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, the sound of the door being opened came from behind. It was the voice of Caroline. “That woman has left for an hour. You won’t be able to see her again.”

gave her an order. “I’ve done what you asked me to do. Give Lucas back to me!” “Lucas is doing well now. I’ll arrange for you to meet him some time later.” I turned around angrily, grabbed Caroline by the shoulder, and growled, “Don’t play tricks on me, or won’t let you go.”

“I won’t hurt Lucas. You did what I said, but you haven’t married me yet. I can’t rest assured. If I return Lucas to you and you cancel the wedding, what should I do?” Caroline looked straight at me. I was annoyed by Caroline. My hands exerted a little force on her shoulder, but she didn’t even frown.

On the contrary, she smiled and said, “I know you are very capable. With your character, you will definitely find a way to find Lucas, but I’m afraid it will be very difficult this time. Don’t forget that my father used to be a high-ranking official in the military. Even if he no longer has the power of the past, he still has many old subordinates in the past, and they have all gone through special training. After they transferred jobs, they set up a security company. Now Lucas has been entrusted to them, so you can completely rest assured of Lucas’s safety!” “Where is Lucas?” I asked again. “Lucas has already been transferred out of the city. I’ll send you a video of him tonight. He’s very good, still naughty and lovely.” Caroline looked at me and said with a sneer.

I slowly let go of her shoulder. In the next moment, Caroline raised her face to look at me and said with a smile, “Herbert, if you want to see Lucas soon, you have to prepare for our wedding. I promise that on the night we get married, you can see Lucas!”

At this moment, Bella’s sad expression appeared in my mind, and my heart felt as if it had been torn apart.

I didn’t want to marry Caroline. I wanted to reject her! But when I thought of the safety of Lucas, I finally chose to compromise.

Lucas was my weakness.

We can hold the wedding next week,” I said after thinking for a while. Caroline nodded happily. “Okay, I want a grand wedding.” “Okay, I promise you. You can go out now. I want to be alone.” Then I looked elsewhere and didn’t want to look at that person anymore. Caroline had achieved her goal. She smiled at me and then left the room. After the door was closed, I immediately lit a cigarette and looked out of the window.

14:06 D I was in a meeting this morning when I received a call from Caroline. I didn’t answer it. I didn’t want to be entangled by her anymore. Howeververy soon, I received a photo of Lucas. She sent it to me and told me that Lucas was in her hands.

When I saw Lucas, I panicked. After that, I immediately ended the meeting and went to the place designated by Caroline to meet her.

It turned out that after I saw her off last time, she didn’t board the plane at all, but stayed. I was cheated, which made me very angry. But I was threatened by her. I couldn’t do anything to her. I could only listen to her request. So I immediately held a press conference to announce my marriage with her. Caroline wanted me to tell Bella that I couldn’t marry her and that I loved Caroline when she came to me. When I said those words, I felt very uncomfortable. But I could only do as Caroline said. I had to ensure Lucas’s safety. I knew Bella would be very sad, but she was safe for the time being. The only thing I could do was to get Lucas back first. After everything was settled, I would go to look for Bella after dealing with Caroline. By then, I would explain everything clearly and hope that Bella would forgive me. I didn’t expect that Caroline would find a professional security company this time, and Lucas had been transferred out of the city. It was very bad. I lowered my head and pondered for a few minutes. Then I put out the cigarette butt between my fingers and put it in the ashtray. I picked up my coat and walked out. As soon as I got out of the room, Caroline came up to me. “Where are you going?” “There are still many things waiting for me in the company. Can I ignore them?” I said angrily. I never thought that Caroline would do such a thing. “You can’t give up my job. I’ll go with you!” Caroline turned to get her coat. I knew she must be worried that I would find Bella. I had to remain calm before I find Lucas. And I couldn’t look for Bella as well. If Bella knew that Lucas was missing, she would definitely be more anxious. If Caroline turned her attention to Bella and attacked Bella, things would get worse. So I didn’t stop Caroline.

Then, I went out with Caroline…

Bella’s POV: Joey brought me back to my rented apartment. I laid in bed like a dummy for three days. For the first time, I felt a sense of despair. I had never felt this way no matter how many setbacks had suffered in the past. In the past, I had never experienced Herbert’s sincere love. I would not be particularly sad even if I lost something I never had. But this time was different. I could clearly feel his love and warmth. I finally put down all my guard and chose to believe him. When I was full of expectation and loved him the most, he told me that everything was fake. That kind of pain tore up all my expectations of love. From then on, I wouldn’t believe in love anymore. But life still had to go on. I still had my mother and sister to take care of. I had to cheer up. It was not worth it to destroy myself for a bad man. On the fourth morning, my sadness was suppressed. I walked to the mirror in the sink and saw a haggard face. Her hair was messy, her eyes werred and swollen, and her body was very dirty. Even I disliked myself. Then I took a comb and began to comb my messy hair. I took a hot shower to clean myself and said goodbye to the past. After that, I threw all the things that had been stained by Herbert’s body into the trash can, and then changed it into a whole set of clean bedding products. By the time I was done, it was already three o’clock in the afternoon. In the past three days, I didn’t eat well. I was a little weak now. I just left a jerk. I couldn’t let myself suffer, so I immediately prepared delicious lunch for myself. Just as I was enjoying my lunch, the door was suddenly opened with a key from the outside…

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