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Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 151

Chapter 151

Bella’s POV:

“Mom, I know. You’ve said the same thing many times.” Although I was complaining, my tone was gentle.

Mom rolled her eyes at me and said, “I hope you can have a good life, but you always think I’m nagging.” “Oh, no, dear mom, I don’t think of it that way.” I said immediately. Mother smiled kindly and then asked, “By the way, when are you going to hold a wedding? You didn’t prepare for the wedding last time, so you have to prepare for it this time?” I said, “Herbert said that the wedding will take two months to prepare, so we will apply for our marriage certificate first. He said it would be more grand, but I think those complicated procedures are annoying.”

“It’s good that you’ve come up with a plan. We still need a wedding. In addition, if you don’t hold a wedding, this means that the relatives of the Wharton Family don’t approve of your existence. You’ll only suffer even more.” Mother reminded. I didn’t say anything. I just nodded to show that I understood. Herbert and I were not in the same level. Although we loved each other very much, I also knew that we still have a lot of problems to solve. We would face a lot of things in the future. For the sake of the person I loved, I would face it bravely. Herbert’s POV“Boss, please sign this document.” I took the document and took a look at it. Suddenly, my phone rang. When I saw the flashing phone number on the screen, I couldn’t help frowning. I signed on the document and handed it to my subordinate. Then I took the phone and answered it. I pressed the answer button, and a woman’s aggrieved voice came from the other end of the phone. “Herbert.”

“Have you arrived in England?” I asked. I selected the best doctor in England for Caroline. “I’ve arrived,” Caroline replied. “What’s the matter? I’m busy with work.” I didn’t have time to listen to some unimportant things. Caroline seemed to be about to cry. “Herbert, I’m very lonely and afraid. Can you let me come back? I promise I won’t disturb you and Bella. As long as occasionally look at you, I will be very satisfied!” I frowned and said, “You have to keep your promise, Caroline.” “Herbert, are you really so heartless? You want to abandon me completely for Bella, don’t you?” Her tone became tough, which made me angry instantly. “Caroline, if it weren’t for the past feelings, I wouldn’t care about you now. Don’t continue to kidnap me with the past feelings. I love Bella nowand I can’t have any more contact with you!”

“Herbert, you’re too cruel!” Caroline’s voice was cold. “Caroline, we’re done. I hope you can understand this. I still have work to do. Goodbye!” After that, I hung up the phone. But I was still very angry. In order to calm down, I lit a cigarette.. After my mood gradually eased, I suddenly thought of something, and my mood suddenly became very happy. I took my phone and saw that Bella had not replied. Wasn’t she awake yet? That day, I completed my work very quickly and went home very early. Bella was busy in the narrow kitchen, wearing an apron. “Have a rest first. Dinner will be ready soon!” Bella said. I walked behind her and hugged her from behind.

Bella’s smile was beautiful and charming.

“What did you do today? Why didn’t you reply my text message?” I kissed her delicate neck. Bella drew back her neck and said with a smile, I went shopping with Joey to buy clothes. By the way, I went to my mother’s place. I frowned. “You went shopping? I thought you were going to continue looking for work!” Bella immediately turned around with the kitchen knife in her hand and complained, “I already found a job yesterdayYou don’t care about me at all. You don’t know anything about my situation.” “A job? You can’t blame me? You didn’t tell me, did you?” I shrugged, looking very innocent. “Did I have a chance to tell you yesterday?” Bella complained in a low voice. Yesterday

I recalled what happened yesterday and couldn’t help laughing. Bella really didn’t have time to tell me about her work yesterday. We spent most of our time making love. “What are you laughing at?” Bella asked. I held Bella’s shoulder and said, “Can we have a talk in bed tonight?” “You can only go to bed when you sleep tonight, don’t you know?” Bella showed a little resistance. It seemed that I played her too hard last night. | also wanted to be gentle, but when I touched Bella’s skin, I couldn’t restrain myself. Bella had a kind of magic that made me lose my mind. “Okay, let’s not go to bed first. Although your sofa is a little small, it’s enough.” I kissed her forehead. Bella gave me a little push. “Be serious, okay?” “I’m very serious now.” My eyes fell on the sofa. It was indeed a little small, but it shouldn’t affect the movements of Bella and I. At this time, Bella seemed to be angry. She said, “I quit today. I’m not cooking!” After that, she really took off her apron and threw it aside.

Looking at her pouting with anger, I felt inexplicably happyMy Bella was so cute even when she was angry.

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