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Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 145

Chapter 145

Bella’s POV:

“Of course it’s you! I’m the father of Lucas. Of course, you’re his mother.” Herbert said very naturally. I smiled and rolled meyes. “I won’t be easily fooled by you.” He wanted me to be his wife without a proposal? Impossible. Although you can refuse me, I know you can’t refuse Lucas.” Herbert looked at me affectionately.

He was right. Lucas was so cute. I couldn’t refuse him.

At this time, the car slowly stopped at the side of the road.

I turned to look out of the window and said with a smile, “I’m here!”

I was about to open the door.

However, Herbert grabbed my wrist and pulled me back.

“You can’t break your promise!” I whispered. “We have to keep our promise. You haven’t finished settling Caroline’s matter yet. The agreement is still there.”

“Who said I would break my promise?” After that, Herbert suddenly grabbed my face with both hands.

His lips left a gentle kiss on my forehead.

I looked up at him. His hand was loosening my head, allowing me to regain my freedom. “Is that… okay?” I asked.

After all, with his character, it was impossible for him to only be satisfied with the kiss on my forehead today

“If you want more, I can give it to you.” Herbert teased me.

I gently pounded his chest and quickly got out of the car.

I was very satisfied and reached out to touch my forehead. It seemed that there was still his lingering warmth.

After all, this kiss would accompany me for the rest of time. Just now, did Herbert say that he had booked a plane ticket for Caroline to England in three days? If so, could we be together every day after four days

Thinking of this, I was very happy. But I was also a little worried. What if Caroline was unwilling to leave in three days? Just as I was thinking about these things, someone suddenly ran over and scared me. “Where did you go? Why did you come back so late?” Joey asked me. Are you trying to scare me to death? Why don’t you turn on the light and make a sound? By the waywhy are you here?” I covered my chest and said. “I called you several times, but you didn’t answer. You suddenly disappeared. I almost called the police!” Joey complained. I immediately took out my phone from my bag. Sure enough, my phone was on silent mode. “Lucas took a nap in the afternoon. I was afraid that he would be woken up by a phone call, so I turned it into silent mode.” I said as I turned off the silent mode on my phone.

“I’m very hungry. I was waiting for you to go out for dinner when you come back. Let’s go!” Joey picked up her bag and pushed me out I frowned. “Why are we going out to eat? I’m currently jobless. I have to save some money.” “It’s my treat today. I have good news for you.” Joey pulled me out of the door. “What good news?” I asked in surprise. “Guess?” Joey pretended to be mysterious.

I looked at her and said, “You look very happy. I guess you have a boyfriend?” Joey shook her head. “No, I don’t have a boyfriend.” “I can’t guess why you’re so happy.” I shook my head. After we got in the car, Joey finally said, “That bitch quit her job!!” “Caroline?” I asked. “Of course it’s her. Not only did she resign, but she was also said to have been hospitalized some time ago. There’s something wrong with her health. She’s going to go to Europe soon.” “By the way, this is also good news for you. She won’t make things difficult for you and Herbert again!” Joey was extremely excited. “Who told you that?” I asked. “The company paid for Caroline’s wages today!” Joey replied. It seemed that what Herbert said was true. This time, Caroline would definitely leave.” My mood suddenly improved a lot. “She should be going to England in three days.” I nodded. “You know about it?” Joey’s eyes widened.

“Yes, Herbert booked a plane ticket for her to go to England in three days.” I nodded. Joey hit me and complained, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? If I had known that the bitch was leaving, I would have been happy earlier. I was almost driven crazy by her these days!” “Herbert just told me.” I said.

Anyway, I’m still very happy now. The bitch won’t make trouble for me in the future. No one will ruined the relationship between you and Herbert. How about we drink and celebrate today?” I refused. “You can drink because tomorrow is the weekend. I can’t. I have to continue to prepare my resume tomorrow!”

Joey tugged at my arm and begged, “No, you’ll drink with me!” “No!” I continued to refuse. “I’ve been accompanying you for so long at the risk of being expelled by boss. I just want you to accompany me once, if not, I’ll ignore you in the future!” I knew Joey was pretending to be angry, but I was still willing to coax her. “Okay, I’ll accompany you this time.”

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