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Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 136

Chapter 136

Bella’s POV

I stayed by the door for more than ten minutes before bidding Herbert farewell.

When I returned to my room, I heard Joey say, “Boss is worried about you. He’s afraid that you’ll work too hard, so he ended the tutoring early and asked you to rest early!”

I smiled but didn’t say anything,

“Hey, I’m an extra person. I shouldn’t be here.” Joey continued with a smile,

“No, no, no, you must be here.”

“Why?” Joey was puzzled.

“Because I need you to study with me.” With that, I walked to the bathroom.

In fact, the real reason was that if Joey was not here, I would not be able to pass the test in a month.

In the end, our studies will become intimate or romantic.

Time flew. A month had passed.

Under the strict guidance of Herbert, Joey and I had greatly improved in both theory and profession,

After the first two exams, Joey and I both felt that our results were good. Wwere both excited and worried, waiting for the announcement of the results.

After the exam, I was relieved. Today, I was going to buy two sets of clothes in the mall.

When I went home, I saw a fashionable woman at the door of my house.


What was she doing here? Was she here to make trouble for me?

I took out the key from my purse and said, “Please get out of the way. I want to open the door.”

Caroline refused to let go, and raised her hand to hit my face!

I reacted quickly and reached out to grab her wrist. I glared at her. “What do you want to do?” “What am I doing? I want to hit you despicable b*tch!” Caroline wanted to get rid of my hand. I pushed her hard, and she almost fell down.

I pointed at her and yelled, “If you insult me again, I’ll teach you a lesson!”

To my surprise, Caroline suddenly began to cry and knelt down in front of me.

“What are you doing?” I couldn’t understand what she was doing, “Bella, I beg you, give Herbert back to me! I know I can’t compete with you, so you pity me. I really can’t live without him!” Caroline knelt on the ground, crying and begying me. She was totally different from the arrogant woman just now. “You… you can get up first, okay?” I suddenly felt that Caroline was very pitiful, especially when I knew that she was seriously ill.

“If you don’t promise me, I won’t get up.” said Caroline loudly. Caroline’s words reminded me that she was threatening me. Then, I said, “Herbert is a person, not a thing. It’s not like I could give him to you if I wanted to. You should knoHerbert’s temper very well.”

Caroline continued to grab my clothes and begged, “Bella, as long ayou don’t see Herbert, he will come back to me. Just say that the person you love is not him. He is a proud person and will definitely not look for you again!”

Hearing such a request, I took two steps back. It was hard to imagine why there was such a person like Caroline in the world,

Why should I give my lover to her? Did she think I was a fool? It was a pity that I was not a fool.

Then, I seriously refused her. “I’m sorry, I can’t promise you, because I also love Herbert, and he loves me. I know your past feelings for him. You and he once loved each other, but everything is over. I advise you not to continue to be entangled, and find someonwho loves you in the future. If you continue to be entangled with him, you will never get happiness.”

After I finished my words, I bypassed Caroline and was about to open the door with the key

Behind me, Caroline suddenly scolded, “Herbert loves me. I’m his first woman. What right do you have to compete with me? You should quit immediately, or I’ll have a thousand ways to deal with you!”

I turned around and saw an angry face. I didn’t want to argue with this irrational woman. I opened the door and was ready to go home.

“Ah…” At this time, a strange voice suddenly came from behind me.

I looked back and saw that Caroline had fallen to the ground, twitching all over and unable to move her limbs. Only her eyes seemed to be normal. “What’s wrong with you?” I was so scared that I stepped forward and asked, not daring to touch her. “My… medicine… medicine!” Caroline said intermittently. “Where is the medicine?” I was already frightened. All of a sudden, I remembered that Herbert had mentioned that she had a serious asthma.

She must be really ill, so I immediately took out a small bottle of medicine from her bag and sprayed it on her nose. I didn’t know if this medicine was used that way

I called the emergency hotline anxiously, and the ambulance quickly took her away. For the sake of her safety, I had to accompany her to the hospital.

I was a little unluckyAfter being threatened and pestered, I had to send her to the hospital.

Caroline was pushed into the emergency room. I had already informed Herbert on my way here.

This matter had to be dealt with by him.

Soon, Herbert arrived at the hospital, followed by Connor.

“What’s going on? Where’s Caroline?” Herbert frowned and asked me.

“She came to my house and wanted to hit me first, and then begged me to give you back to her. Of course I didn’t agree. She got sick because she was agitated, so I called the emergency hotline. Now she is in the emergency room, but I found her medicine in her bag as soon as possible. I think there should be no big problem.”

Herbert immediately asked me, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” I shrugged.

At this time, the door of the emergency room opened and a doctor came out.

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