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Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 125

Chapter 125

Bella’s POV

I tried to stomp my foot and I could still hear the sound of it stomping,

My hearing had recovered. My ears could hear sounds!

Before I could react, he took out his mobile phone and said, “What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell? Do you want me to call a doctor?” 

After reading the words on the phone, at this moment, I suddenly didnt want to tell him that my hearing had recovered.

Because… I actually enjoyed the feeling of him taking care of me.

He took care of me before because I was a patient.

If I had recovered, would it be done take care of me? Then how should I get along with Herbert?” What kind of relationship did we have? Ex-husband and ex-wife? Lover? Couple? They didn’t seem to be right.

I wanted him to continue to take care of me, but at the same time, I didn’t want to face the awkward relationship between us.

So I decided, I wouldn’t tell him about my hearing recovery for the time being.

I was also thinking about how to develop the relationship between Herbert and I in this short period of time.

The bottom line was that love was the only thing. If he continued to be entangled with Caroline, I would refuse no matter how much I loved him.

I couldn’t accept the love of a three people relationship. I couldn’t control Herbert. I could only forcibly control my feelings.

Then, I took the phone from Herbert and typed a few words hesitantly, “I’m fine, but my period is here.”

“But I don’t have any sanitary pad. Can you buy it for me?” I wrote this sentence on my phone.

“Yeah, I’ll buy it for you. Wait a minute!” Herbert answered.

Then, he turned and left the ward.

I was the only one left in the room. I was much more relaxed.

I was in a good mood. I could hear. It was the first time I had found my ears were so important.

When I opened the window, the gentle sound of the wind and other sounds coming from outside made me feel that it was a wonderful piece of music.

I stood by the windofor a while. When I was sitting in front of the bed leisurely peeling an apple, suddenly heard steady footsteps.

I was afraid my hearing was much better than before!

I was afraid that I would turn to look in the direction of the door, but thinking that something was wrong, I quickly turned my head back. I told myself in my heart that I couldn’t respond to any sound, otherwise I would be exposed!

Sure enough, the next moment, from the corner of my eye, I saw a figure carrying a big bag in her hand walking to me.

Herbert reached out and put a black plastic bag in his hand on the bed. Then he quickly took out his mobile phone and typed a line of words.

“I bought the sanitary pad. What do you think?”

I opened the huge bag and was stunned. There were more than 30 bags of sanitary pads in the bag. They were for night use, day use, mini sized, extended, and all kinds of brands.

These could take me half a year to finish. Hey, buddy! Did he want to move all the sanitary pads in the supermarket back?

I looked at Herbert in the blink of an eye. As soon as I opened my mouth, I suddenly thought of something. I quickly shut up, reached for his mobile phone, and began to type. “Why did you buy so many sanitary pads?” “I don’t know what brand you usually use or what type you use, so I just bought some back. You can also use them in the future.” Herbert replied. I looked at the two lines of words on the phone screen and couldn’t help laughing. Because of this guy, I didn’t have to buy a sanitary pad in the next six months. “Okay, thank you.” I wrote this sentence on my mobile phone, and then ran to the bathroom with a sanitary pad. After breakfast, I heard someone push open the door of the ward and looked up instinctively. I suddenly realized that I should be deaf now, so I quickly looked at Herbert. Fortunately, when he saw the person coming in, he had already stood up and didn’t find that there was something wrong with me. The person who came in was Klein. He was holding a bunch of flowers, followed by Vivian. Klein looked at me with a pair of guilty eyes, and behind him, there was a hint of disdain in Vivian’s eyes. “I guess it was Klein who asked her to come here?”

Although I have only seen this woman once, I could see that she was a very arrogant woman with a personality. She would not easily apologize to others, not to mention that she had to apologize to me, a woman with no identity or power. I just sat there and did nothing. “Why are you here?” Herbert asked. Herbert’s voice was a little loud, and I was shocked. Vivian restrained her disdainful expression. “We came to visit Bella.” Klein turned to look at Vivian, who had no expression on her face “She doesn’t neeyou to visit her. Klein, you’re a lawyer. You should know that if Bella’s hearing loss becomes a fact, then Vivian would have to be liable to the criminal responsibility.” Herbert’s words were very serious. Sure enough, when he saw that Vivian’s face turned ugly, Klein tried his best to say in a soft tone, We don’t know much about Bella’s situation. If Bella has any sequela, we will definitely take responsibility.”

“Tavaresnancihility? How are vou aoing to take responsibility?” Herbert stared at Klein and Vivian.

“We are willing to compensate for all of the medical expenses, and we will also compensate for her mental losses. What I mean is, if Bella’s hearing loss is temporary.” Klein looked at me.

When I heard this suggestion, I quickly agreed in my heart.

That was great. I just happened to need to resign. With their compensation, I would feel less pressured.

Of course, I knew that I had no self-esteem if I did this.

But the poor really couldn’t only have self-esteem. This was something which could only be possessed by the rich.

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