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Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 111

Chapter 111

Bella’s POV

The next morning, I went downstairs with Lucas who had just woken up in my arms.

At this moment, the hourly worker had already cleaned up the livinroom. She looked at me and said with a smile, “The breakfast is ready.”

“Okay.” I nodded and went into the dining room with Lucas.

As soon as I walked into the dining room, I saw a man in a white shirt sitting in front of the dining table. He did not eat at the moment, but he was reading the newspaper in his hand. This was his habit. He liked to look through the newspaper in the morning.

Herbert didn’t look up, nor did I say hello to him. I sat in a seat on the left side with Lucas in my arms.

“Dad… Dad…” As soon as I sat down, Lucas began to scream in my arms.

Herbert immediately closed the newspaper and looked up with a gentle smile on his face. “Lucas, you’re awake?”

Ah… ah…” Lucas screamed and didn’t know what to say.

I quickly took the baby breakfast specially prepared for Lucas. I scooped a spoonful of it and fed it to him. “Lucas, be good. Have breakfast.”

Ah, no… no…” He pushed my hand and refused to eat anything.

I smiled and said, “You don’t like to eat this. I’ll change it. This one looks very delicious…”

As I spoke, I put a spoon into his mouth. But this time, he still refused to eat and kept pushing my hand.

In the past, he was very obedient when it came to eating. Sometimes, he could even grab some food for himself.

He refused to have breakfast todayso I couldn’t find a reason.

In the end, I had no choice but to put down the tableware and look at Lucas with some embarrassment.

At this time, Herbert suddenly stood up, walked to me, and said, “Let me do it.”

Herbert took Lucas from me, walked to his seat, put him on his lap, and took the bowl of breakfast that he had just eaten. He scooped up a spoonful and put it into his mouthe.

This time, Lucas ate it happily.

I understood. Lucas didn’t want me to feed him. He wanted Herbert to feed him.

I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. After all, Herbert was the real father of Lucas. I just came to take care of him for a few days. He didn’t have much affection for me.

The father and son were so focused on feeding each other that I couldn’t integrate into them, so I lowered my head to eat breakfast.

Soon, when I was full, Lucas had also finished his breakfast.

I stood up and said to Herbert, “Now I’ll give Lucas back to you. It’s time for me to go to work.”

Herbert didn’t say anything. I turned around and was about to leave

“Wa wa..” At this time, I suddenly heard the sound of Lucas crying behind me My heart trembled when I heard him cry. I turned around immediately and saw him crying sadly in the arms of Herbert, and his two chubby hands had already grabbed my clothes,

| glanced at Herbert. Although I felt uncomfortable, I didn’t take a step forwarto get close to him.

“Don’t cry!” Herbert suddenly got angry with Lucas.

Lucas was just a baby. Herbert’s roar startled him, and then the baby cried even harder.

I instinctively snatched Lucas from Herbert’s arms and complained, “Don’t be so loud. You will scare him!”

Herbert’s expression was very ugly, but he didn’t say anything. He curled up in my arms, feeling wronged. “Good boy, good boy. Don’t be afraid. I’ll take you out to bask in the sun, okay?” I gently stroked his head. Ah… Ah…” Although he could not speak, he seemed to understand what I meant. His fat hand pointed outside.

After that, I walked out of the house with Lucas in my arms. I walked in the garden while playing with him.

Soon after, his mood calmed down, and he was very happy. He began to laugh, and the shock on Lucas face earlier disappeared immediately.

However, he was happy but I couldn’t leave. His little hand kept holding my neck and refused to let go. 

I was in a dilemma. I couldn’t let go of my job, but I couldn’t bear to let go of Lucas.

Half an hour later, I sat on the sofa and Lucas sat on my lap. I fed Lucas milk.

Herbert was sitting on a sofa, looking down at a stack of documents on his legs, as if he was working

I didn’t talk to him, but I couldn’t help looking at him. Ring… Ring… Suddenlyhis cell phone rang.

Herbert took the phone, glanced at the flashing phone number on the screen, and then picked up the phone.

I didn’t know what the person on the other end of the phone said, but Herbert said to that person, “Cancel the meeting at 10 o’clock in the morning. Change it to another time.”

Was the meeting in the morning canceled? I guessed that he was worried about Lucas. I looked at Lucas in my arms and said, “If you have something to do, just go. Lucas doesn’t want to see you now. I’ll take care of him for another day.” Herbert glanced at me and said, “Then you have to work hard for another day. I’ll get off work early in the evening and come back to help you.” “Okay.” I nodded. Only then did he pack up his documents. Finally, he glanced at me and Lucas and turned to leave.

After Herbert left, my heart was very complicated. I didn’t expect that he and I would meet again in such a situation. This was Klein’s responsibility. He didn’t explain who this son belonged to. However, if Klein had explained that Lucas was the son of Herbert, would I have agreed to help? I lowered my head to look at Lucas, who had finished his milk. He laid in my arms as he slept. My heart became very soft. If it weren’t for that, how could I take care of Lucas?

He was so cute. I couldn’t leave him…

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