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Bride of Mr. Billion Chapter 109

Chapter 109

Bella’s POV:

“Lucas, Gary caught a cold. She’s worried that the cold will spread to you. For the next few days, this Auntie Bella will take care of you. Is that okay?” Klein stretched out his arm anwrapped Lucas around his chest.

I looked at the lovely Lucas and suddenly felt an indescribable emotion in my heart

“If our child was still alive, he would be as big as Lucas, I unconsciously reached out and held Lucas.

When I held the baby in my arms, I felt sad but I liked it. What was sad was that my child had gone to heaven. At this moment, the little fellow in my arms was particularly attractive.

Although Lucas did not know how to speak and could only make a sound, and occasionally uttered a word, he seemed to understand a lot of things.

Lucas put the biscuits in my hand into my mouth and said vaguely, “Eat… eat…” “Thank you for your hospitality. I’m full.” I said with a smile.

“Eat… eat…” However, he still stuffed the biscuits into my mouth, as if he would not stop until late them.

In the end, I had no choice but to take a bite and Lucas laugh happily.

I spent two hours playing with Lucas. He was familiar with me and seemed to like me very much. He kept holding my neck.

Klein stepped forward and laughed. “What do you think? Can you do it? If you can’t…I’ll think of another way.” 

At this moment, I couldn’t leave Lucas. I liked this child too much.

I raised my head to looked at klein. “What else can you think of?”

“I don’t have any other options, unless I come by myself to take care of Lucas.” Klein reached out to stroke Lucas and laughed helplessly.

“You still have a very important job. Do you want to go to work with Lucas?” I teased with a smile.

“Haha…” Klein lowered his head and laughed.

I wiped Lucas’s mouth with a wet towel and said, “Anyway, the account at the beginning of the month is settled. I’m not busy these days. I’ll take care of Lucas!”

Klein was very happy. “Thank you so much. You are a kind angel!”

Faced with Klein’s exaggerated description, I rolled my eyes.

I turned my head and smiled at Lucas in my arms. “Who asked Lucas to be so cute and attractive? Auntie Bella likes Lucas.”

He seemed to understand what I said, and he was very happy as he clapped his little hands.

“You’re so smart.” I couldn’t help praising him. “Of course!” Klein agreed.

After that, Gaynor told me about Lucas’s daily schedule, the milk powder, food, clothes, and diapers, and all the details and things I had to pay attention to. She told me for half an hour. To be safe, I also wrote down all the details in my notebook After everything was settled, Gaynor coughed as she left Soon the baby fell asleep in my arms. I put the baby into the baby bed and put a small quilt over him Then I looked up and whispered to Klein, ‘It’s getting iate. You should go back quickly. Don’t you have to work tomorrow?”

Then I’ll come visit you tomorrow.” Klein said.

“There’s no need for that you still have a very important job tomorrow. Didn’t Gaynor tell me everything? Every morning, noon, and evening, there’s an hourly worker to cook and help with the cleaning. I just think it’s very easy to just look after Lucas. This place is far away from the city. It’ll take you more or less two hours to go back and forth.” I said.

Klein lowered his head and thought for a moment, then said, “If you need anything, just give me a call. I’m leaving now.” “Right.” I nodded, then stood up and sent Klein off.

Back in front of the baby’s bed, I slowly sat down. Looking at Lucas sleeping soundly, I couldn’t calm down.

If my child was still alive, what would his life be like now? Every day, I would carry him out for a walk, feed him meals every day, and sleep with him in my arms at night.

Lucas awakened my mother’s love for him. After a few days of getting along, I unconsciously regarded him as my son. He also liked to stick to me and often touched my face with his chubby little hands.

Lucas was very obedient when it came to food and sleep. Many times when he ate, he would put food into my mouth. In just a few days, we had built up a deep relationship. At about nine o’clock in the evening, I coaxed Lucas to sleep in bed. I was afraid that watching TV would wake up Lucas, so I picked up a magazine at the head of the bed and read it.

I had just flipped through a few pages when I heard footsteps coming from outside.

Was it Klein?

put down the magazine and was about to get up when the door was suddenly pushed open by someone outside!

When I saw the face of the person coming in from outside the door, I was very surprised!

The person outside the door seemed to be as surprised as me.

Why are you here?” Herbert asked.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

Tremember that he locked the door. How did he get in? What on earth did he want to do? Did he come to find me?

I had too many questions in my heart.

“This house is mine. It’s very normal for me to be here. What are you doing in my house? And you’re sleeping in my son’s bed?” said Herbert.

“What did you say? Your house? Your son?” I turned my head and looked at the sleeping Lucas. I didn’t know what was going on.

Herbert walked to me directly and lowered his head while sitting on the bed. He said, “Didn’t you sayou had nothing to do with me? Why did you come to mson’s bed nowOr did you perform a hypocritical act in front of me before this?” The words of Herbert made me angry.

I glared at him and said, “Herbert, you’re too confident! I’m no longer interested in you.” The expression on Herbert’s face suddenly became very ugly. He reached out and grabbed my shoulder, saying loudly, “Who do you think you are? Do you think I’m very interested in you“Since you have no interest in me, why do you always provoke me?” I asked. “L…” Herbert was at a loss for words and did not speak. I looked at him and sneered. At this time, the angry Herbert lowered his head and kissed me. “You… let go… let go…” I struggled desperately and pounded his back with my fists, but it didn’t won at all.

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