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A Man Like None Other Chapter 968 by desirenovel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 968 by desirenovel

Fake Humility

“Hahaha, Mr. Deragon, you’re being too modest!” After bursting into laughter, Warren walked to a side with Edgar before engaging in an inaudible conversation.

“Jared, just you wait. Once we enter the ancient tomb, your fate will no longer be in your hands.”

After shooting Jared a glare, Kenneth walked off with Kristoff.

Even though the two men actually hated each other’s guts, they were still willing to set aside their enmity for the sake of mutual interests.

“Sheesh, those b*stards. I’ll show them what I’m capable of sooner or later!” Colin cursed.

“Going forward, you should train hard and stop being a playboy. Only by possessing true strength can you defend yourself against others,” Jared advised him.

Coline blushed at Jared’s admonishment. All this while, he assumed that his family was so powerful that he could live without worry even though he didn’t know anything.

Consequently, he experienced a paradigm shift after the attack at Shadow Estate that resulted in significant casualties.

“Howard Dunn is here!” someone shouted all of a sudden.

The next moment, a young man dressed in an expensive suit and sunglasses entered the area.

Behind him were two Seventh Level Martial Arts Grandmasters who made for an impressive entrance.

At the sight of Howard, Edgar, who was chatting with Warren a while ago, hurried over with a faint smile on his face. “Mr. Dunn, it’s been a long time since we last met.”

Removing his sunglasses suavely, Howard raised his gaze at Edgar. “It’s been a while indeed, Mr. Deragon. I see that you have grown a lot more powerful than before.”

“Certainly not as much as you!” Edgar smiled.

“Enough, I’m annoyed by this false humility of yours. Are you just trying to insult me when you’re clearly the superior one?” Howard retorted with his expression suddenly turning grim.

The sudden change in Howard’s mood caught Edgar off guard, causing the latter to furrow his brows.

At the sight of Edgar’s expression, Howard burst into abrupt laughter before walking past the former.

“Mr. Dunn.”

Even though many in the crowd greeted him, Howard ignored them all.

At that moment, Kenneth and Kristoff hurried up to him and greeted him respectfully, “Mr. Dunn, we didn’t expect you to be participating in the Trial this year.”

After throwing them a glimpse from the corner of his eye, Howard disregarded them just the same as he walked straight up to Jared.

At the sight of Howard approaching, Jared was filled with curiosity.

Since he didn’t know Howard, he had no clue what the man wanted.

“Are you Jared Chance?” Howard asked as he scrutinized Jared.

After giving him a look, Jared nodded without a word.

All of a sudden, Howard raised his hand and slapped it in Jared’s direction.

Shocked by what happened, Colin wanted to stretch out his hand to intercept the attack even though he knew he was no match for Howard. Nevertheless, he couldn’t stand idly by and watch as someone attacked Jared.

However, just when he was about to spring into action, Jared grabbed his arm to stop him.

The instant Howard’s hand landed on Jared’s shoulder, it turned out to be a gentle pat instead of an attack.

“Hahaha, as expected of someone who killed Ichiro, you’re truly strong and unlike many others who fear the power of his family. If I wasn’t being held back by those above me, I would have killed that b*stard myself!”

As he gave the generous compliment, Howard’s eyes swept across the crowd.

Even though his words insulted many in one fell swoop, none of the others from prominent families dared to refute him. The scene was a testament to how powerful the Dunn family was.

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