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A Man Like None Other Chapter 966 by desirenovel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 966 by desirenovel

A Thief

Just as Jared finished, someone caused a commotion in the crowd.

A youth in a white martial-arts outfit and spotting a crew cut strode in with his black leather shoes.

He was being accompanied by Godrick and two Fifth Level Martial Arts Grandmasters.

“I’m surprised to see that Edgar Deragon has come. I thought that he was going to give the Trial a miss this year.”

“Why wouldn’t he? Since it’s being held at the Emperor’s Mausoleum, this place contains the most treasures of all the other Trial locations.”

“Given how young Edgar is, it’s amazing that he is already a Seventh Level Martial Arts Grandmaster.”

In the midst of their gossip, the crowd gradually took turns greeting Edgar.

“Jared, this man, Edgar, is the eldest son of the Deragons. He has always been cultivating with other masters overseas and would only return to participate in the annual Trial. I didn’t expect him to have made such significant improvement, as he was only a Third Level Martial Arts Grandmaster last year. And now, he has leapfrogged to the Seventh Level.”

Colin looked at Edgar with eyes filled with envy. “Wouldn’t it be great if I could improve my cultivation as fast as he could?”

Jared ignored Colin as his eyes remain fixated on Edgar. Suddenly, an audacious thought flashed across his mind.

Given his current strength, it was impossible for him to rescue his mother from the Deragon residence. Furthermore, he didn’t know how long it would take for him to accumulate the required power.

Therefore, the idea that popped into Jared’s mind was to take Edgar hostage, so that he could exchange the latter for his mother.

At that moment, Edgar sensed something and turned to look in Jared’s direction. The moment their eyes met, a strange sensation crept into the former.

He didn’t know who Jared was and naturally wasn’t aware of the latest developments.

“Mr. Edgar, that man is Jared Chance. He was the one who killed Ichiro Watanabe previously,” Godrick explained to Edgar.

“Oh, I know about him. Isn’t he the one who discovered the Emperor’s Mausoleum as well?” Edgar remarked in surprise.

“It was probably Blake Henckle who first found it, but was broken into by Jared. Subsequently, he told Mr. Sanders about it.”

Godrick refused to believe that Jared was capable enough to discover such a huge mausoleum.

Therefore, he felt it was more likely that Blake had found the ancient tomb, as the Henckle family were graverobbers for generations.

“If that’s the case, he’s nothing but a thief.”

After letting out a snort, Edgar averted his gaze with a contemptuous look on his face.

Just as Edgar left, Jared noticed two familiar figures. One was Kenneth of the Thunderstorm Sect and the other was Kristoff of the Shalvis family. Both of them were followed by two Martial Arts Grandmasters.

The moment he saw Jared, Kristoff’s expression darkened, as he couldn’t rest until he sought revenge. “Jared, you’d better watch yourself during the Trial. Don’t let me have the chance to—”

“Kristoff, you should keep your mouth shut. Are you threatening Jared? If you are, I’m going rip your mouth off.”

Colin confronted Kristoff when he saw the latter’s hostile behavior.

Briefly stunned, Kristoff sneered, “Colin, since when did you become his lapdog? There was a time when you used to grovel at my feet, but now, you’re barking at me instead?”

“You b*stard!”

Colin was so incensed at Kristoff calling him a lapdog that he threw a punch at the latter.

However, before Colin’s punch could land, Kristoff unleashed a powerful aura with a wave of his hand that forced Colin to stagger a few steps back.

In the end, it was Jared who reached out to grab Colin. Otherwise, he would have embarrassed himself by landing on his bum.

Evidently, Colin’s was out of Kristoff’s league in terms of power.

“Colin, of all the people the Shadow Estate could ingratiate themselves with, you had to choose Jared. Aren’t you worried that you’ll become the butt of everyone’s jokes?”

Kenneth looked at Colin mockingly.

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