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A Man Like None Other Chapter 964 by desirenovel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 964 by desirenovel

 Talents Hidden In Plain Sight

“D*mmit! Why do these pieces of sh*ts need so long to capture Jared? I bet they’re chilling in bars and hitting on girls. Once they get back, I’ll have to discipline them,” Ryker cussed with his brows knitted.

He had no doubts that five Martial Arts Grandmasters could definitely catch Jared. In fact, sending the five guardians was his way of taking precautions and definitely overkill.

At the Department of Justice in Jadeborough, Jared and Theodore could be seen sitting in the courtyard.

“Mr. Chance, have you achieved a breakthrough?”

Theodore turned to Jared with puzzlement.

“Why? Did you sense it? But I’m already hiding my aura, though,” Jared asked with surprise.

I’m already hiding my aura. If even Theodore could sense it, my concealment must be terrible.

“Well, no. I didn’t sense your aura. I merely felt it from your presence, not your aura. Your body is now exuding a stronger presence than before,” Theodore explained.

Resignation filled Jared at his explanation. I have no control over my presence. My body will only become tougher as I reach higher levels. There is no way for me to hide the presence exuded from higher levels and improvement of the body.

“I broke through two days ago,” Jared answered with a faint smile.

“Congratulations then, Mr. Chance. Now that you’ve reached the Martial Arts Grandmaster level, you’ll have nothing to fear even if your opponent’s a Fifth Level Martial Arts Grandmaster.”

Theodore was happy about Jared’s breakthrough.

Little did he know that Jared had actually broken through several levels instead of just one.

Having reached the Martial Arts Grandmaster level, Jared reckoned he could defeat a Fifth Level Martial Arts Grandmaster with one strike and could even win the battle against a Seventh Level Martial Arts Grandmaster. However, he wasn’t confident in winning if his opponent was a Top Level Martial Arts Grandmaster. After all, even the slightest increase in level would leave a large gap in terms of abilities.

“Jadeborough is a place with many talents hidden in plain sight. My abilities are nothing in comparison,” Jared replied resignedly.

After all, Jared had a late start. He was already considered a genius for achieving his current level in a few short years. Regardless, he owed it to the Focus Technique he used.

Thinking about the Focus Technique, a man popped up in Jared’s mind. Even though he couldn’t see the man’s face clearly, the man would always show up in his mind at random times.

Jared knew the man was the father whom he had never met before. He often wondered about his father’s identity.

What kind of abilities does he have to possess an incredible technique like the Focus Technique and establish an organization like the Dragon Sect?

“Mr. Chance? Mr. Chance?”

Noticing Jared was spacing out, Theodore tried to pull his attention back.

With a slight shudder, Jared snapped out of his train of thoughts. “Yes, General Jackson? What’s wrong?

Not catching anything unusual in Jared’s expression, Theodore said, “Mr. Chance, Mr. Sanders sent word two days ago that the Watanabe family from Jetroina had already sent out an elite to infiltrate our country with the intention to assassinate you. But Mr. Sanders wanted to assure you that he would make them disappear if they dared to step foot in this country.”

“Okay, got it.” Jared nodded.

Jared didn’t doubt Mr. Sanders’ words because he had seen that organization’s and Captain Xenos’ capabilities, and they weren’t any weaker than Jared himself. The fact that Captain Xenos was merely a lowly subordinate showed Mr. Sanders and the higher-ups within the organization had terrifying abilities.

“That being said, Mr. Sanders did advise you to refrain from exiting the country. Otherwise, he has no guarantee on your personal safety,” Theodore added.

Jared nodded with understanding. Every second of his time was precious. He would’ve focused all his time on cultivation if he could, so naturally, he wouldn’t have left the country.

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