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A Man Like None Other Chapter 1512 by desire novel

Chapter 1512 Pressure Arthur

“That’s right. If Mr. Sanders hasn’t been backing Jared, he would have died a long time ago,” uttered Edgar angrily as well.

“It’ll be even better if Mr. Sanders doesn’t get involved. If that’s the case, the Warriors Alliance can eradicate a public threat. When we finally execute Jared in front of everyone, the authorities won’t give us any problems,” said Skylar with a smile.

He guessed that Arthur would not do anything about Jared, and he most certainly would not punish the latter. As such, it was a good excuse for them.

“So, who’s going to tell Mr. Sanders?” asked Zion.

There was no way Zion would dare to. Every time he saw Arthur, he would tremble all over. He doubted he would be able to get a word out!

“As the President, of course, it’s you. But, you can gather the rest of the prestigious families and go together so as to pressure Arthur,” Skylar suggested.

“Me?” Zion was stunned.

“Why? Are you afraid?” There was a hint of mockery in Skylar’s eyes.

After a moment of hesitation, Zion denied through gritted teeth, “Of course not! Why would I be afraid?”

Zion had brought with him the persons in charge from more than ten prestigious families to the Department of Justice. They wanted to get an explanation from Arthur.

Xavier reported to Arthur, “Mr. Sanders, Jared isn’t dead. He’s the one who annihilated people from more than ten sects or prestigious families. Now, Zion has brought the people in charge before you to demand punishment for Jared!”

“Let them in,” said Arthur calmly.

Xavier nodded. Very soon, Zion and the others were brought in.

When they saw Arthur, all of them shivered in fear.

“Take a seat,” said Arthur.

However, none of them dared to do so. The overwhelming pressure they felt when they met Arthur was too much for them to handle. They could barely breathe!

Seeing that none of them were sitting down, Arthur asked, “All of you are here to see me. What’s the matter?”

Several of them dared not look Arthur in his eyes. When he spoke, many of them even looked down.

Zion, on the other hand, was looking at his congregation. Since no one dared to utter a word, he had no choice but to speak up.

“Mr. Sanders, Jared has destroyed over ten of the prestigious families in Warriors Alliance. Now, he’s provoked us in public. We hope that the authorities will punish Jared and give us justice.”

Zion mustered all the confidence he had. In truth, his heart was lodged in his throat.

“I’m aware of that issue!” Arthur nodded. “What else?”

Zion was taken aback before shaking his head. “N-Nothing else. We just want Jared to be executed. That’s all.”

“So, you brought so many people here just to tell me this?” inquired Arthur collectedly.

“Yes. They all hope that you can uphold justice.”

At that moment, Zion’s face was flushed, and his heart was pumping like crazy.

“All of you want the same thing?” asked Arthur as he swept his glance across the crowd before him.

Instead of answering him, they lowered their heads and held their breaths.

“Zion, I don’t think they agree with you…” said Arthur when the rest of the group remained silent.

Zion panicked and immediately called out to them, “Say something! Mr. Sanders is asking all of you. Didn’t we all agree on this before we came here?”

He was roaring at them furiously. Still, no one said anything. They just continued to keep their heads down.

Regardless of what Zion said, none of them supported him. Instantaneously, a cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

“Zion!” shouted Arthur.

“M-Mr. Sanders…”

Zion began to tremble because he knew that Arthur was infuriated.

“You brought so many people to the Department of Justice to pressure me. This is very audacious of you!”

Arthur’s voice turned cold before he waved his hand lightly.

A massive wave of energy rushed at Zion. Before he could react, he was sent flying before crashing to the ground with a heavy thud.

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