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A Man Like None Other Chapter 1167 by desirenovel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1167 by desirenovel

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As the team leader of the Law Enforcement Department, Xavier had to work extra hard, so he was swamped, especially after Jared killed Warren. Many were unhappy with the Law Enforcement Department because of it.

That was understandable since Warren was the director of Warriors Alliance. Everyone was upset because the Law Enforcement Department sat idly by, even after Jared publicly murdered someone that important.

Unfortunately, the powerful Mr. Sanders had already issued the order, and Xavier couldn’t disobey him.

“You don’t understand. I only protected Jared because I wanted him to mess up the entire martial arts world in Jadeborough. Only then will the powerful individuals hidden in plain sight reveal themselves. The sudden emergence of the Malison Sect and the way they openly attacked… That proves that these hidden threats exist,” replied the guy calmly as he narrowed his eyes while in deep thought.

Neither Xavier nor Theodore understood what Mr. Sanders was talking about, so neither spoke.

“Captain Jennings, get some men together and find out where Malison Sect is currently located. Send some men there and capture those hooligans. They were too brazen, and that was an obvious taunt to us,” said Mr. Sanders.

“Understood,” replied Xavier before he left.

On Skull Island…

Jared was lost in his training when someone suddenly barged in and interrupted his cultivation.

When he saw the intruder, Jared frowned slightly.

“Freddy, what are you doing here?” asked Jared.

“Mr. Chance, please help us. Please save my family,” begged Freddy, who went on his knees immediately after.

Jared waved his hand lightly and effortlessly helped Freddy up. The former then said, “Calm down. Tell me what happened.”

Freddy told Jared everything, including Quintus’ threat.

The names Malison Sect and Quintus were unfamiliar to Jared because he wasn’t involved in the martial arts world before Malison Sect disappeared.

“Those men are merciless, Mr. Chance, and you are the only one who can save my family.”

Freddy had put all of his hope on Jared by then.

“Don’t worry. I won’t let anyone hurt your family. I’ll go to your place right now.”

Since the Wood family only got into trouble for helping Jared, there was no way Jared would stand idly by.

He got onto the ship and traveled to Southernshire with Freddy immediately.

They were on their way when Quintus led his team and killed every other member of the Wood family.

Dozens of lives were taken, and many women were sexually assaulted before they died.

Those who practiced Demonic Cultivation saw murder as the normal thing to do, so the entire Wood residence reeked of blood. It looked like Hell.

Just as Quintus was going to leave the place, he ran into a group of uniformed men.

“Are you from Law Enforcement Department?”

Quintus frowned the second he saw the men there.

Xavier, on the other hand, gritted his teeth. He saw the bodies lying all over the place, and fury raged within his eyes.

“Quintus Zabel, you escaped all those years ago. I didn’t think you’d be foolish enough to show up and cause mayhem again. Today, I will apprehend and punish you,” roared Xavier angrily.

The other members of the Law Enforcement Department were furious as well.

“Xavier, it’s been so long, but you haven’t gotten stronger at all. You wounded me all those years ago, and this is the perfect opportunity to exact my vengeance on you.”

After Quintus said that, the aura within him flushed out instantly. He threw a punch at Xavier.

When the latter realized what was going on, he frowned and summoned silver rings right away.

The silver rings looked like halos, and they emanated unending lights.

The other members of the Law Enforcement Department fished a golden rope out of their possession.

Those ropes intertwined midair and formed a single net before hovering over Quintus.

Anyone captured by that net, regardless of how powerful their Demonic Cultivation was, would be trapped.

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