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A Man Like None Other Chapter 1086 by desirenovel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1086 by desirenovel

Why Are You Following Me

When they arrived at the hotel, the driver didn’t ask Jared for the fare. Instead, he left after thanking Jared.

However, Jared noticed that the two men driving the black BMW actually followed him there and parked the car a near distance away.

Without showing any indication of his discovery, he entered the hotel. After settling Lizbeth down in the room, he left the hotel.

The two men were still watching near the hotel entrance. The instant they saw Jared coming out, they gave him their backs.

Jared pretended as though he didn’t see them and casually walked toward the street at the side.

Seeing that he had left, the two men immediately trailed after him.

After following him for a distance, they suddenly noticed that he had disappeared.

“Crap! He’s gone!”

“What should we do now? Should we go back and report it to Mr. Gardner first?”

The two men discussed among themselves in hushed voices.

“Why are you two following me?”

At that precise moment, Jared stepped out from behind them.

Startled, they swiftly turned back, only to see the man regarding them with a smirk.

“W-What are you talking about? We’re just strolling around. Who’s following you?”

Right after one of the two men finished saying that, he made to leave with the other man.

Alas, Jared streaked over and blocked their path.

“Stop feigning ignorance when you’ve followed me the entire way. Did Karl send you here?” he demanded sharply.

“What are you saying? We don’t get it at all. You’d better not provoke us and move aside!” one of them threatened him.

“It looks like you’re not going to be honest without being taught a lesson!”

The corners of Jared’s mouth turned up. In the next heartbeat, he swung his hand out.

The two men could clearly see his hand moving toward them, but they discovered that they couldn’t dodge it.

A slap landed on the face of the man who had threatened Jared earlier.

They were instantly floored. We’re Senior Grandmasters, yet we couldn’t even dodge a slap?

“Are you sick of living, kid?”

At the blow, the man promptly saw red. He unleashed the full force of his aura, blasting it at Jared.

The other man didn’t bother putting on an act anymore and unleashed his aura as well.

“Hah! You’re merely Senior Grandmasters, yet you dare to act so impudently? What fools!”

Jared snorted, a cold gleam glinting in his eyes.

He didn’t move at all, but the intense aura on him had the two men sprawled on the ground.

At that, terror showed in their eyes, and they were utterly petrified.

They realized that they were entirely helpless before the man.

“Please spare us, sir! We’re only following orders!”

The two men desperately begged Jared for mercy.

“Spit it out! Was it Karl who had you follow me? Are you two aware of my identity?” Jared asked frostily.

One of them shook his head incessantly. “N-No. Mr. Gardner ordered us to wait at the airport and keep an eye on the flights from Jadeborough. If there are any martial artists above the rank of Senior Grandmaster on the flight, we’re supposed to report back to him after ascertaining the other party’s accommodation.”

“So, you also reported my accommodation to him?” A frown marred Jared’s countenance.

It’ll be troublesome if Karl secretly flees after learning about my arrival. Where am I supposed to find him then when the world is vast?

“No, no. We hadn’t done that because we couldn’t determine your capabilities!” the two men replied, shaking their heads profusely.

Only then did Jared understand why they had been tailing him and even purposefully devised the collision. It was all to have a gauge of his capabilities.

He had masked a portion of his aura, so they hadn’t been able to ascertain his true capabilities and thus didn’t dare report back recklessly.

“All right. You two may scram now.”

Having said that, Jared withdrew his aura and walked off.

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