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A Man Like None Other Chapter 1085 by desirenovel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1085 by desirenovel

 A Deliberate Accident

It’s just that many capable martial artists don’t care about fame and authority, focusing wholly on cultivating. Otherwise, the entire martial arts world in the northwest is really too weak if Karl were the best martial artist there.

“Trust me on this! I heard that the martial arts practiced by the Baron of the Northwest are unrivaled! He’s just like an immortal, albeit I’ve never seen it in person,” the driver asserted mysteriously.

Jared merely chuckled in response. To the ordinary person, an Eighth Level Martial Arts Grandmaster is indeed considered an immortal.

“Then, do you know where Karl lives?” he queried.

“There’s a manor spanning over sixty hectares in the west of the city. That’s where he resides. But you’d best not go there if you don’t have an invitation. Not only will you be unable to gain entry, but you might even get beaten up. Anyone who wants an audience with the Baron of the Northwest must make an appointment beforehand,” the driver cautioned.

“Thank you, mister. I was merely asking out of curiosity. I don’t know him, so why would I go there?” Jared replied with a smile.

While the driver was driving Jared and Lizbeth to the hotel, a black car dashed out from behind on a relatively remote road without warning.

The car scraped against the taxi, giving the driver such a scare that he hastily got out of the vehicle to check on things.

The moment he noticed that the other car was a BMW, his expression changed.

“Are you f*cking blind? Do you even know how to drive?”

Two men alighted from the BMW and tore into the taxi driver.

“I’m sorry, but you were the ones who abruptly darted out, and I didn’t have the time to brake.”

The driver hurriedly apologized to them both.

However, one of them shoved him unforgivingly while the other furtively studied Jared in the taxi.

Although Jared was sitting in the taxi, he had long since sensed the man scrutinizing him. Besides, the two men emanated auras of martial artists faintly.

They had deliberately masked their auras, but he could still perceive them.

“I’m in a rush right now, gentlemen. It’s just a graze anyway. How much does a repair cost? I’ll pay you compensation.”

Jared swung open the car door and climbed out just then.

One of the men looked him up and down. Jared intentionally leaked a bit of his aura.

It was clear as day that both men’s expressions changed slightly, but they composed themselves in no time.

“A repair of my car will cost at least three thousand,” one of them answered.

Without saying anything, Jared took out three thousand from his pocket and handed it to him.

Then, he said to the taxi driver, “Let’s go, mister. I’m in a hurry to rest.”

The taxi driver didn’t dare move a muscle until the man waved a hand impatiently. “Go, leave!”

As though having received a stay of execution, the taxi driver swiftly got into the car and sped off.

“Thank you so much, buddy! I would’ve been dead meat if it hadn’t been for you. You might not know this, but those two men were of the Gardner family!” the taxi driver exclaimed.

“Of the Gardner family? How do you know that?”

Jared was stunned for a moment, not quite understanding how the taxi driver discerned that.

After all, the latter was an ordinary person and couldn’t possibly sense the aura of a martial artist on the two men.

“I could tell at a single glance. While they purposefully kept the tattoos on their arms out of sight, I glimpsed them as soon as I alighted from the taxi. I can’t afford to offend someone of the Gardner family!”

Fear lingered within the taxi driver.

Jared didn’t comment on that, but he wondered why those two men of the Gardner family were following him.

It was all too clear that they had deliberately scraped against the taxi just so they could take the opportunity to observe the situation in the vehicle.

Could it be that Karl knows that I’m here?

Anyhow, Jared wasn’t afraid regardless of whether the man was aware of his arrival. He was merely worried that the man would secretly take off.

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