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A Man Like None Other Chapter 1072 by desirenovel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1072 by desirenovel

Bicolor Draconic Essence

Zion scoffed at Warren’s comment. “Edgar must be bluffing. If the Deragons had so many sacred items, Ryker would never be so deferential around us.”

“That’s true!” Warren nodded his head in agreement.

Judging by Ryker’s personality, if his family owned multiple sacred items, he would have dictated Jadeborough’s martial arts world long ago.

Edgar’s bronze handbell continued bearing down on Jared. Its murderous intent flew at Jared like countless knives, leaving behind sparks and wounds where they struck his body.

Jared raised his Dragonslayer Sword. He channeled every ounce of spiritual energy in his body into the sword before bringing it down on the handbell.

The powerful sword energy almost slashed through the fabric of space, yet it dissolved into nothingness once it touched Edgar’s handbell.

His Dragonslayer Sword failed to fend off the bronze handbell’s advance.

Edgar glared at Jared fiercely and said, “There’s nothing you can do, Jared. You can’t beat the Deragons’ sacred item.”

He thought he could easily subdue Jared, only to be surprised by how sorely he had underestimated his rival. At last, he used every trick up his sleeve and even had to pull out his family’s sacred item.

Jared said through gritted teeth, “You call this a sacred item?”

The Power of Dragons exploded from his body. A dragon’s deafening roar split the air before Jared thrust his sword at the handbell once more.

This time, a golden dragon emerged from the tip of his sword, roaring as it charged at the bronze handbell.


The dragon disappeared amid golden sparks, yet the handbell emerged unscathed and showed no signs of slowing down.

Edgar sneered at Jared, taunting, “Haha! I told you not to waste your energy! Time for you to wait for your death. If you kneel and beg for mercy, I may consider sparing your life.”

Jared ignored him and summoned the Power of Dragons within his body again.

However, the Power of Dragons seemed to have a mind of its own as it darted straight into Jared’s draconic essence.

The golden glow around Jared’s body quickly turned into flashes of red and blue. His body became so translucent that one could see his bones with the naked eye.

“What is that?”

Someone noticed a glowing orb in Jared’s body. Half of the orb was fiery red, while the other was ice-blue. It was responsible for the bicolor glow enveloping Jared’s body.

The crowd erupted into questions. “That’s a draconic essence, right? Is that the one that Jared swallowed?”

“How could a draconic essence look like this? Why does it have two colors?”

“Wait a minute, look there! The bronze handbell stopped moving!”

Someone else noticed that the bronze handbell, which had been charging at Jared, suddenly stopped moving under the bicolor glow.

Edgar quickly realized that something was wrong, and panic suffused his features. He pointed his sword at the bronze handbell, emitting a burst of blue light.

“Come on!”

The handbell rumbled and began spinning.

Still, no matter how fast it spun, it did not move closer to Jared.

At that moment, Jared’s body had become so translucent that it almost appeared like an apparition. Then, without warning, the bicolor draconic essence gradually flew out of Jared’s body.

In the blink of an eye, the bicolor draconic essence glowed so brightly that it eclipsed the sun.

The crowd sensed a mighty aura drifting out of the draconic essence.

Another dragon’s roar filled the air, and everyone involuntarily covered their ears.

A burst of color painted the sky and finally struck the spinning handbell.


The bronze handbell shattered as though made of fragile glass.

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