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A Man Like None Other Chapter 1069 by desirenovel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1069 by desirenovel

Burning Away The Blood Essence

Zion was scowling, but when he turned to look at Warren, he realized the latter had a dumbfounded look on his face.

Jared was performing far better than they ever thought he could.

“Regardless of everything, we can’t let him live until the next morning,” Zion said.

Warren nodded in agreement. He, too, knew that they would be digging their own graves if they let Jared continue improving his strength.

“I know you’re not dead yet. Why don’t you use all the tricks you have up your sleeve?”

The way Jared was gazing at his opponent was as if he was a king looking down on his people. The crowd could not help but feel a chill running down their spines.

Edgar then clambered out of the crater with great difficulty. His chest was dented from the attack, and evidently, he had a couple of broken ribs.

Just as Edgar’s head appeared out of the crater, Jared took a step forward. In the next second, he dashed toward Edgar.

The overwhelming intense aura rushed toward Edgar as well.


Edgar, who had just risen to his feet, was smashed onto the ground once again.

Dust rose up in the air. For a moment, no one beyond the dusty shroud could see what was happening.


At that, Ryker’s face turned ashen, and he jumped to his feet.

Edgar was his only son, and he could not bear to see anything happen to Edgar; he could see that Jared was determined to end Edgar’s life.

“Mr. Deragon…”

Right then, Godrick grabbed Ryker. “Clam down, Mr. Deragon. If you help him up right now, the Deragon family would lose every bit of their reputation. We’ll become the laughingstock of the martial arts world. Moreover, Mr. Edgar hasn’t taken out the sacred item yet. That means he’s still fine; he’s not at his wits’ end yet!”

Godrick’s words managed to calm Ryker down.

Indeed, Edgar had not shown his trump card yet, so that meant that he was not hopeless.

If Ryker had impulsively intervened earlier, he would have broken the rules of the Warriors Alliance. If that were to happen, it would be a difficult mess to clean up.

Beads of cold sweat dotted Ryker’s forehead when he thought of that.


All of a sudden, Edgar let out an angry bellow. A beat later, blue light encased him as the aura around him thickened.

“Jared, I’m going to end you! Even if I die in the process, I’m going to drag you to hell with me!”

Edgar had turned into an enraged beast as he swung his fist toward Jared.

Jared was not going to stand there and let Edgar attack him. He countered Edgar’s punch with a punch of his own. In the next instance, a booming explosion sounded out.

Then, the immense energy rippled through the air like sea waves.

Edgar was becoming quicker and quicker as his aura turned more and more intense. He was raining his fists down on Jared.

The people around them could only see two vague figures shifting in the air. The only way they could keep track of the battle was by hearing the deafening sound reverberating in the space.

“Has Edgar gone mad? Is he actually burning away his blood essence? Does he want to die?”

The colors drained from Ryker’s face as he watched Edgar battle against Jared frenziedly.

“Does Edgar not know the dire consequences of doing that? He’s burning his blood essence at such a young age! If this goes on, even if he wins this fight, I’m afraid he’ll end up a cripple!” Zion remarked wistfully when he saw Edgar increasing his combat prowess by burning his blood essence.

Meanwhile, Jared was counterattacking Edgar’s rapid punches, his face expressionless. He was neither frustrated nor anxious.

“Let’s see how much blood essence you have left to burn. The moment it runs out, it’s time for you to die.”

As Jared said that, he threw a punch at Edgar.

Edgar lifted his arms to defend against it, but the overpowering force still made Edgar plummet from the sky.

At that, Jared hurried after him.

“Time to say your goodbyes!”

A vicious glint flashed past Jared’s eyes. He then began punching Edgar continuously.

Blood spurted out from Edgar’s mouth as the sounds of bone cracking came from all over his body.


Once again, Edgar slammed into the ground.

Jared then lifted Edgar, who was motionless, up into the air. At that moment, Edgar was like a weak, defenseless rat in the hands of the exterminator.

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