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A Man Like None Other Chapter 1065 by desirenovel

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1065 by desirenovel

 The Killing Blow

Seeing that, Zion glanced at Warren. The latter made a gesture with his hands immediately, and four rays of light shot from the four corners of the venue, expanding to form a huge barrier that shrouded Jared and Edgar within it.

Only then did the people kneeling on the ground come to their senses. Realizing the foolishness of what they were doing, all of them felt utterly embarrassed.

As Godrick stood next to Ryker, he could not help remarking in surprise, “Not only is Jared physically strong, but his spiritual sense is also incredibly strong. It affected those people’s minds just now!”

Ryker did not say anything as he fixed his eyes on Jared. “If that incident more than twenty years ago hadn’t happened to the Deragon family, Jared might’ve already become an unparalleled force to be reckoned with,” he muttered under his breath.

Murderous intent blazed in his eyes, and the urge to kill Jared rose within him. He also started to fear what Jared would be like when he was all grown up.

Meanwhile, Edgar’s expression had turned grim. His brows drew together tightly as he stared at Jared, who was still floating in mid-air.

Swathed in golden light, Jared said in a voice dripping with disdain and arrogance, “You still have two shots…”

I want to use this opportunity to attack the Deragon family and quash their pride!

With the sun’s rays shining upon him, Jared looked just like an immortal gazing down on the world.

Zion frowned as he stared at Jared who was suspended in the air. “There’s so much more about him than meets the eye…”

“He’s too fearsome! He has already managed to strengthen his physical state to such an extent, and if he continues progressing like this, he’ll really become a formidable foe for the Warriors Alliance…”

Warren looked grave. “But he’s still young and impulsive, arrogant and conceited. He had the audacity to declare that he’d let his opponent deal five blows on him. Such arrogance could cost him his life.”

However, Zion shook his head. “He’s not arrogant. He did it on purpose, deliberately using that to humiliate the Deragons.”

“Don’t tell me there’s some deep-seated grudge between Jared and the Deragon family!” Warren exclaimed in bewilderment. He had never heard any mention of a grudge between the two parties.

“I’m afraid that’s something only the Deragons know.”

With that, Zion fixed his eyes on the arena.

Edgar had now retreated some distance. He eyed Jared coldly, seething with rage.

Getting humiliated like this in public is not just an embarrassment to me alone but also to my family!

“D*mn you, Jared Chance! I’ll make you pay!”

Edgar forgot all about Ryker’s advice as murderous intent rose within him.

The only way for him to vent his anger was to butcher Jared with a thousand blades!

“Cut the nonsense. If you have the balls, go ahead and attack me. However, allow me to remind you that you only have two chances left,” Jared replied icily as he gazed down at Edgar.

“You asked for it!”

Edgar’s expression shifted drastically. With a loud yell, blue light flared up around him. Countless rays of light slowly gathered above his head, finally forming into a huge fist.

The enormous fist that glowed blue contained a strange power that seemed to be absorbing the energy of heaven and earth.

“Sacred Light Fist!” Edgar shouted.

He swung his fist, and the massive fist-shaped light above his head rushed toward Jared at full tilt, intent on destroying everything in its path.

The terrifying aura set off a gale, and the air resounded with the sound of something splitting. Because of the powerful wave of energy, the protective barrier started shaking violently, threatening to shatter at any moment.

Panicking at the sight of the powerful attack, Howard asked anxiously, “That’s Edgar’s killing blow, isn’t it?”

Samuel, Theodore, and Leviathan did not respond. Instead, they clenched their fists tightly, each of them on tenterhooks.

Jared is our pillar of hope. If he falls, we’ll lose everything in Jadeborough!

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