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A Lifetime With You Chapter 164

Chapter 164

Because of the car accident, Damien’s driver was also injured. Hence, Dempsey was the one who sent Ava and Damien back home. On the way home, Dempsey told Ava about the details of the car accident. It turned out that after Selden’s car got out of the mud, the braking system was slightly damaged. When they wanted to stop the car, it swerved out of control and hit Damien’s car. “There were six cars in total, but your car just had to be in front of his. How unlucky of you.” Ava could not help teasing him. “I think he probably did it on purpose.” Damien scoffed coldly. “You’re saying that Selden deliberate hurt himself just to make sure your hand was scratched? | don’t think so!”. “Do you need to always defend him like this?”. “I am not defending him!I am just teasing you.” Ava pouted helplessly. Damien’s face was cold as he turned his head away without saying a word. The fight was over such a small issue that Ava felt speechless. Damien was jealous, wasn’t he? She took a glance at him and found that he was still ignoring her. Her heart was filled with covert joy when she thought about how a CEO like him was jealous of such a small issue. How amusing!

In truth, Damien’s injury was not serious, but it bled rather badly. According to the doctor, he needed to tend to his wounds frequently and they couldn’t be in contact with water.

This just gave him a good excuse to have Ava do everything he asked for!

“Help me get some water.” “Bring me the magazine.” “Adjust the air-con temperature, please.”.

Ava was very cooperative at first, but she became impatient after several times. “Hey, you hurt your hand, not your legs! Is it that difficult to stand up? I don’t have to keep serving you like a king, do 1?” He silently lifted his trousers and there was a large bruise on his knee. Fine! She would do it only because he had a car accident! Next, she walked over obediently and helped him adjust the temperature. However, Damien suddenly stood up and left the sofa. Ava couldn’t help rolling her eyes. “What’s wrong?” “I need to go to the bathroom.” “Alright.” She was completely speechless.

When night fell, he suddenly wanted to take a shower and summoned her into the bathroom with him.

“Hey, you’re just injured, not disabled! Can’t you take a shower yourself?” “The doctor said that my wounds can’t get wet!”

Then, Damien raised his left hand in a righteously.

Ava wanted to punch him, but she had no choice but to help him draw a bath. After the tub was filled, she thought she could leave. However, she didn’t expect Damien to grab her and say, “I haven’t even started bathing, so where do you think you are going?” “You… You can take a bath yourself! Why do you need me here?” Ava was so nervous and she started to stutter.

“Have you ever seen anyone who takes a bath fully clothed?” Damien then lightly tapped her forehead. He had the strength to grab her, but he couldn’t take his own clothes off? She muttered curses under her breath. Alas, Ava had no choice but to unwillingly take off his shirt and coat. Then, she proceeded to his trousers. By then, Ava could not help feeling a headache coming her way.

A fit body with chiseled abs and muscles was exposed in front of her. It was enough to make her blush furiously. If he were to stand there completely naked in front of her, she was pretty sure her nose wouldn’t stop bleeding!

“This isn’t even the first time you’ve seen me naked. Stop pretending to be shy.” Damien chuckled. He rested his chin on top of her head. His stubble prickled her scalp and sent a jolt of electricity all the way down to her heart. Then, she raised her head and hit his chin before she said, “Do what you want! I won’t serve you anymore!”

She wanted to get rid of his hands and leave the bathroom quickly, but he pulled her back with his strong arms.

“Do whatever I want? Well, you said it yourself!” He chuckled lightly. They were so close that she could even feel his breath on her face!

Seeing that he was about to kiss her, Ava quickly pushed him away. Then, he accidentally bumped his injured hand against the wall. He groaned softly and let go of her waist. “Are you going to take a bath or not?” She asked in annoyance. “Of course, but you’re not allowed to leave me.” Damien then proceeded to lie in the bathtub. Although his muscles were relaxed, they still looked so chiseled and they looked even more tempting because of the water droplets. It was enough to make anyone nervous. Ava then took the shampoo and put it on his head. After all, his hand was injured, so he couldn’t wash his hair by himself. Next, she gently rubbed the shampoo into his scalp.

Damien seemed to be very comfortable being massaged by her. His eyes were closed, and he had a smile on his lips. Meanwhile, she couldn’t help swearing in her heart. Even Jean never had the honor to enjoy such extravagant service from her! Damien was acting like he was a king, wasn’t he? “You’re really lucky, you know? Dempsey sent me a picture of the accident. Selden’s car was literally wrecked, and yet, you only scratched the back of your hand.” However, Damien replied to her seriously, “Although the wound is small, it still hurts.” “How embarrassing! Selden’s shoulder is seriously hurt, and he didn’t even complain!” “Since you feel sorry for him, then you can take care of him. Don’t come to me.”

Seeing that he was about to get angry again, she quickly raised her hand and said. “Okay, okay fine! Forget anything I said.”

After washing his hair for him, Ava threw the body scrub at Damien and said, “You can do that yourself, right? If I’m not mistaken, you have two hands!” He chuckled and finally let her go. After Ava left the bathroom, he adjusted the temperature of the water to the coldest setting.

She had only washed his hair for him, and yet he nearly lost control!

Hence, Damien thought to himself that Ava might have given him a love potion. Ava waited for a long time in the room before Damien finally left the bathroom. Because he was in the bathroom alone for so long, Ava almost thought something happened to him.

She couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. Could it be that he found it difficult to bathe because she refused to help him?

At the thought of this, she took the initiative to approach him and asked, “Shall I dry your hair for you?”

She pulled him into a chair and sat him down. Then, she quickly took out a hairdryer and enthusiastically fiddled with his hair while blow-drying it.

She seemed very skillful and it was very comfortable.

Next, Damien asked her, “Did you train as a hairstylist or something?” She smiled and said, “Practice makes perfect, right? I always help Jean with his hair and…” In the middle of her words, she suddenly stopped.


Ava did not answer. That was because she suddenly remembered that back when she had just lost her memory, she thought Selden was her husband and she’d helped him dry his hair before. That particular time in her life was quite carefree indeed.

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