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A Lifetime With You Chapter 156

Chapter 156

Although Ava didn’t discuss anything with Dempsey, she couldn’t help but ask Luella some questions when she reached the office. Luella smiled and said, “Humph, some time ago you didn’t seem to be bothered about this, but you can’t stand it any longer, right? After everything, you do care!” “Cut the crap and tell me! I know that you’re the most well-informed about this sort of gossip!”

Luella pondered for a moment and told her, “Dempsey joined the company the moment she graduated from university. At the time, our boss had just taken over as CEO and he needed a confidante as soon as possible. So, Dempsey was his first secretary.”

“Then she…”

“She graduated from a famous university and is very capable at her job. She has been working in the company for many years! She could even easily be a branch manager but our boss here really needed her help. She has to handle every detail of the tasks given to her. Let’s just say that Mr. Radbury could let go of the board of directors but not her. That’s how important she is here in the company.” “So, are they very close to each other?” Luella nodded, but quickly added, “Even though they’re close to each other, I don’t believe it that they have any romantic feelings involved. It’s strictly professional, I would say.”

“Why so?” “Because Dempsey has a boyfriend! And the CEO is such a reserved person. He even put you in the Administrative Department to deliberately keep your relationship with him a secret, so how could he possibly have a secret lover? Do you think this is a TV drama?” Well, Damien and she were like strangers in the company and yet he didn’t mind being seen so close with Dempsey… After hearing this, the discomfort in Ava’s heart got worse.

Also, she heard from Dempsey about what happened in the bar last night while they were on the way to the company that morning.

Even if the relationship between her and Damien was pure, hadn’t she broken up with her boyfriend last night?

Right at this moment, their manager came over and said, “Ava, go and send some documents to the supervisor of the Marketing Department and ask him to sign here.” Ava nodded quickly and agreed. Then she took the document and headed to the Marketing Department. The workload here was very complicated and hectic, but Ava was already used to it. Unfortunately, the supervisor was meeting a client, so she had to wait outside for a while.

While waiting, Ava spoke with several colleagues in the Marketing Department. She learned that the client which the supervisor was meeting was a representative of a pharmaceutical company, and they were discussing a multimillion-dollar project!

Because of this, all the staff in the Marketing Department were nervous and extremely busy.

“Ava, can you ask your manager if your department can lend us a helping hand?” One of her colleagues said. “Okay, I’ll go back and speak to the manager.”

Just as they were chatting, the supervisor and his client walked out. Then, she quickly went up and handed the documents over for him to sign. When the client saw Ava, his jaw almost dropped. He said with a smile, “Oh well, the Radbury Group is indeed a wonderful company! You guys even managed to hire such a gorgeous lady! Which department are you from? I’ve never seen you around during my previous visits.” “I am from the Administrative Department and I seldom come to the Marketing Department. So of course you’ve never seen me before, Mr. Hemsworth.” Remembering that this person was related to the project worth hundreds of millions of dollars, Ava answered politely.

Then, Mr. Hemsworth handed over his business card and Ava reached out to take it. However, he touched her fingers intentionally.

This client was truly unlikeable! After the supervisor signed the documents, Ava quickly left. However, the next day when she went to the Marketing Department to send some documents over, she ran into Mr. Hemsworth again.

He was sitting in the conference room. At the time, the supervisor and the others had not arrived yet so he was the only one in the spacious conference room. “Oh hey, Miss Nagel, what a coincidence. We meet again today!” Mr. Hemsworth immediately smiled.

He had already done some digging and found out that her surname was Nagel. Presumably, he must have asked around after she left the Marketing Department yesterday.

Then, Ava smiled and said, “Since our supervisor and the others are not here yet, I will wait outside for a while.”

She wanted to leave the conference room very badly!

However, Mr. Hemsworth immediately stood up and blocked the door. “If you like, you can wait here. You don’t have to stand out there and wait.”

“It’s a little…cooler outside.” She said with an awkward smile.

“The air conditioner here is on and it’s nice and cool as well.”

Mr. Hemsworth then approached her slowly. He lowered his head and sniffed her before he said, “You smell so good! What brand of perfume are you using?” By then, Ava had already cursed this man many times in her heart, but she still answered politely, “Ah, you flatter me.” “If it’s not perfume, then is it your natural scent?” Mr. Hemsworth’s finger slightly stroked her hair, and he leaned towards her. Then, she quickly stepped aside and was about to warn him off when the door of the conference room was pushed open. After that, the supervisor and other senior executives of the Marketing Department walked in. Thank God they came in time or else it would have turned ugly. The company might have lost a

multimillion-dollar project! Next, Ava quickly lowered her head and left. She even forgot to hand the documents over to them! She hurried back to the Administrative Department. “Miss Nagel, what’s wrong with you? Why are you in such a hurry?” Luella asked with concern. “Nothing, I just met a pervert.” She blurted out. Then, she quickly smiled and said, “It’s okay, I’m fine. Don’t worry, let’s continue our work.” Mr. Hemsworth was here to discuss a very important project, so she really couldn’t risk doing anything reckless to blow the opportunity! Otherwise, if the project failed, she wouldn’t even be able to repay the amount of money lost even if she were to sell herself! Thus, she thought that it would be better not for her to head to the department again. Her male colleagues could do it for her. However, Ava never expected her luck to be so bad! On Friday, the Marketing Department was so busy with this project that they got some employees from the Administrative Department. Unfortunately, Ava’s name was on the list. “Humph, these cunning senior staff would do anything to bully us newbies, wouldn’t they? Why would they send us to a car workshop?” Luella was also on the list of transferees, and she was definitely not happy about it.

The staff that was all transferred temporarily were unfamiliar with the project. They just needed more people to fill up the list, but honestly, the workload wasn’t so hard. However, the factory was located in the suburbs. It would take two hours to reach the workshop, and by then it would be very late before they could get off work. After the job was done, the company liaison proposed that everyone have a meal together, and they all agreed happily. Ava hesitated on whether to send a text message to Damien telling him that she would be home late, but after thinking about it, she decided against it.

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