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A Cue for Love Chapter 830

A Cue for Love Chapter 830

Is This How You Take Care Of Your Girlfriend

When Steven saw that Natalie had fainted, he could not help but ask, “Natalie… What’s wrong with her?”

“She’s suffering from severe injuries. She was barely hanging in there while delivering the antidote,” replied Ross angrily.

“But why?”

“Yeah! Why?” Glancing at Natalie in his arms, Ross snapped in annoyance, “In order to give Samuel the antidote, she did not even have time to treat her injuries. Still, she secretly changed her clothes.”


Only then did Steven realize that Natalie had almost died finding the antidote for his brother.

“Move aside! I’m sending Ms. Nichols to the hospital right away.” Before leaving, Ross glanced at Luna. “Since you said that you’re the doctor in charge of Samuel, please take care of him. Ms. Nichols has already injected the antidote into him, so his condition should improve gradually.”

With that, Ross carried the injured Natalie and strode out of the Bowers residence before heading straight to the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital, the nurse helped Natalie change into a hospital gown. She was surprised upon seeing how serious Natalie’s injuries were.

After changing Natalie’s clothes, the nurse walked out of the operating theater and shot Ross a fierce glare. “Is this how you take care of your girlfriend?”


Before Ross could deny it, the nurse scolded indignantly, “Your girlfriend is so severely injured! Why did you send her over so late? Do you want her to die from the excruciating pain?”


“Stop finding excuses and handle the paperwork!” The nurse continued, “The hospital will think of a way.”

After saying that, the nurse quickly went to prepare the equipment needed for the stitching.

The nurse’s scolding kept echoing in Ross’s mind. Behind his glasses, a guilty look flashed across his eyes. He clenched his right fist and punched the wall forcefully.

At that moment, he hated how weak he was. If I were stronger, I might have been able to protect Natalie.

Meanwhile, far away in Loang, a man was standing by the lake.

Holding an azure can, he grabbed some fish food and scattered it over the lake.

Immediately, a dozen carps of red, black, and gold rushed over and competed amongst themselves for the food.

As he gazed at the carps, his mood improved. A smile was even playing on his lips. That was until he received a call.

“King, I’m… I’m Zophie.”

King spoke solemnly into the Bluetooth earphone, “What’s wrong? It’s my first time hearing you speak in such a flustered manner.”

“King, Gale… Gale died…”

Zophie sounded like she was sobbing, but she did not dare to cry out loud when speaking to King.


“The research base at Chanaea has been blown up. As the explosion was too impactful, it even attracted the police’s attention. The base automatically activated the self-destruction system. Now, it has become a pile of rubble!” exclaimed Zophie sadly. “Gale… Gale has also been blown up during his mission. His corpse couldn’t even be found…”

“Where did the bomb come from?”

“I checked the recordings of Gale’s calls before he died. It’s Natalie. I don’t know how, but she managed to infiltrate the base and enter the central pharmacy,” informed Zophie.

She thought that King would say something, but all she heard was, “Understood.”

Then, the call ended.

However, the man did not act as calmly as he sounded over the phone. Instead, he threw the can forcefully into the lake.

Although the fish food was scattered all over, the carps were shocked by the sudden splash. None of them dared to swim forward.

“Natalie, it looks like I’ve underestimated you…” His eyes were filled with rage. “You managed to infiltrate the underground palace that I’ve created. If I can’t make you work for me, I’ll destroy you myself!”

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